September 16, 2010


Yay trophy! This was a pain to do but was okay in the end. And YAY for having two assessments down in 1 day! 
Afew days break till the next one is due...

September 7, 2010

iPhone apps are FINITO!

FINALLY finished all my iPhone apps!! I decided to finish with woody and tetris!

Now I just have to decide on the packground, finish the interface, and finish the rest of the iPhone rendering...

September 5, 2010

inspiration: dino!

How cute are these?! Gives my an idea of how to make some of my little doodled characters! I should get back into making my felt plushies again.

iPhone app UPDATE

So here are all my completed iPhone app icons done to date! I have 12 of the 20 that I need before I need to finish the whole interface. Why do I make life harder for myself?! Could have just stuck a picture in there but NO I wanted to draw ALL my icons from scratch most of which I will be making up!

(click for a larger view)

I know there are two lego ones there, I'm not all happy with the background still! Hoping the purple will be okay, need a little more feedback and stuff. I still have a week and I did get through 4 maybe 5 icons today so I should make it in time, despite my  new work hours needing to be in-putted into my planner.

Yeah, anyway need to work on my next icon!

September 4, 2010

You and me

For graphics. Had to send a letter of sorts to someone. My message was
"Dear Einstein I think you're  awesome."
We had to convey this message using only "you", "&" and "me" and paper manipulation. This is the end result.

The brain was a pain to cut out, I spent WAY too much effort on a workshop which wasn't getting marked.


arts and crafts

Paper mache model for uni. YAY for doing assignments the night before!

Uni work

Just realised that I could post some of my uni work in here (craft blog). Should be my craft and design blog.

ANYHOWS I've been doing some work on illustrator for uni. Have to render an iphone and make up an interface. So what I', doing for my interface is just the main page with all the apps and just make up some of my own apps to go on it.

Here is my lego app:

I want to change the background but I don't know what to.. If anyone has suggestions they are most welcome.