July 26, 2009

the 25th

SATURDAY was the day of my party. i was meant to finish my costume the day before. but i was thinking. "hm its past midnight, im increadibly tired and can't think straight right now. i know i will sleep for two ours and wake up really early and work on my vest" NOT i woke up at 10 the next morning. so i had to rush my vest. took 3 hours!! im quite proud of my work. didnt take pictures coz i didnt have time too. but i can post pictures of the finished product later, when i had photos.

and im feeling lazy and cant be bothered finishing this at the moment. besides i ahve work to do. will come back to htis again later. besides my cousins are over. damn typos which i cant be bothered correcting!

July 23, 2009


Well I haven't blogged in a while. I think the initial blogging facination has passed but i still feel like i should post something.

so anyway. i dont even remember what the last thing i posted about. i shall assum last week of holidays. one VERY busy week. i think i wrote about monday so on with tuesday!

My birthday! went to the city for a music outing with buddies lynneal, mitch and alara! supposedly this is alaras first outing with school friends in 2 YEARS! crazy girl. but yeah she gave me chocolate and starburst, which i havent eaten all of yet. might bring it monday for our music practice. So anyway. the city. got off at central and walked to market city. there we went galaxy world! play daytona! came last the first game. then first the next game! haha how that happened i have no idea. played a few other things then got some tickets! and got a some new juggling balls with them. and a dice and i dont know what heppened to the rest of it... haha. then we went to china town! and went to morning glory! there was a GIANT mario toy! it was cool. stayed in there for a little while and lyn and mitch decided to buy me some stuff. THANKS FOR THAT! i feel weird when people buy me stuff. unless its my parents. haha. anyway we headed into espionage coolest store name to go along with the coolest shoes that they have there. mitch wanted to buy new shoes, which he did. black and yellow airforces with trippy laces. they were cool. so my birthday and mitch buys shoes. of course! we stopped by another morning glory store. haha it was near by thought we might as well look, again. we came out with what we came in with. oh alara did buy a cute yoshi plush toy! but yeah. thought we should go and watch a movie. TRANSFORMERS becouse i haven't seen it yet and either had lyn. alara and mitch on the other hand had both seen it twice already but ther didnt mind. also got easyway on the way in. i think i got a honeydew milk tea with jelly. but which jelly? i dont wuite remember. i wanted pearls but they had none! OUTRAGE! the line was HEAPS long fo buy tickets. stood in line for 10 minutes it seems, while drinking my easyway. so we sit in the cinema. lynneal, alara, me and mitch. not in the best seats available (assigned seating - greater union). i think the easyway was a bad idea. 30 minutes into the movie and i needed to pee!! AHHHHHHHH. hahaha wasnt too bad. i survived. the move was pretty cool. YAY for cgi! megan fox was only there to be hot. there was an excess of her in slow motion running scenes. hahahaha and i agree with ama. she doesnt shut her mouth!! damn prawn! hahaha. well movie finished. i rushed to the toilet and there's a LINE!! well it was already afternoon when we got out. stuffed with chips and chocolate we walk down to CAPITOL! what an asian way to finish an asian day! its starting to become a music outing tradition. so we hopped on a train, it was good timing. I hope these music outing days dont die out, they are quite fun.

WEDNESDAY was back to school for me. yet again i slept in! haha. i got to school to see out pie still intact! and spent the morning running between music and dt. why did they have to be on opposite sides of the school?! practiced some of my songs a bit on the piano and then back ot dt to check up on what shuang was up to. mr. mell got shuang a whole bunch of cardboard and we made a cardboard pyramid out of these little carton things! it was AWESOME! taller than me. we were quite proud of our achievement. but after we went upstairs to show sir. we come out of the stairwell to find it had collapsed!!! we were sad! very very SAD! it was a well spent half hour though. then we had a lunch break. went to the music rooms to eat some cheesecake! and watch people practice. watched laura and mitch's for a bit. then showed miss one of mine again. I NEED TO WORK ON IT AND PRACTICE with lynneal AND mitch. AH we havent pracgticed with everyone together yet!! oh no and my assessment is on TUESDAY! im quite worried about this one. oh well practice tomorrow! then bumming at the plaza afterwards and then we get to watch jenny, piano genious and snowman perform! yay! anyway. went back to dt to actually do some work. i swear half the time im at schoom im not working. OMG i need to order plywood!!!! i was meant to do that yesterday!!! CRAP! so much for my recovery day today. I will have to do some dt work after this.

THURSDAY, the formal committee (minus nams) went to geraldine's to make invites! oh and it was also rachel's birthday. she only stayed for an hour and a half before she had to go to celebrate with her families. we actually got a lot done. finished all the invites and made a start at the name tags for the tables. during which we watched lots of tv. super sweet 16 on mtv. MY GOD THOSE KIDS ARE SUCH COWS! mooooo. haha bloody spoilt brats. had pizza for lunch. it was good oh and there saw the most AWESOME house in teen cribs! i want a BOAT BED!! and they had a milk bar and slamball court in their house!!!

FRIDAY i was back to school AGAIN! and yet again i slept in late! i did eat breakfast this time. i had an apple on the train. not much of a breakfast but better than nothing. well i spent the morning in music and art (even though im not an art student - im their adopted student that doesnt need to do the work but is just there for support and opinions). i brought a guitar in to practice with lynneal and to add some live music to the workplace. scabbed some of mr kirkby' food too while i was there and shared some of my brithday chocolate which i got from alara. then we went back to the music rooms to practice inside. played piano for a bit and practiced sea lion. and then taught shuang to juggle coz dora just fails! haha. practiced with mitch to and then went off to work in dt! left my juggling balls with the art kids so that maybe they could perfect thier skills while i was gone. dt was kinda productive my templates are finally COMPLETE! yay! all the corners rounded off and nicely sanded. after we walked down high street (shuang, lyn, dora and i) to buy fabric and such for our costumes for my party! then down to the plaza for some food (i was yet to have a proper meal all day). shared a quiche with lyn and bought some icecream. white chocolate fudge and strawberry delight for me. it was yum. came home to do some last minute things for the party! rachel came over and we worked on our pinata (our baby). just finished painting it. it was a rainbow hot air balloon. i also cropped my jacket (without actually cutting it) looked good.

i can write about yesterday in another post, this is long enough as it is.


editL this is one MONSTER post.. hahaha

July 20, 2009

Sawdust in my boots

Well today I went to school because I'm a nerd and I miss it SO much. NOT! Today begins the week of ACTUALLY doing school work.

I rocked up late to school this morning. Drinking Up and Go and discovering a big cardboard mountain on the way with my flamingo friend Shuang. With the help of Santa, we organised a way in which we could get some of the cardboard to school where it would magically transform itself into a major work! It would seem we weren't the only ones missing school. We got there to find the bio and the sac kids there. I think it should be like that all the time. The whole school just for year 12.

But anyway we got to school and as soon as we were in, we were in the car and off to collect some cardboard from Santa. We went and climbed the mountain. The best bits were at the top. It was a hard treck, a few cardboard avalanches and a few falls but we managed to dig out the good bits. Somehow we retrieved too much to fit in the car so we had to leave some of our findings with Santa for collection later. Back at school we unloaded the cardboard, left a message in the dirt and was back to Santa for the rest.

When we were back we headed to McDonalds for some late breakfast. I wanted hotcakes, but I missed breakfast by 20 minutes! It sucked, I was looking forward to it too. So instead I got an apple pie and large fries to share. After all that we begin our work! Haha.

So I finished cutting out my plywood templates! With a chip sandwich lunch break in between and some pi eating elephants. The Pi was Inside the Elephants! Haha. Yeah. I used 3 new power tools too today. I got sawdust all over my clothes. Even when I put an apron on I found it all over my pants and even INSIDE MY BOOTS! It was fun though. All carefully documented using the camera on Shuang's phone.

Well that was my day. It was productive and fun. And like always there was the birth of a new in joke! Good times.

I need to sleep soon. Big day tomorrow!

* j

July 18, 2009


Well today we had a family party for my birthday. Fairly uneventful. Lots of food of course and a yummy black forest cake! Spent the morning cleaning the house and cooking food. And scabbing spring rolls.

My brother was also showing me all these awesome phones from Japan that he is thinking of getting and now I WANT ONE!! I've had my phone for too long and it needs upgrading! I can spend some of my birthday money for it. But I might jsut use if for shopping when I go out to the city on my actual birthday.

I was suprised we weren't going to have a massive July party for the family, seeing as there are six people who have thier birthday in July. Four in three days. Oh well.

I don't have much else to write.

* j

July 15, 2009

2 days without you...

Okay BAD title. I know, shoot me. But it is true, I haven't blogged for two days! In a ROW! Damn what's happening to me?! Well I suppose I have reason for it. But it shall be explained within my recap of the past two days.

So Monday was meant to be the beginning of my supposed Holiday Study Regime. Haha, what a joke! Naturally being me, I needed to find something to procrastinate with. SO I decided to make Lynneal her birthday present.

[Okay pause in writing this post. I have some washing that needs to be put up and a reasonable bejeweled score to set.

And now I am back. Washing hung. Bejeweled score set, though I for some reason am incapable of getting above 100k now! It makes me sad. So sad that I want to go watch How I Met Your Mother instead of finishing this post. But I should. Like how I should do some school work or study. Haha.

ANYWAY. On with Monday's recap.]

Well I woke up at around 9:30 - 10ish on Monday morning (I think) and didn't really do anything for a bit. I think I had cereal. [Ah I keep getting distracted from writing this post.] I decided that I should make Lynneal's birthday present and by 11am I got to work.

I thought I'd maker her a stuffed toy. At first a rabbit but then I chose to make a bear. And after I drew up a rough design, the production of Lynneal's birthday bear began! It took me AGES. Like 5 hours! Maybe because I kept sewing things wrong and had to take out the stitching a few times. It was annoying. But in the end I got it done and made my room a mess yet again.

I will edit and add photos later. I can't be bothered right now. ^^

And this post is long enough so I shall write about yesterday in another Post.

* j

Response to gail on stamps

Well this is an extened comment/response to Gail's post about stamps

I shall repeat in saying. They're all so cute!! I want some! Like, NOW! But I'm cheap.

Also don't really see the point of 'making your own stamps' if they give you the designs (regardless of how adorable they are). If I was 'making my own stamps' (no idea about the inverted commas on that one) that would involve designing it myself and the making. But then that would be design your own stamps aye. Haha. Oh well, thats just me.

When I finally start getting an income (hahaha, work...) I will invest in my craft and stamps are SO on the list. OR I can wait till my birthday money comes and I shall splurge. Family party IS this weekend so hopefully i can get some shopping done...? Maybe half of my birthday money will be spent and the rest into SAVINGS

And I'm starting to move off topic so I shall end here

* j

Edit: Why won't it let me put spaces in between paragraphs again?!?!

Reedit: Are the spaces back?

July 12, 2009


I actually did something productive today. Although it isn't school related (sadly - I should study), it's for the party!

I cut up lots of little triangles for the bunting. Fifty-five triangles in total, plus scraps. It took me a few hours but at least it's done. The amount of triangles I have now is enough to make a little less than 14m of bunting. When I add the orange triangles it should be enough for about 17m. I still need orange fabric though!! I can't finish without it. I think 17m should be enough. It will definitely be more than enough to circle my room when i put it up after the party.

Here are some crapy quality photos of the making of my bunting triangles, taken with my phone .

Just ignore the fact that I'm working on the floor of my room. And how the carpet seems to change colour. I tried to photoshop the pictures so they looked better as an attempt to disguise the crappiness of the picture quality. Note the middle picture on the left, I accidentally cut the fabric wrong! There is meant to be two short thin strips not one short and one long. I was quite annoyed because it was a waste of fabric. Although it turns out that 1m of each colour is more than enough. Would have got away with just half a metre but at least I have some new fabric to add to my stash (pictured below).
My fabric & felt stash - it's smaller than it looks.
Anyway, moving on.
I still don't know what to get Lynneal for her birthday! She's so difficult to think of what to get/make (although I don't have much time to make anything). Might just make a very nice looking IOU card. Hahaha. Also need to figure out another friends present. Why so many birthdays?!?
Okay this post is taking WAY too long so I shall just finish up there.

One week

My blog is one week old as of yesterday! ONLY one week! Feels like alot longer. Probably because I have written so much. Hahaha. Yesterday was somewhat empty, even though I made two posts.


There is SO much to be done for the party! I am going to attempt at making a start at the bunting today! Stayed up very late yesterday planning stuff with Rachel. I think the menu has FINALLY been finalised, due for maybe a bit of tweeking but it should be all set by the end of the week. I also need to get my costume sorted still! I need to get fabric for my skirt/tutu (still dont know which yet) and I need to find those vertical stripe tights! AH!

And I keep browsing through craft blogs too. So much inpirational stuff!! I want to make stuff now. I might today and if i do i shall post a pic of it up which will be crap quality coz it will be taken with my phone camera.

ALSO I don't know what to get Lynneal for her birthday. It's on Tuesday and I have no idea what to get her. Or maybe make for her. Who knows.

Well I shall leave this as a short post. I have things to do! Might upload some pictures from my phone later..

* j

July 11, 2009

Bag of hammers

"Shake, shake, shake, shake the frame of this house!"

I LOVE this song right now! It's like an instant good mood put to music.

I'm at a lost for words for once. How odd.



I just have to say,


I was going to stay up yesterday so I could say Happy Birthday to him at 12 but I was in a bad mood and went to bed early instead.

That shall be all for this post.


July 10, 2009

the birds have flown...

Or maybe they have been captured and kept under lock and key. Birds should be free to fly not caged up in an unknown location where the sun can't reach them. People should be free to experience the beauty of these wonderful creatures. Although there are some, who have attained information of the presence of them have potential to cause harm. The authorities have noticed these threats and as a consequence, in an attempts to protect them, have taken action in the form of capturing these birds and keeping them in captivity away from prying eyes.

Now access to the birds involves a long screening and verification from the people in power, the ones in charge. No free admission. No public access.

I'm sad.

July 9, 2009

aww cuteness

I came across this site for an online magazine called papier mache whilst looking up a how-to for a tutu to give to a friend who wants a tutu as part of her costume for my dress-up party. It's SO cute! It's for kids and it's so cool and QUIRKY. It has really cool drawing and collages and clothes, which I wish I had as a kid or even now.

Also came across this tutorial for these cute bunny hat and paw mittens, which I want to try out this holidays. Might alter the design of the hat a bit so its more like a beanie. Maybe one with ear flaps too. And i need to fix the mitten pattern so that my hands can fit inside (designed for little children). Might try a different colour and different ears. Thinking black cat (mainly because I have some black felt already and cat ears are smaller - less felt, I'm SO stingy). But I will just go buy white felt tomorrow when I go fabric shopping at one of the frabric stores down High Street during my free tomorrow. My planned fabric shopping trip was meant to be for today but I got caught up at school. No big. So I will just got buy all my fabric tomorrow to buy the white felt and maybe some other colours on impulse. Haha.

My main reason to go fabric shopping is to buy the fabric I will use to make the flags for my bunting. All different colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple! And also in different patterns like spots, stripes, stars, gingham and some plain (coz it's cheaper - but also depends what colours I can get). Not sure how much i need to buy, the bunting I'm making is going to be about 20m long. I will be using one of the spools (?) of ribbon bought at Rooty Hill intended for intives, made a terrible estimation on how much ribbon was actually on it and found one spool was about 20m when I unwinded one to measure its length. So I will just buy a metre of each to add up to 6m in total, whatever doesnt get used I can just add to my fabric scrap to make something out of some other time. Hopefully it won't cost too much. If it's more than $15 than I shall reconsider the felt.

So I will be making the bunting on the holidays as well as my own costume! Still need to figure out exactly what I want. Needs to be soon too so I can go buy (more) fabric and make it. I only really need to make my skirt/tutu, not sure which yet. The tutu will be cheaper and easier to make, the skirt will be more work, more expensive but should look cooler if I can pull it off (in terms of getting it made). I also already have a yellow tutu. Ah decisions! I should figure this out by next week so that I have time to make whatever it is I plan on making. I also need to make spats! I think I may have a change of footwear at the party. I will be wearing my black heels with the spats or my black boots (for when we are playing games). I don't know yet. Even if I don't end up wearing the heals/spats, I still want to make those spatsm which would involve buying more fabric! I'm buying too much fabric, or maybe I just have too many projects for the holidays. And crafting always leads to mess, I have enough mess in my room as it is.

Anyway stupid MSN is screwing up again! It's so annoying. Actually my whole computer is just lagging ever so slightly. My internet is also capped and is going slow (but fasted than first expected). Everything is slow. And everyone is sick. Okay not everyone and not at the same time. People are having rounds of sickness. Like when you sing Row, row, row your boat where one person starts and after the first phrase someone else starts and so on. I had my round of sickness last week. Some people have been away this week, like my Dad and my baby cousin. I guess it's the weather. And the flu. Swine flu for about 99% of flu cases in Victoria.

Well it is the last day of term 2 tomorrow. Naturally I will be going to school. No point in jigging, I have a good day. I have work that NEEDS to be done in DT, no bludging tomorrow! And it's more convenient going to the fabric store if I'm coming from school. But THANK GOODNESS it's the last day. I need a holiday where I can finally let myself sleep in on those cold winter mornings when all I can see outside my window is white from the morning fog. Just me under my warm sheets and blankets in a sweet dream, which I probably won't remember when I wake. No more waiting for the weather forecast to determine if I'll be wearing my skirt or pants to school. A time when I can sit down and eat a proper breakfast and finish my hot mug of milo. No more walking to the bus stop, watching my breath escape my warm lungs into the cold air, which leaves me shivering while I wait for it to arive. A short period of a fortnight in which I will not even be able to experience this bliss everyday due to a busy schedule. Only to return to be tested and assessed and the fast approaching trails overshadowed by the HSC.

Well I should be off to bed soon. I don't want to stay up and end up running late on the last day of school. Although I have been late quite alot lately.

Yes I WILL stop now.


I'm still yet to mention that I want to go to SPAIN! It was on Getaway earlier and I WANT TO GO! After uni! Or during, if i can do VisComm and International studies! ALSO I want to learn the Thriller dance!! It is on my holiday to do list! I don't know how successfull I will be. If I fail miserably I shall just wait till September (*singing in my head* do you remember... - haha) when my cousins come up for a wedding and they can teach me then. But that is AGES away. I can't wait that long. So I'd better learn it!

Okay I will stop for sure now. I SWEAR!


*Edit: This is one EPICALLY long post. My bad. And it also won't let me put spaces in between my paragraphs. Maybe I wrote too much. Or my net is just being GAY!

July 8, 2009


You would think that by now I would know the design for my DT major. Unfortunately NOT. Although having reconfigured the measurements and dimentions about five or six times over the past two (or three) months, I could probably be excused for a small mix up.

But no.

I went and spent an extra $10 on some material I DIDN'T need because I got the dimentions wrong. $10 may not sound like much but for a major which requires me to spend almost $500 on materials alone, any saving is a good saving.

You could probably tell me that I should have checked the measurements before I left for Bunnings on Monday night. Well, I was in a hurry to leave home and just brought my DT book, which should have had the measurements in them.


I took my new book, which is nearly empty instead of my old book, which was packed with crap to do with my major. Why? I don't know. I would have thought that I would have coppied it in by now (which I should do actually before I have another mix up). It would seem I thought wrong and just assumed the measurements.

It was a fairly close assumption might I add. Unfortunately it wasn't close enough. I was out by 7cm on one side. Might not sound like much but it is a difference that made me buy the next size up in standard plywood sheets. I even went home to breeze through my new book to find that I have been using those incorrect measurements since I transferred to working in that book.

Because that new sheet of ply was quite big (1200 x 900 x 7mm) and I didn't need the whole thing, I cut it at home so it was a more comfortable size to have on the train to take to school. With the wrong measurements in mind I cut it bigger than I needed to and therefore wasting some of that plywood (why did it have to be so expensive!?).

I am QUITE annoyed. A few games of bejeweled has helped though I must admit. They reset the scores and I'm coming first at the moment. I'm sure I won't be for long but being first for a while is better than nothing!

[about two hours later... (my first place bejeweled score gone) ]

My father decided to use the computer in the middle of writing this entry. It would seem that my previous rage (not much of a rage though) has disappeared and I have lost my ability to rant farther on the topic. I was going to ramble on some more about somt other things concerning this little mix up but the urge to do so has gone. And I have forgotten what it is I was going to continue ranting about.

Anyway, I have some recalculations to do, which I really can't be bothered but must. I checked my book and it seems that I have been using the wrong measurements for the past month. Oh well. It doesn't really effect what I've done, which is good.

I will stop now.


July 7, 2009

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3!

Just trying to see if this whole "Mail2blogger" thing works.

My hands are cold. I washed some dishes in cold water. How stupid of me.

That is all.


*edit: Wow it works! How fascinating.


That will be me after HSC. I swear I just can't stop eating these days. AND I keep buying food!

It's like this; eat lunch at recess, eat the rest of my food by lunch, starve on the train, get off the train, buy food and eat it while I wait for the bus and when I get home I eat some more. Today I bought an iced donut and then came home to find that my dad had brought home some Hungry Jacks. Naturally, I couldn't let that food go to waste, so now I sit here on my butt eating fast food. How lovely.

There's a sheet of plywood in my garage that needs to be cut, which I told myself I would cut today so that I could bring it to school tomorrow. But it's still sitting there. I will cut it... later. I need to bring it to school tomorrow though so it WILL happen today.

I have hiccups.

I'm looking at some sites I found in Dora's Frankie magazine which I took note of. After following some links I came across a site which sells things that people have made by hand. http://www.madeit.com.au/ I was looking at all the plushies and I am inspired to make some in the holidays! I already have designs for some which just never got around to production. Hopefully I will make one this holidays. Some other things I want to try and make too.

Geez, too many things to do this holidays. I will be ever so busy busy BUSY. Although in theory I will be busy, I'm sure I won't end up doing half of what I plan to do. Damn procrastination!
"Hard work pays off in the long run, procrastination pays off now"
What a great quote. However true, procrastination is detrimental to my HSC. And I'm aiming for over 90 UAI (screw ATAR it's stupid). If not I'll be sad and I may have to do VisComm at UWS, which I don't want to do. UTS FTW! Ah... I can't wait till uni but I will miss high school terribly. Well the people and the abuse of our senior rights. I need to find somewhere where I can have access to a BADGE MAKER. Those things are TOO fun.

Yay for birds and babies! Or better yet baby birds!! Hahaha...

ANYWAY, I have things to do and procrastination to get out of the way (of which this post is part of).



July 6, 2009

Days of cold

I woke up late today. Could be because I slept late yesterday, rather really early this morning. Tried to stay up to watch the Wimbledon finals. Found myself falling asleep by only the second set. I thought it would be nicer to wake up in a warm bed rather than a cold couch, I decided to just go to bed.

This is taking me quite a while to write this. I started at around 5 when I got home after school. then I didn't know what to write. Had dinner. Went to Bunnings! Bought some plywood (ply is expensive, I hate that) for my DT major. I also got HEAPS of paint swatches from the paint section. Try a 2cm thick pile. Hahahaa. Came home. And now I keep getting distracted by music and MSN.

What else can I write about?! Oh, a particular someone beat my bejeweled score on facebook. Damn you! I can't be stuffed to get a better score. My internet is capped for the next 10 days and scores resent tomorrow anyway. A short-lived victory. Haha. Stupid brother had to stream the WHOLE Everybody Hates Chris series.

Anyway, I should sleep early tonight (exactly what I told myself yesterday...).

Just some notes about school:
Bloody english needs another text! BUT has been moved to next term (thank goodness!!). My DT major is SOO behind schedule and is going to be quite EXPENSIVE. Chem has been mover to next term for sure, and I need to perform in music on Wednesday first period (what a crap time to sing, first thing on a cold winter morning).

The up and coming holidays:
Seems to be VERY busy. First week isn't too busy, but i shall be coming into school quite a few times in the second week for music and dt. Then I need to study for chem and prepare english (GAY). There's Lionel's awesome birthday breakfast! And formal invite making too. A music outing and the reversal of garbage! So much to cram into two weeks.

Anyway, I shall now finish up. It's taken way too long to type up this one post.


July 5, 2009


Derek is awesome.

That would have been the name of my blog if the choice was up to him.

Fortunately not.

Although awesomesauce is a fun word. It could be used to describe Derek's newest piece of art. I quite like it.

There, happy now Derek?

And thank you Adrian for telling me that the date is wrong. Still need to figure out how to change it and a few other things that need to be tweeked.

*Edit: Problems have been fixed! If there is anything else wrong, please let me know.

**Edit: I swear I am incapable of making a post without mistakes and typos in them. All of my posts so far have needed editing after its initial publishing.

Lazy Sunday

I do mean lazy.

Aside from church this morning I haven't done anything. There's facebook and bejeweled (which thankfully is up and working again). My high score in bejeweled doesn't seem to want to improve. It has been annoying me. Then there is msn and my blog!

Well I suppose I have been doing SOMETHING productive. Today and yesterday I have been playing around with the fonts which are going to be on our year 12 formal invitations. I'm not 100% happy with the current fonts and hope to show our formal committee president what I have done.

So now I am just bored. I should probably go and practice my music performances but like I said, this is lazy Sunday. Sitting on the couch in front of the computer it quite nice. Besides I haven't tried singing for two days, who knows what I sound like. But I am feeling alot better in comparison to this time last week or the whole of last week ion general.


That is all.

Future addiction?

Well I am now officially part of the Blogging world! Previously just an outside observer, I have since been persuaded by a friend to start a blog (it didn't take much convincing, boredom makes you jump at opportunities to amuse yourself).

Alas here I am.

A bright, fresh blogging noobie! (although the bright bit is questionable)

Hopefully I shall be able to keep this up to date. If not, oh well. If so, it could be due to the fact that I am addicted or am in some sort of procrastination frenzy. With the holidays coming up I assume that boredom and staying in from the cold may have a say in my future activeness as a blogger.

But what will I post?

Anything? Thoughts. Things I find amusing. English hate rants (I foresee this to be a common occurance, at least till after the HSC if I can keep this blog going that long). A day in the life of moi. Some of my little crafty things should I make something new.

The list is long and varied. I'll stick with the first thing i said, "Anything".

And as my first post comes to a close, I wish you goodnight (1:03am - why am I still awake!?) and farewell for now.

*theallmigthyjellyfish - me!