December 15, 2010


three months actually since I've last posted. I guess keeping a strictly craft blog is harder than I thought. I guess I can blame uni, its easier jsut posting updates on my everything blog.

Anyway thought I might just share what I'm up to. Making a dress and just finished the skirt bit. It's looking good I guess. Need to figure out the top bit though..

that is all. I should update more frequently i hope.

September 16, 2010


Yay trophy! This was a pain to do but was okay in the end. And YAY for having two assessments down in 1 day! 
Afew days break till the next one is due...

September 7, 2010

iPhone apps are FINITO!

FINALLY finished all my iPhone apps!! I decided to finish with woody and tetris!

Now I just have to decide on the packground, finish the interface, and finish the rest of the iPhone rendering...

September 5, 2010

inspiration: dino!

How cute are these?! Gives my an idea of how to make some of my little doodled characters! I should get back into making my felt plushies again.

iPhone app UPDATE

So here are all my completed iPhone app icons done to date! I have 12 of the 20 that I need before I need to finish the whole interface. Why do I make life harder for myself?! Could have just stuck a picture in there but NO I wanted to draw ALL my icons from scratch most of which I will be making up!

(click for a larger view)

I know there are two lego ones there, I'm not all happy with the background still! Hoping the purple will be okay, need a little more feedback and stuff. I still have a week and I did get through 4 maybe 5 icons today so I should make it in time, despite my  new work hours needing to be in-putted into my planner.

Yeah, anyway need to work on my next icon!

September 4, 2010

You and me

For graphics. Had to send a letter of sorts to someone. My message was
"Dear Einstein I think you're  awesome."
We had to convey this message using only "you", "&" and "me" and paper manipulation. This is the end result.

The brain was a pain to cut out, I spent WAY too much effort on a workshop which wasn't getting marked.


arts and crafts

Paper mache model for uni. YAY for doing assignments the night before!

Uni work

Just realised that I could post some of my uni work in here (craft blog). Should be my craft and design blog.

ANYHOWS I've been doing some work on illustrator for uni. Have to render an iphone and make up an interface. So what I', doing for my interface is just the main page with all the apps and just make up some of my own apps to go on it.

Here is my lego app:

I want to change the background but I don't know what to.. If anyone has suggestions they are most welcome.


August 2, 2010

Craft blog?

So I've been thinking... I'm going to turn this blog into a craft blog! For more info read this post on my tumblr.

SO if I'm doing this, which most likely I will be, I think my blog needs to be revamped! Like a blog makeover. But I CBF right now, maybe when procrastinating my uni work... LOL.

Yeah... that's all.


July 17, 2010

i need to try this

Its a framed shelf, or a shelf frame or whatever...

July 12, 2010

hello blogger

mozilla firefox i hate you. as if crash in the middle of writing this post and erasing everything.

Anyway its been ages since my last post. my last post wasnt even that long. I think facebook and tumblr take up too much of my time...

well i just got back from melbourne this morning. stayed there for a week to see my lovely cousins and stuff. it was a good week. watched karate kid and toy story 3!! both of which are good movies. toy story 3 is AMAZING tbh.

walked around the city for a few hours and bought some new shoes. went to the park and played some chadairy (i really dont know how that should be spelt but those who where there will know what I mean, not that any of them read this blog). oh and ate my fair share of margarita pizzas too

Did i mention that I got sick?! Stupid melbourne in winter. I swear I havent been this sick in YEARS!! i have a headache and i feel all stuffy inside. its not cool. good thing i only really got sick on my last night there but it meant the 11 hour bus ride home was HELL. All aching with a blocked nose... even have a cough now. I need some panadol.

Yeah now back in sydney. came home, watched the end of the soccer. GO SPAIN!! that octopus is amazing. then went to sleep in my bed. I missed my bed. switched my electric blanket on and then woke up sweating cos i forgot to turn it of but it was nice and comfy. and back on my computer. Havent been online for a while. facebook was missing me... haha oh well i guess i might be back to my days of being on every day. but you know

lots of catching up to do with my uni peeps and my school friends not to mention MY BIRTHDAY to finish organising! really just having people over to chill. invite list seams long but i hope it works out ok.

anyway i still have a headache and will end here.


June 15, 2010

June 3, 2010

just a little break

Well I will be taking an official break from this blog between now and my holidays.

Anyway for those of my friends on facebook and/or the people who follow my tumblr you may be sick of hearing this but I am organising a gig at The Loft @ UTS! It's on Friday June 11 (my last day of uni) and features music performances from the UTS student body (plus an extra or two) to showcase the musical talent found at uni. It starts at 1pm till 4.30, half an hour before happy hour! So here is a link. Come and check it out!

Other than that next week, I have a GAZILLION assignments to do so I should get back to it!


May 27, 2010

rain, rain, go away..

conveniently just as I'm about to go walking out and about the city with my a3 paper folder and bag which doesn't zip up. Please?

I otherwise quite like the rain. But it was POURING today! WAY to wet to be out. But lovely staying in and sleeping weather I must add for those who didn't have uni today. It rained so much that the Central tunnel was flooding! (that kind of sounded like it was meant to be a 'yo mama' joke) I would have taken a picture but I cbf taking my camera out after wrapping it up in my scarf and putting it in my bag to protect it from getting wet.

Anyway it has yet again been AGES since my last post! This is happening increasingly frequently (I don't think that makes complete sense but I'm sure you get my point.. right?) and I don't like that happening. Oh well I will just blame my 'busy' life of a gagillion assessments and my instinct to resist going home early for this. Hopefully things will pick up again when I go on holiday for 7 weeks.

I GOT MY LENS FOR MY SLR ON MONDAY! Funny story which I'm sure a few people have heard by now. 
I was just about to leave the house to go to uni but then the package arrived. I knew it was my lens and then I was struck by a dilemma. Do I go and catch my train? Or do I stay and open up the box? Not THAT big of a dilemma, looking back I took the obvious choice. STAY AND OPEN IT! And  must say that it was a good choice.
Sure I missed my train and the one after and ended up missing my lecture all together but I finally got to play with my Canon 450D SLR!
First picture I took with my lens... yeah I could have done better but meh

Also new photoblog! To go with my new camera! Here is a link: CHECK IT OUT! 

Tuesday was the biggest fail photo shoot meet up EVER. Spent the whole afternoon looking for yarn with these three monkeys;

From free lunch and custard puffs to laughing hysteria and a one sided food fight. Despite not doing what we set out to do it was quite the enjoyable afternoon. Walking from uni to Market city to China Town to World Square to Town Hall and QVB. Lots of exercise! Also had a Landmark seminar that evening and was taking pictures in the harbour to kill time.

Wednesday  was quite entertaining. I showed up to a 4 our tutorial late without my fold which had majority of my work in it. Walked to USyd where Pansy and Belle had an acoustic gig. Lionel left her phone at uni and was MIA but fortunately I saw lots of other PHS kiddies! Had lunch, packed lunch. Then a small trip to the graffiti tunnel and the quad with my personal tour guide and umbrella and folder case holding chauffeur, Plate Face. He really is too nice. Then the wind and rain decided to pick up just as I was headed back to central. My leather boots were soaked through at my toes! But was a good day, 250+ photos taken!

And that's a wrap of my week so far. Pretty good no? Anyway it's 3.30am and I have uni! So I should hit the sheets now.

Farewell blogger, let's hope I return in the VERY near future.


May 17, 2010

Watching people

Here is a sequence photo of someone jaywalking in front of the DAB building during my tute today. We were meant to be 'fly-on-the-wall' observing.
 And this is what I do at uni.. FUN


The life and times of an Industrial Design student..

Firstly, OMG it's been so long since my last post! Well my last essay anyway, I guess i have just been 'busy'.

Well I have a whole new bunch of assignments for uni again. What do I need to do? Lots of STUFF! Like
  • watch people riding bikes, then interview people, then design stuff and write stuff about people cycling
  • design and make and interactive object/system thing for the home (group work!!)
  • some hair dryer/ drill design thing (I designed a bubble gun!)
  • cut up blocks of foam and styrofoam and stick them together and draw them
  • an ad for soy milk (any ideas?)
  • redesign the umbrella (wish me luck)
Yeah. I think it's ALL due in the last week of sem. I predict NO sleep.. But it's okay come Friday afternoon, the first installment of gigs at the Loft. By students, for students (and the general public who come in on Fridays). Not only that. I'm on holiday for SEVEN MONTHS!

But yeah uni isn't all bad assignments and crap. I'm actually loving uni right now! All the ID kids are so close these days even though we've only known each other THREE MONTHS, not even (though a few people might have known each other from high school but the vast majority, like myself came in knowing nobody. It would also seem our little Friday arvo/nights at the bar are increasing in the number of people attending which is all quite fun. Some people have brought friends who are also looking to become regulars. But Friday is bar night after class. I swear uni is going to turn me into an alco!

More on the gigs at the Loft, I shall be gigging!! Not only that I am kind of the one behind the whole thing.. so I NEED YOUR SUPPORT please. I need to find people from uni to perform. I need to break into the non-first year students. How? Not sure yet. I don't have that many connections. BUT if you know someone who is musical and wants a gig or wouldn't mind performing please let me know ASAP! I shall ask my brother.

Also we need money to stage the show! Any suggestions on who we can go for sponsorship? We only really need a couple hundred dollars for equipment rental and stuff. But stay tuned a Facebook event for it should be up an ready by the end of the week!

Yeah. So that's what I've been up to. OH I got my Canon 450D the other day!!! Sadly no lens yet but yeah. Also the lovely Lynneal has chosen me as the subject for her photography portrait assignment. Photoshoot shall be on Thursday, should be fun.

Also I'm following 57 blogs on my blogger.. I didn't realise till just then. It's quite a lot aye..?

That's all. Goodnight. I have work to do..


May 16, 2010

i love...

unintentional puns...
(or just puns in general but I will focus on the unintentional ones for now)

Puns on their own are GREAT! But what's even better when you make a pun without even realising. It's like a surprise and awfully exciting and amusing. For example;
(while talking about a camera)
Justin: ooh and the sx210 comes in gold too if i get it from hongkong. hehehehe
Me: hahaha. flashy
Justin: llol at flashy.... puns hehehehee
LOL.. yeah.


May 9, 2010

i love...


That man is AMAZING!! One of my favourite artists of all time. Many of his songs in my all time favourites list.

Watched him in concert today for his Heartbreak Warfare tour. It was SOOO good!! And I love how he sang nearly all my favourite songs from previous albums! No Such Thing, Vultures, In Your Atmosphere and Gravity!! Among others. The crowd went OFF!

SUCH a talented musician and he has the smoothest voice! His falsetto is breathtaking and he's a lovely songwriter to boot!

I also love how he doesn't perform songs exactly how it is in the recording. What you hear is fresh and exclusive to the concert audience. He also interacts with the crowd HEAPS! 



May 3, 2010



And now I don't even remember what I was going to post..


April 28, 2010

saving screens

I have a new screen saver!! It's FREAKING AWESOME! It tells me the time :)
I think its SUPER! And you know what else is super?! YOU! Oh and the new photo uploading thing on blogger. It has all the photos I have ever uploaded onto a google site on there, from blogger to picsa (which I don't actually use, maybe I should start?) to profile pics. I guess it makes things easier.

Well this is just a short post, would normally post something this short on my tumblr but I always post my desktop wallpapers and things on here so I'm just keeping with tradition.


note: found this via


I HATE when plans get canceled.

Especially ones that are the already postponed plans of another previous outing that didn’t work out.

I hate it more when its for some external reason e.g. my parents don’t want my 10-year-old sister to be home by herself for a few hours after school. Which in turn mean that I either have to cut my outing short (like REALLY short. Like the time I spend out is SHORTER than my traveling time!) or just cancel (canceling being the only realistic option). And I hate when my parents say to just cut my plans short like it makes no difference i.e.
“can you be home by 3?”
“we’re meeting up at 12..”
“so can you be home at 3?”
“well can you just go out another time?”
“…” (well the conversation goes something like that)
And they always insist on it being my fault that I don’t plan well with them. “That’s why you should plan better (and tell us)”. This is the second outing in a row that had to be changed because my sister can’t stay at home alone. At least last time the plans were saved by having my sister come along. That won’t work this time…
Now I don’t really have anything fun happening this week. Nothing that’s been properly planned out anyway.

I also how my mother was trying to bribe me out of being so disappointed by saying she will give me money for outings. Yes that is VERY helpful getting money for an outing that ISN'T happening anymore.

Yes I am ranting.

This is LAME.


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April 27, 2010

Staying in

So I'm home alone. Sick. Wrapped up in a purple blanket and sitting in front of my computer. Box of tissues just to my right. It's the holidays and I have a mountain (not really) of things to do.My rooms a mess but then again when isn't it?

So I decide to write up a blog post. I don't really feel like doing work or cleaning my room for that matter.  I'm using my illness as an excuse not to do them. Well I suppose a recap of the rest of my week since my last post (Wednesday) and my Anzac Day long weekend is in order.

Well I ended up spending nearly my whole week at uni despite being on 'holiday'. Went to the workshops everyday other than Monday when I stayed home to babysit not to mention my THREE hour group meeting on Friday about our group assignment. But it's okay. After workshop on Friday afternoon some of the girls and I decided to reward ourselves with some Gloria Jeans and a little cafe chit chat. I think, like our Friday drinks at the bar (which is still to have a repercussion), I hope that afternoon cafe dates with the girls will become a regular.

My yummy Cookies & Cream Mochachiller topped with cream.
I added a light dusting of chocolate powder and a drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce and topped it of with some chocolate sprinkles. 
It was so pretty I had to take a picture!

On Saturday Shuang and I had a Glebe trip planned. My sister ended up tagging along due to some poo rweekend planning by my parents but she behaved herself and overall it  was a good trip. I bought some things for my lovely friend Jess who was having her 18th later that evening. Not to mention a bunch of other stuff for myself like a new book for $7! Court of the Air by Steven Hunt if anyone is interested in borrowing (after I've finished reading it myself of course). It was quite a successful shopping trip only having spent $40. Shuang and I even ended up buying the same scarf at Rubi because we're cheap and we always buy the same stuff. We should just go out one time wearing everything we both have. And here are some pictures..

After all that I came home and wrapped up Jess's prezzie! I really do love packaging things. And I put it together with a card I made the night before which I quite like. I used recycled security envelopes (the ones with the printed pattern on the inside so that you can't see any of what is printed on the papers inside it).

The party wasn't too bad. I didn't really know anyone and spent th night chatting away outside with a fellow UTS first year and his friend. It was FREEZING inside but the food was good and I thought I would stuff myself because I didn't have much of a lunch earlier that day.

On Sunday my brother went out for paintball with his friends and I was going to come with but I felt a little cold coming on from the night before and I didn't realy want to spend $100. So instead I slept in and went to a family lunch Celebrating a 60th birthday. Good thing too I may have gotten worse cos it was raining in the morning. I also got to play with my cousin's Canon 350D SLR camera! Took about 250 photos apparently over the course of lunch and all. I WANT MY DSLR NOW! But the food was good and w even had someone perform a traditional Thai dance as well as the Spanish flamenco (I think that's what its called? With the castanets and all). It was cool and I took some photos of that too.

My cousin's SLR. Thought I would take a picture of it while waiting for our food to come out.

We came home and my brother's friends were over after they went paintball. I hung out with them a bit. Ate more food and then had some MORE food! My brother's friends baked him a cake and some cupcakes. It was a Cookie Monster cake and it was EPIC! And also tasted pretty good too. The rest of the night involved some chit chat, a little jamming plus some wii and mahjong. 

Yesterday I just sat around at home. Sick like today. Watched two of my brothers friends (who had slept over) play wii. They also talked about the mechanics of how the wii remotes worked with its infrared and things, bloody engineers. 

Between then and now I have done nothing but sit infront of the computer. Yesterday mainly photoshopping images and the general Facebook/MSN combo (plus a little net surfing). Though today I have gone DSLR hunting! Found some pretty cheap second hand on ebay and there is one film SLR which I found which comes with a 28-90mm lens (the lens is what's in sale the camera was a bonus) for about $70! Bidding is still going and I think I want to buy it now but my dad isn't home and I don't have an ebay account. Oh well closer to the end of the bidding time I will review whether I REALLY want it and ask someone to buy it for me!

I think that is all for now. Ta ta!


April 21, 2010

I practically live on facebook. I swear I turn on the computer as soon as I get home and go on msn and log into facebook (okay I don't log in, I automatically log in so really just open up facebook in the browser). ANYWAY as I was saying, I feel quite no-life like for doing that. 

I really should have better things to do. Like Make stuff!! Draw! CLEAN MY ROOM! Or finish rearranging my room. I guess I use the excuse that all my music is on the computer so I sit her and listen as I surf away on the net. Speaking of which I am listening to Kimya Dawson at the moment.

I really should go and clean my room though and start making things again. Like a new pencil case. A folder for all my A3 uni stuff. Something out of green gingham fabric (which I have HEAPS of). OH I also have to make a birthday card for a friend who turned 18 yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! We have known each other since we were tiny. But she is having a little party thing on Saturday which I shall be attending and helping set up according to my mother (we were family friends at first). But I shall head off to Glebe markets in the morning with my lovely friend Shuang, where I shall find something to give her which is uniquely Glebe because Glebe is just AWESOME!

I swear I haven't crafted for AGES! Almost two and a half months! That's intense stuff. I don't even remember how I used to do things. Like my style of crafting. I forgot, OH MY GOSH! And since Ive been exposed to all different types of design (design faculty - go figure). I blame uni! It's so much work but I don't hate it enough to procrastinate my work and to craft instead (something that happened to me quite a bit during school - what would you rather do? Craft? English essay? No competition). 

I miss crafting though. I still have unfinished things from Christmas which is just sitting in my room collecting dust. And I am so tired and sleepy after eating dinner. Just feel like sitting here and browse through blogs.. or sleep.

Well that's it.


April 20, 2010

new word of the day:

cahoot [kuh-hoot]

  1.  go cahoots, to share equally; become partners: They went cahoots in the establishment of the store. Also, go in cahoot with, go in cahoots.
  2.  in cahoot/cahoots,
  • partnership; in league.
  • conspiracy: in cahoots with the enemy. 
 Courtesy of Ben 


April 19, 2010

Well I was watching Austrlia's got talent and a reply at that! When this kid came on.

And OMG he's just FIFTEEN!! His voice is so.. swoon worthy. Just need to find a guy my age with a voice like that!

April 18, 2010

for an older sibling's 20th...

I make paddlepop stick trees at uni.



Hello again. I am back to finish typing up more about my lovely Friday. Though I actually didn't end up going to the shops like I said I would, the shopping trips was canceled so I ended up sleeping the afternoon away, much cheaper!

So yes my Friday.

It started off fairly ordinary. Went to bed in the wee early hours of the evening, I had an assignment due (but alas! It wasn't an all nighter). Woke up late, had no idea what to wear. barely got any breakfast in me before getting dropped off at the station, needing to run down the stairs as the train came only just after I set foot on the outside steps.

Got to uni on time thank goodness. I must note the lack of buskers in the central tunnel that morning. There was NONE! It was kind of strange. Well got to my computing class and handed my work in. Bludgiest class of semester. Even got out half an hour early. Good thing too, I finished rendering my freehand homework, and it didn't turn out too bad either. Got some good feedback on it, I'm good with perspective and after that classes exercises was told that apparently I like drawing on on coloured more more than white paper.

And after class I was off to the loft for a jam! Have to say it wasn't much of a jam. One of my friends bailed and the rest said they'd be coming later. So really it was just David and I entertaining some other friends till they left and then random singing of songs before heading down to join festivities in the Glasshouse (the lovely Kathy turned 18 yesterday, apparently they were off celebrating down stairs.

But we found the remains of them in the courtyard of the Loft. So there we sit, guitar out again providing some light entertainment. Having a sip or two of Niki's cocktail. Shuang pops by and a few people leave (the birthday girl included) and then others from the late finishing classes arrive as well.

These two don't ACTUALLY play the guitar... what posers

Talk, music and drinks all round! The sky got darker and the fairy lights light up the tree behind us. The Loft really is a pretty place to hang out, minus the uneven courtyard flooring and wobbly tables leading to three broken glasses. SO wasn’t my fault! But yeah, better still not having paid for any of your own drinks (still being owed a shot!), now having a regular bar meet up established on Friday arvos and hanging with the cutest Swedish exchange student ever!
cute swedish exchange student.. don't know what they are looking at
hiding the evidence! LOL

But it was thoroughly enjoyable! Failed group photo attempts, singing and a photo with the gorilla man! But wait! The night is not yet over! At about 6.30 we split, half because we bailed from the table after breaking the glasses and because some of us had places to be and others went home. I was off to Minna’s. 

The gorilla man! Who I later find out is actually one of my friends doing engineering.. very LOL!
Our one NON-fail group photo
I trained it there straight from the city and was going to get picked up by Remon. But when I got to the station I saw a group of guys hanging round on the bridge leading out from the station. I was thinking.. "oh no this could be trouble" Then I had another look.. "OH it's the guys!" They had come to pick me up from the station and we all walked back to Minna's together. 

And what do I find when I get there? Rachel and Geraldine doing uni work! STUDYING! NERDS! But it was an entertaining night. A smallish group gathering involving pizza, 300, alcohol and karaoke. Someone said it feels schoolies-esqe and I must agree. Group shots of “SOju” and milkis. Teaching Rachel to skull, though she still fails. And the girls sharing their uni eye candy with our awesome facebook stalking skills! All in various stages of non-soberness from completely sober (like the ones driving) to the completely GONE (i.e. Remon).

tower of MILKIS

I guess nothing EPIC happened but it was fun being back in our group dynamic. I came home at 1 and slept like a baby. I swear alco either makes me enjoy myself or just really sleepy..

So that was my awesome Friday. Probably doesn't sound that awesome but maybe it's one of those you had to be there kind of things. Can't really be bothered uploading pics, will probably do that tomorrow (today? it's already past 12).

Well I'm out and most likely off to bed to read some Frankie till I fall asleep.


Note: I have to say that I'm excited for a boy scouting date with Ama on Wednesday! And YAY for acoustic music sessions!

Edit: Photos put up!

April 17, 2010

Hello Frankie!

Got my new Frankie magazine in the mail yesterday, though I was out all day and crashed on my bed as soon as I got home early this morning. Found it on the computer table as I sat down and turned it on after coming home from the DENTIST! 

So yeah, haven't had a proper read of it yet, just a quick flick through. Apparently my subscription ends with the next magazine. Thinking about resubscribing for another year or so, that's like $50? $60? I don't remember.


I have to say yesterday was the best Friday I've had for a while. Will go into further detail after I go for a bit of shopping (need to buy more crap for uni.. plus i have a $50 Myer gift card). But lets just say I had a LOT of fun yesterday. Will post pics too!


P.S. Did I mention that now I'm on HOLIDAYS for 2 weeks!!

April 16, 2010


How are you my dear, I have not posted recently. It's been MORE THAN A WEEK! My apologies..

I don't know what to post!

I have an assessment due tomorrow!! It's also LAST DAY TILL HOLIDAYS! YAY And having a jam in the Loft afterwards.

Oh an here is my assignment, just to fill some page space.

blogger don't want to upload the pick.. OH WAIT! I have an idea!
HA! I'm a genius. (linked from my tumblr)

Yeah thats it. I should do my hw now..


April 4, 2010


My camera is out of battery and it runs on double As and my brother took the rest of the spare batteries with him on his camping trip (damn him and his flashlight battery needs!). Yeah, I wish my camera had s\one of those rechargeable battery packs. They are so much handier. Sometimes I really don't like the fact that I broke our old Canon one, at the beach..

Well now then... I don't know what to post. Would have showed you guys a picture of my awesome Sunday morning breakfast, CRUNCHY NUT! Hahaha... but NO stupid camera and no batteries.But the crunchy nut still tastes good!
You know I've noticed that I've been posting a lot over the long weekend. Probably cos I'm home and not doing anything and I don't have and assignment due this week. But it doesn't mean I don't have them. On the contrary I have quite a few! And I really should be working on my Illustrator assessment, after I install it, which I should do NOW! Or after this post anyway. (I'm not actually on my computer, I'm on the computer in my parents room only because it was already on when I woke up).

On another note. DAY LIGHT SAVINGS!! I swear I get so confused during daylight savings time. We just got an extra hour of sleep? So the time went back an hour? That right?? Well all I know is that it's 10am now. Luckily we have the long weekend to help me adjust properly. Then a 9am start on Tuesday. 

Yeah unlike the Macquarie, UNSW and the one from Albury, us UTSers (and USYD?) don't have our mid semester break on now. I think our start in two weeks time... that's a while away, I have an assignment due before then (which I REALLY should be working on now! Need to install Illustrator!). At least I have TWO weeks break! In which time I will spend some time working on my numerous assignments and such. I won't be surprised if I get a new assessment next week before the break. No wait I AM getting a new one! But its on Photoshop and not Illustrator this time. Ahh well.

Yes I should stop here and finish my probably now soggy crunchy nut, 'soggy nut' (HA! I'm funny) and install Illustrator and get to work on that assignment which I haven't really been working on. And I should order my 
Copics off Ebay already too.

Okay, bye bye!


P.S. I am VERY excited for tonight! Birthday dinner for CAPTAIN ALVIN at Pancakes in the city with the gang! Especially excited to see the one from Albury again! And NOT PAYING FOR DINNER! WOOHOO!!


To my lovely blog readers! Just wondering...

What do you think my strengths and weaknesses are?


April 3, 2010

Am I just a bother now..?

ANYWAY.. what was I going to blog about? I know!

I went to Aldi today with my brother in Mt Druitt. All I can say is, gosh that brings back memories. Memories of shopping for Duke of Ed expeditions. Not to mention COUNTLESS Aldi runs during music and just general pigging out on the grass or in the performing space. Feel a little nostalgic at times like that.

Ah nostalgia. So many things in my room remind me of times past. Some I look back on fondly, others that cause my heart to hurt a bit. But I remember, not everything, just some things. Things that make me laugh and times which I hope to experience again...

Anyway getting off that topic, my mood has become somewhat somber now..

Well my LOVELY friend has returned from Albury!! So excited to see her tomorrow!! Missed her so much! Maybe the whole group will be reunited once again. Lucky girl is on her mid sem break now. I on the other hand have to wait another two weeks. Oh well. We can spend time after class at uni. Its times like these that I love my timetable. Finishing at 1 nearly everyday. Leaves my afternoons and evenings free for whatever. Should be doing assignments but you know, being the uni student I am now, I have a life and will spend time socialising not like the little nerd I was in high school who never went out.

And I need to put the washing up. Will be back in a while. *leaves to put the washing up like a good girl*

Well I am back and now my brother needs my 'expertise' in what to bring on his camping trip this long weekend. He's such a NOOB! I miss Duke of Ed. Yeah...

I don't remember what else I was going to post about.

Make a wish!

That's all for now.


April 1, 2010

lagging behind

I swear since I started getting busy with uni, the blogs I follow started posting more! Or am I going crazy?! It's a 50/50 chance. But it would seem I can NEVER keep up with all the new posts on my dashboard like I used to. I only look through a few posts a week but considering how many blogs a I follow which post almost daily I don't see how I can get through them all.

I really don't know how I DID used to get through ALL the new posts on my dashboard and still get bored. How my life has changed. But it's not all bad. I will save blog surfing for Easter and for my mid semester break when I am meant to be working on assessments, which are due upon our return to uni. FUN!

Yeah its late. And I never seem to remember things I say I will blog at the time I can make a post. Only times like now when I need to sleep do I remember. Convenience. NOT.

That's all I guess, how lame.


March 29, 2010


Yeah my blogging isn't very consistent. I feel like I'm on here less and less. Even though that would seem like a lie. I think I'm used to long periods of nothing as opposed to the constant barraging of assessments that uni likes to throw at us, my fellow industrial design kids understand.

Anyway I'm just posting for the sake of it. So can't be bothered writing some epic thing right now. But I will post a pic of my new (ish) desktop :)

My world geography is still fail...


March 25, 2010

the little whirlwinds of emotion i feel when thinking of you..


Feels like ages since I've blogged properly i.e. long essay of a post. I think last Tuesday, not last week but the week before was my last essay. Though I did have a bit of a rant post on the 13th. 

Anyway I am currently taking a break from my engineering drawing homework. I still need to draw in ALL the dimensions. I've been on break for what seems to be approaching an hour and a bit. But oh well, my blog needs updating. I am currently trying to decide if I should go grab a midnight snack right now. What's on the menu? Champorado! A sweet chocolate rice porridge, which I also had for breakfast. Okay just saying that made me want some! Haha. Choice made I guess, will grab some when I finish this post and eat it while finishing my homework.

Uni has been interesting thus far, week 4. I swear for some classes we NEVER do the same thing. Makes me not know what to think of it. Although I guess I like the variety. Except for when we get a surprise sketching assessment in workshop today worth 30%! Freaking hell. Had 3.5 hours to do all these conceptual perspective drawings. I swear I don't like drawing curvy things in perspective. Bloody organic forms are SO HARD!  Luckily everyone else we having trouble and because by the end of class no one had really finished properly, our awesome tutor Nick said we could hand it in next week! I was so happy when he told us. Sketching has never been so stressful and frustrating. EVER. And now I get to work on it AFTER my homework for tomorrow. AFTER my homework for Friday and AFTER I finish my assignment due on Monday which might I add is another 30%. So busy these days. Though could be because I spend TOO much time procrastinating on the computer..

*Okay I have a feeling I will be typing up this post for a bit longer and will go and get my champorado NOW.*

And now I am back with my food! And a little disappointed. The rice has kind of been all mushed and with the milk I added it is now at the consistency of paste, though a little lumpier. If you are one of those kids who used to eat the paste in primary school, you would probably love this. It's like chocolate flavoured paste! Though the texture is  little off it still taste fairly decent. 

Well continuing on with my post... OMG it's been 2 hours since I went on break. My work is waiting for me on my desk. I hope it doesn't feel like I've blown it off. Poor homework. Must be hard when the vast majority of people hate you, or at least dislike you. Having people put you off for facebook and blogging... Haha. 

Never cease to amaze myself with how random I am.

Also today in workshop while doing my work I realised just how much I talk to myself, and quite loudly at that. I think it is worse when I have to concentrate and am a little confused and stressed, as I was during tat assessment. Everyone else being quiet sure made it more obvious too. But oh well! Everyone seemed to react to it fine and I just warned them of me talking more with the deadline quickly approaching.

Yeah... I actually had heaps to blog about but I need to finish my homework. Maybe tomorrow I will blog again to help make up for my lack of essay posting.


March 21, 2010

My new photography project blog

Okay so in the previous post I mentioned a new temporary photography project. Well I ended up making a tumblr for it here. It is called Photos at Dusk. The first post is a little intro thing and yeah. Please visit and all. 


Photos at dusk

I have a NEW idea for a photography project to preoccupy me while I wait till i can restart my old project on my birthday (Lomo still needs fixing).

So pretty much my idea is called something along the lines of Photos at Dusk. Or something more poetic or less lame sounding.. Suggestions? But pretty much I have of late (yesterday and today, though there have been previous occasions prior) been taking pictures at dusk from my backyard because the sky always looks cool and colourful. 

SO what I plan to do is just do a compilation of photos taken at dusk, everyday. I don't know if I should post the photos up on a new blogger or tumblr blog. Probably tumblr but I don't know how that works with multiple blogs. But I do have one photo up from yesterday on my tumblr which I guess I will reblog into my new one. 

Each entry will just be dated and any comments I feel necessary to add.

Yeah, I wonder how long I can keep this up for...

That's all.



  • Visit the doctor. CHECK
  • Flu vaccination. CHECK
  • Kate's for some music making. CHECK
  • Mum's birthday dinner. CHECK
  • Get over you. IN PROGRESS


Sad it's over.
Sorry to let you go.
Fond of the time we've spent.
Thankful for all you've given.
 Wish you all the best for the future.
You will always hold a place in my heart.

March 14, 2010

Poke her face!

This is probably the closest I will EVER get to liking Lady GayGay...



March 13, 2010


I feel terrible. No I'm not sick just emotionally shaken. Why?! I don't feel like sharing the details.

But this mood I'm in has been transferred overnight. That in itself is worrying, "nothing a good night's sleep won't fix" - apparently not. Though the saying has always worked for me in the past. Just not now, something I never thought would happen to me, to touch my pretty, sheltered life. The shield has been shattered. Released into life only to be caught in life's cruel cage to be poked and prodded.. 

"Naive and protected", you got that right sir who I sat next to one seminar and who's name I don't remember. I now understand what you mean. Not the intellectual agreement which I gave you that day. No this is an emotional response speaking from experience.

I need to get out of here, away from the source of my pain. But where? And how? I can't leave, there is too much left to be done. Why strike now that there are things to be done. Why not strike back during my days of freedom when escape would have been easy. But no, life is not that kind.

I can only escape to my dreams, which I can not rely on to be there when i need them. Hopefully they will sooth me tonight for tomorrow awaits with the cruelty of the world ready to welcome me back..


March 9, 2010

time must die!

Yeah, killing time in the library once again... bludging seems less fun now that the guilt of not doing my assignments is plaguing my conscience.

So now I am bored doing nothing and an empty space in my stomach seems to grow more and more evident as the minutes go by. I don't think I'm actually hungry-hungry, just bored-hungry. You know the feeling when you are bored and as a solution to you're boredom your body decides that you are 'hungry' and then you just eat to pass the time as opposed to just sitting around. So I think that's me right now, bored-hungry. Maybe, it is approaching what would be my usual afternoon snack time. That's a lie, I don't have a usual afternoon snack time, just continuous snacking on whatever I can find round the house. 

Now that I have established my bored-hungry state, I should point out the fact that I really shouldn't be bored at all. I now have a total of THREE assignments due and will probably be getting a new one tomorrow. Thing is with Industrial design, you don't have exams so you just do a lot of assignments what are worth a LOT. For example, I have a design critique assignment due next Tuesday worth 25%, I have another due two weeks from that which is worth 20% and another due on a Friday two weeks after that worth 50% of that class, though that 50% counting to about 30% of that course (you do the math, I can't). So I have much work to do but I am TOO lazy and NOT bothered even to work on the assignment due next week. I did earlier today spend FOUR hours in a tutorial just working on it (well we were supposed to be working in it). And now I'm kind of bored of that assignment. I need to do some sketches for it too but I have no paper to do so, really I'm just finding reasons not to do it.

Also today I kind of had lunch with Geraldine, her new friend Katherine was it? and Tee. I say 'kind of' because Geraldine and Katherine finished half an hour before me and already ate lunch and had a tutorial starting an hour after I finished so i just cought them just finishing and sat down to eat. And Tee finished the same time I finished and started eating with us but then we had to go because we wanted to check out a sale down at Cotton On downstairs so we left Tee by herself. So down to Cotton On we go. There was a 'EVERYTHING-is-only-FIVE-dollars sale! So I now have new clothes! A cardigan, 2 tops and a NEW scarf for $20. YAY for cheap clothing. Maybe I'll go back for more later in the week if the sale is still. And more on the scarf, I got a new one because my OTHER new one I got two weeks ago went MISSING! I think I've only worn it once too!! Which is SO crap! I don't even know where It would have gone. It made me sad, even though it was only $3 or $5, I don't quite remember. I might have lost it at uni during O-Week, I remember wearing it on O-Day when I enrolled. Either that or I wore it to my Landmark workday on the Saturday after and lost it somewhere there. But I'm still sad, I liked that scarf. I REALLY need to learn how to keep track of and take good care of my things. I have no idea how many other pieces of clothing I have lost, like other scarves (I seem to lose these heaps) and I remember losing a cardigan and I'm sure plenty more.

Well maybe I should take a break. Go walk on down to the tower and ask at the Student Help Desk where I might be able to stash a guitar. Maybe even talk to the Student Association about starting a club and things because there is NOTHING on their site which is of any use. For those not in the know, which should be a LOT of you blog reading people. That's right I'm talking to YOU. Anyway continuing.. I want to start a club/society where musicians such as myself can just meet up and jam with other musicians. As it stands the uni only has one music society I know of, MuscUTS (I think that's it.. can't be bothered researching it), which consists of a choir, orchestra and jazz band. This is all good if you like that sort of thing, organised meetings with a conductor in charge and not a great amount of say over the music. But for me I like sitting around with people and just jamming. Like we used to back at school in music. I REALLY miss my music class, favourite class ever! I think I am just trying to find the same sort of space here at uni where people can just get together and share music. It is quite fun. I don't even play my piano all that often anymore, or play my guitar or sing (I mean just at home by myself or whatever), it's weird and I miss it. Also Derek and I have been thinking about just jamming together, hence the asking-the-student-help-desk-where-I-can-stash-a-guitarness. We've already established Angus and Julia Stone to be on our repertoire. Now he is on board in helping me get this club thing going. I think it's exciting! We just need to meet and recruit more people. So anyone out there from UTS who play an instrument and want to jam with us, please let me know! Leave a comment! And if you know someone at UTS who plays and instrument and may want to jam with us, please let me know! Leave a comment! And if you are just interested with what we are planning and want to get involved, even if you don't, please let me know! Leave a comment!

I just realised that each paragraph in this post is longer than the last. A trend which I think will stop at this post. Yeah, just an observation. ALSO the guy sitting next to me on the computers was listening to John Mayer - Slow dancing in a Burning Room off youtube (I feel stalkerish). JOHN MAYER!! MAY 8!! I'M STILL SUPER PUMPED AND EXCITED!! I walked past the entertainment centre on my way to Landmark yesterday and got excited! Haha. I CAN'T WAIT! Maybe I should listen to some John Mayer myself, I have some of his music on my phone. And I think I will. *listening to Stop this Train*.

I thinkI've had a long enough break typing all this up. I should do something productive; work on an assignment, get some food, go ask where I can stash a guitar.. I think I should get a gym membership and spend my time exercising. OR I can just exercise by roaming round the city. That works, just take my phone and wallet and maybe my water and look around and find some cool places.

Yeah I think I should go, I've been sitting here at t he computer for.. *goes to check*  2 hours. This post also seems to be long enough. So I shall go and get outside.

Till the next time I need to kill heaps of time by myself,

March 8, 2010

Hello Blake

Yes, I am yet again sitting in UTS Blake Library. HOORAH!

Anyway, what's with libraries having names? Like Fisher Library down at USyd or even Max Webber Library at Blacktown. Why didn't our high school library have a name? Is there a protocall for naming libraries? I really am curious (okay not THAT curious but curious enough to blog about it as to avoid doing my assignment - PROCRASTINATION!). I think Penrith High library should have a name other than just Penrith High School Library because that's just lame, well not so much lame but so ordinary sounding. Yeah I don't know...

It's funny looking around the library and seeing the amount of people around on the computers on facebook. It's not like a MASSIVE amount of people but enough for it to amuse me, seeing people not doing work (like me!).

I've also been browsing through MLIA again. Unfortunately I havent really seen many noteworthy post on it, it's disappointing. Maybe it.. okay I just flicked to another tab and back and now have no idea where I was going with that sentence. Well at least it is an interesting read, good to pass the time and just so you know today's average word is 'layout'.

And I can't be bothered typing more, maybe I should just do my assignment.


March 5, 2010


To add to my other post yesterday but I have the most TERRIBLE news!

My Diana Mini is BROKEN!! 
Like OMG!!!

I think it got squished or something in my bag because the shutter trigger SNAPPED OFF! I think it was like hanging on by the smallest bit of plastic then I tried taking a picture on Monday and it fell off right into my hand. 

So I suppose I won't be able to finish my 365 photographs, photography project thing. Which is sad. I CAN start again on my birthday and name it 19 because it will be a picture everyday of when I was nineteen which I also think is cool. I shall make a post reinstating the rules and stuff for this or anything new before my birthday, I have four months to plan this and stock up on film! I guess the good thing about not being able to use my camera and having postponed my project is that I'm in no hurry to buy more film anymore. Although I do feel like stocking up and just splurging on like 20 rolls of film. Maybe I should buy bulk off ebay..

So yeah, my camera is broke but it's nothing to worry about too much. I walked down to the photography labs yesterday and talked to someone down there. It shouldn't be too much of a problem. Luckily it is just an analogue camera so its all mechanical. All I really need to do is glue it back on and it should be fine. Just need to find the right glue. Should go down there again and ask about it but I'm in no rush because I'm postponing my photography project anyway. Although I do miss just taking it out for a snap at something random. Maybe I should just bring my digital and make sure that I always have spare batteries with me. Although it doesn't have the same effect.

Anyway, just sharing on my temporary loss. I should get back to sleep.


March 3, 2010

becoming a common occurance

Well I am here once again in Blake Library (i.e. UTS Library), killing time and waiting for my brother to finish class. I think I will be blogging more these days, especially after finding that spending time on the net at the library is the best way to pass the time when you're by yourself. 

It is a bit of a walk from the main UTS building (including mine) but I guess that can be part of my daily exercise as well as climbing up 3 sets of stairs everyday to get to my classes (most of my classes) and at least 2 sets of stairs to get to my locker. So i shall be expecting to be getting fit this semester!

So yeah, I kind of don't know what to say now. Just blogging and on facebook and tumblr. The usual. I am planning and going up to find my textbook for tomorrow in the library because I don't have the money to buy one, yet. OR I can organise with SOMEONE in one of the other classes (preferably the one before me) if they want to lend me their textbook during my class and just give it back after. I don't know. I just don't want to buy a $100 textbook which I am only going to use for three and a half months! Also on a side note, because industrail design like most if not all design courses is practical based and doesn'e have exams, according to one of the instructors, design students get about half the year off in holidays! But this also means we get stressed more and sleep less than everyone else because our semesters are jam packed with assessments. Speaking of which I have my first in class assessment is NEXT WEEK! It's a little drawing task although there is a 50-50 chance that it won't be our class doing it but still! Thats so early in the semester.

And has anyone else realised (talking to new first years here) that at uni how much everyone promotes partying and drining and all that? Because seriously there is a lack of censoring of anything and I find it awfully refreshing. Some people do take the drinking and partying to heart and first week back to uni people are already hitting the bars and drinking a tad too much. For example yesterday afternoon no later than 5pm there are a bunch of kids in the Glasshouse (one of UTS's bars) all a little tipsy jumping around and singing at the top of thier lungs to whatever song was put on. Lots of shouting and cheering, quite a roudy bunch.

Oh and apparently Industrail Design and Architecture are somewhat enemies. Architecture is the 'dark side' as my tutor today pointed out a few times early this morning., there is a lot of "tension" between the two So to you architecture students... *cough* Shuang *cough* Chrishani. Well that's how it is at UTS anyway.

And I will stop now and go look for my textbook in the library before they're all gone!

March 1, 2010

This is new

OMG guess where I am?! I'm at UNI! Yep that's right I am currently on the computer in the UTS library typing away on blogger to kill some time before my Landmark seminar tonight at 7.

So.. First day of uni! And yeah a bit of an anticlimax I must say. Oh well. I did just have a one hour lecture and then had to fill out a pink sheet of paper and answer a question involving a graph, countries including Europe and the demographics of smokers. Yeah my fellow UTS people might know what I'm talking about.

Great weather for the first day of uni. Cloudy, overcast and with random showers stopping and starting at the most inconvenient times, namely when needing to walk out in the open. Can't belive I don't have an unbrella today, I normally have one in my bag. At least I have a jacket with a hoodie, also good for the cold, it's kind of chilly outside. Hopefully it won't be raining too much for the rest of the week. Actually you know what I'm going to check the bureau right now for tomorrow's forecast. *Checking*
Forecast for Tuesday  
A shower or two. Cloudy. Light to moderate east to southeast winds.
City: Min:  18 Max:  23
So it's raining tomorrow too. Great. I shall remember to bring an umbrella this time. Don't get me wrong I do like the rain. I just like it a little less when I have to walk around in it without any waterproof protection. Sitting in a class with damp jeans isn't too comfortable esp. when its warm inside. Also a downside to rain, here in the city you don't get that nice rain smell, or the rain on grass smell. Mostly because there is no grass around here (esp. round UTS since they're digging up our lawn!). No here in the city its just wet. Note of advice don't stand by the curb if you need to cross the road. Chances are that when something drives past, you will get wet!

Anyway, I'm a little bored. Time seems to fly a LOT faster when you are with other people. Right now I'm just blogging(obviously), on web messenger chatting to my brother (he has a day of fand is home), Tumblr and on Facebook.. Nothing too exciting. Though I must say that these keyboards are loud. So I feel ever so slightly awkward typing away on my blog. Feel so public and I am not accustomed to blogging with people around. Maybe something I will have to get used to, I have quite a few Landmark seminars and such after uni and I normally finish around 1pm so I will have heaps of time to kill. May get accustomed to blogging before my seminars, at least my blog will get updated somewhat regularly.

I'm hungry. Well not so much hungry, but I want to eat something. Just want to taste something in my mouth. And talking about it with my brother is actually making me a little hungry now. Want something savoury. I so should have brought one of those instant noodle cups today. They are just sitting on my desk and I didnt get to pack any lunch. Maybe drop buy Breadtop or Barby's on my way to Darling Harbour.

I don't know how much longer I can drag out this post. It's getting kind of long.. I wish I brought my data cable with me (was actually thinking about it yesterday) so that I can upload a picture of the library from my phone. I shall do that next time. I really was unprepared for today. Not so much for my classes, I had all my stuff for my classes, speaking of which I need a textbook for thursday. I should pack some lunch earlier for uni. Should find out where I can find a microwave too, so i can bring rice and leftovers from dinner and stuff.

And I think I shall stop there. I need to find some food, make a phone call, eat and get to landmark.

So farewell from the UTS library!

Edit: Here are some photos, or one.
 Sitting at the computer. Blogging. Diary out. For some reason I don't think that's my bottle..

February 28, 2010

Paper Heart

"A story about love that's taking on a life of its own."

Charlyn is a girl who doesn't believe in love. So what does she do? Take a road trip around America to film a documentary about it.

An ever so cute film following a girl as she seeks the meaning of love while in the process finding herself in it.

I want to watch this. It looks so cute! I don't think it is being released in cinemas here in Australia though.. Coming out on blu-ray apparently. Anyway here is the trailer!


February 25, 2010

i love...

unexpected run ins.

It's like "OMG! I KNOW YOU! What are you doing here?!"

It's fun running into people especially when you least expect it. I love surprises and when I see people I get just a little excited. Especially in those cases where you would have missed each other if not for something happening. 
Today for example, I ran into Gabs at Central on my way home from uni and naturally I was absolutely delighted! But if it wasn't for Shuang misplacing her train ticket we probably wouldn't have seen each other, which wouldn't have been so exciting although we wouldn't have missed our train. SO worth it in my opinion.

p.s. It really has been a while since I last made an "i love..." post. Really need to do that more often or just post more often in general.

February 21, 2010

It's BACK!

YAY! My computer is FINALLY up and working again!!! Felt like FOREVER since it screwed up. I don't even think it's been a week, just more evidence to how much I rely on technology (i.e. my computer). So this is the first post in a while from here... and now yeah... I don't know what else to write about. Been updating my tumblr quite a bit though... I don't know why but I just feel most comfortable writing out long blog posts on my own computer. It's familiar and my train of thought doesn't seem to get lost as easily. I'm really just talking crap now.

Also to show how old my computer is, when it restarts it goes back to default time and date settings, i.e. 10am, 3 January, 2006. So four years, that a long time? Because it seemed longer in my head..

Anyway my wireless is being crap and my internet connection cuts out every 2 or 3 minutes, like really. Good thing this page doesn't refresh every time otherwise I don't know how i would get through this post.

Also on my other post where I didn't "know what to write about" (or something along the lines of that), that isn't quite true. I've been so busy going out and making the most of the very little holiday time I have left. So really I have a LOT I could post about. I guess I just haven't had time and there is so much to report on I just don't know where to start. And I suppose this blog has always been a vital procrastination tool during my HSC now that it's over I have no reason to procrastinate really. (And there goes my net again)

Well I guess I have been posting a bit lately but mostly just short sharings of things, none of my good old essay long posts, which I do kind of miss because there are quite fun to write up not to mention a great way to pass the time. Good to know that my ability to ramble on about nothing has not been affected. If anything I've gotten better.. haha.

Well O-week at UTS starts tomorrow and I shall be off to uni for something rather, I don't quite remember.  The poor Macquarie kids start tomorrow. Good luck to you guys! Also I am FINALLY enrolling in my subjects on Wednesday. Yeah I could probably go on more about uni and stuff for much longer but by the looks of it this post is long enough, and there are a lack of photographs to amuse people...

So I shall just post again later (in an hour or two?) on uni and what I have been  up to the past few weeks and what's coming up in my life (oh how exciting! NOT). Well thanks for reading.

Till next time,

February 20, 2010

too good...

to keep to myself.

Just sharing a link to a site I found via A Cup of Jo. ENJOY!

Who is the cutest?