July 15, 2009

2 days without you...

Okay BAD title. I know, shoot me. But it is true, I haven't blogged for two days! In a ROW! Damn what's happening to me?! Well I suppose I have reason for it. But it shall be explained within my recap of the past two days.

So Monday was meant to be the beginning of my supposed Holiday Study Regime. Haha, what a joke! Naturally being me, I needed to find something to procrastinate with. SO I decided to make Lynneal her birthday present.

[Okay pause in writing this post. I have some washing that needs to be put up and a reasonable bejeweled score to set.

And now I am back. Washing hung. Bejeweled score set, though I for some reason am incapable of getting above 100k now! It makes me sad. So sad that I want to go watch How I Met Your Mother instead of finishing this post. But I should. Like how I should do some school work or study. Haha.

ANYWAY. On with Monday's recap.]

Well I woke up at around 9:30 - 10ish on Monday morning (I think) and didn't really do anything for a bit. I think I had cereal. [Ah I keep getting distracted from writing this post.] I decided that I should make Lynneal's birthday present and by 11am I got to work.

I thought I'd maker her a stuffed toy. At first a rabbit but then I chose to make a bear. And after I drew up a rough design, the production of Lynneal's birthday bear began! It took me AGES. Like 5 hours! Maybe because I kept sewing things wrong and had to take out the stitching a few times. It was annoying. But in the end I got it done and made my room a mess yet again.

I will edit and add photos later. I can't be bothered right now. ^^

And this post is long enough so I shall write about yesterday in another Post.

* j