July 23, 2009


Well I haven't blogged in a while. I think the initial blogging facination has passed but i still feel like i should post something.

so anyway. i dont even remember what the last thing i posted about. i shall assum last week of holidays. one VERY busy week. i think i wrote about monday so on with tuesday!

My birthday! went to the city for a music outing with buddies lynneal, mitch and alara! supposedly this is alaras first outing with school friends in 2 YEARS! crazy girl. but yeah she gave me chocolate and starburst, which i havent eaten all of yet. might bring it monday for our music practice. So anyway. the city. got off at central and walked to market city. there we went galaxy world! play daytona! came last the first game. then first the next game! haha how that happened i have no idea. played a few other things then got some tickets! and got a some new juggling balls with them. and a dice and i dont know what heppened to the rest of it... haha. then we went to china town! and went to morning glory! there was a GIANT mario toy! it was cool. stayed in there for a little while and lyn and mitch decided to buy me some stuff. THANKS FOR THAT! i feel weird when people buy me stuff. unless its my parents. haha. anyway we headed into espionage coolest store name to go along with the coolest shoes that they have there. mitch wanted to buy new shoes, which he did. black and yellow airforces with trippy laces. they were cool. so my birthday and mitch buys shoes. of course! we stopped by another morning glory store. haha it was near by thought we might as well look, again. we came out with what we came in with. oh alara did buy a cute yoshi plush toy! but yeah. thought we should go and watch a movie. TRANSFORMERS becouse i haven't seen it yet and either had lyn. alara and mitch on the other hand had both seen it twice already but ther didnt mind. also got easyway on the way in. i think i got a honeydew milk tea with jelly. but which jelly? i dont wuite remember. i wanted pearls but they had none! OUTRAGE! the line was HEAPS long fo buy tickets. stood in line for 10 minutes it seems, while drinking my easyway. so we sit in the cinema. lynneal, alara, me and mitch. not in the best seats available (assigned seating - greater union). i think the easyway was a bad idea. 30 minutes into the movie and i needed to pee!! AHHHHHHHH. hahaha wasnt too bad. i survived. the move was pretty cool. YAY for cgi! megan fox was only there to be hot. there was an excess of her in slow motion running scenes. hahahaha and i agree with ama. she doesnt shut her mouth!! damn prawn! hahaha. well movie finished. i rushed to the toilet and there's a LINE!! well it was already afternoon when we got out. stuffed with chips and chocolate we walk down to CAPITOL! what an asian way to finish an asian day! its starting to become a music outing tradition. so we hopped on a train, it was good timing. I hope these music outing days dont die out, they are quite fun.

WEDNESDAY was back to school for me. yet again i slept in! haha. i got to school to see out pie still intact! and spent the morning running between music and dt. why did they have to be on opposite sides of the school?! practiced some of my songs a bit on the piano and then back ot dt to check up on what shuang was up to. mr. mell got shuang a whole bunch of cardboard and we made a cardboard pyramid out of these little carton things! it was AWESOME! taller than me. we were quite proud of our achievement. but after we went upstairs to show sir. we come out of the stairwell to find it had collapsed!!! we were sad! very very SAD! it was a well spent half hour though. then we had a lunch break. went to the music rooms to eat some cheesecake! and watch people practice. watched laura and mitch's for a bit. then showed miss one of mine again. I NEED TO WORK ON IT AND PRACTICE with lynneal AND mitch. AH we havent pracgticed with everyone together yet!! oh no and my assessment is on TUESDAY! im quite worried about this one. oh well practice tomorrow! then bumming at the plaza afterwards and then we get to watch jenny, piano genious and snowman perform! yay! anyway. went back to dt to actually do some work. i swear half the time im at schoom im not working. OMG i need to order plywood!!!! i was meant to do that yesterday!!! CRAP! so much for my recovery day today. I will have to do some dt work after this.

THURSDAY, the formal committee (minus nams) went to geraldine's to make invites! oh and it was also rachel's birthday. she only stayed for an hour and a half before she had to go to celebrate with her families. we actually got a lot done. finished all the invites and made a start at the name tags for the tables. during which we watched lots of tv. super sweet 16 on mtv. MY GOD THOSE KIDS ARE SUCH COWS! mooooo. haha bloody spoilt brats. had pizza for lunch. it was good oh and there saw the most AWESOME house in teen cribs! i want a BOAT BED!! and they had a milk bar and slamball court in their house!!!

FRIDAY i was back to school AGAIN! and yet again i slept in late! i did eat breakfast this time. i had an apple on the train. not much of a breakfast but better than nothing. well i spent the morning in music and art (even though im not an art student - im their adopted student that doesnt need to do the work but is just there for support and opinions). i brought a guitar in to practice with lynneal and to add some live music to the workplace. scabbed some of mr kirkby' food too while i was there and shared some of my brithday chocolate which i got from alara. then we went back to the music rooms to practice inside. played piano for a bit and practiced sea lion. and then taught shuang to juggle coz dora just fails! haha. practiced with mitch to and then went off to work in dt! left my juggling balls with the art kids so that maybe they could perfect thier skills while i was gone. dt was kinda productive my templates are finally COMPLETE! yay! all the corners rounded off and nicely sanded. after we walked down high street (shuang, lyn, dora and i) to buy fabric and such for our costumes for my party! then down to the plaza for some food (i was yet to have a proper meal all day). shared a quiche with lyn and bought some icecream. white chocolate fudge and strawberry delight for me. it was yum. came home to do some last minute things for the party! rachel came over and we worked on our pinata (our baby). just finished painting it. it was a rainbow hot air balloon. i also cropped my jacket (without actually cutting it) looked good.

i can write about yesterday in another post, this is long enough as it is.


editL this is one MONSTER post.. hahaha


  1. OMG. I think it's some conspiracy or something but lately all the easyways I've been to have no pearls! Way to go for their businesses. If they stop stocking pearls, they have lost one valuable customer.

  2. GIANT MARIO TOY. I want it, haha.

    Also, total agreement about Megan Fox's sucky acting. I swear despite running around in the desert for half the film she never even got her white jeans dirty until the final scene and her hair was still predominantly perfect. Ridiculous.

  3. yeah i love prearls! all purple and chewy.
    hahaha ben. i didnt check the price of the mario, but i assume it wasn't cheap despite being asian. and megan fox, I RECON how do you not get white pants dirty?!?! supper MEGA stain resistant material!