April 17, 2010

Hello Frankie!

Got my new Frankie magazine in the mail yesterday, though I was out all day and crashed on my bed as soon as I got home early this morning. Found it on the computer table as I sat down and turned it on after coming home from the DENTIST! 

So yeah, haven't had a proper read of it yet, just a quick flick through. Apparently my subscription ends with the next magazine. Thinking about resubscribing for another year or so, that's like $50? $60? I don't remember.


I have to say yesterday was the best Friday I've had for a while. Will go into further detail after I go for a bit of shopping (need to buy more crap for uni.. plus i have a $50 Myer gift card). But lets just say I had a LOT of fun yesterday. Will post pics too!


P.S. Did I mention that now I'm on HOLIDAYS for 2 weeks!!

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