January 23, 2010

Ugliest Tower in Sydney

 A new place to call home?...

Yes, alas on Wednesday university offers were out! And I am pleased to say that I am now a student of the ugliest tower in Sydney - UTS and quite proud of it! Despite its main building being a giant jenga block tower of an eyesore (it's not exactly a designer building), I do quite love UTS. I have pumped myself up about going there for more that half a year. I have even come to love the big ugly brown building. I admit it is still ugly but it's an icon. I think it's kind of cool. Besides the main floors in that building have all been renovated, it's what's on the inside that counts!

Although extremely excited about going to my dream uni, I am however disappointed that I DEFINITLY won't be studying my number one course preference this year. That's right, no VisComm for me. Instead I will be doing a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. Not my second, not even my third preference. No my friends, this was my SIXTH preference. HOORAH!

To be honest I'm just stoked to be going to uni, I really was starting to worry that I wouldn't get anywhere. But now that I have made it into UTS I am awfully excited to start the semester even checked my possible timetable already - it looks fairly good mind you. My actual enrollment day isn't till February 10th, and then orientation is on the 19th and O-Week from the 22nd. And then my first day of uni is on the 1st of March! How exciting. I'm excited!

Well from my group of friends of about twenty people, only two are going to UTS. Yep, me and Geraldine. How lonely. We aren't even in the same faculty or building. Oh well about 1/3 of the group are just down the road at USyd anyhows and my list of PHS kids going UTS seems to be steadily growing. AND I get to make new friends! Especially because I know NOBODY doing my course. But hey thats just part of the fun at uni!

Well I should end this here. Goodnight peeps! I'm going PAINTBALL tomorrow!


January 22, 2010

100% Natural

A belated post about the Brown Sugar gig I went to last Wednesday night at Richmond club. Brown Sugar is a new up and coming, Sydney based jazz/funk band, their tagline 100% Natural. Two of the band members happen to be some of my music buddies from school. Alara on sax and flute and Viet on guitar. The other band members are; Tim Coggins - trombone, Luke Stephens - trumpet, Reece Grogan - drums, Tom Brown - bass and Tom Urquhart on keyboard.

Brown Sugar. 100% Natural. The band members from left to right: Reece, Tim, Tom, Luke, Alara, Tom & Viet

The band sounded awesome, the company was lovely and the atmosphere was laid back - just as it should be. It was a great night out with a jam session after, even with someone sitting on the evil stool in front of us, blocking our view for the first half of the gig. I would definitely consider going to another gig! So guys keep me updated!! (even though I doubt any of the band actually read my blog).

Inside the Jazz Basement at Richmond Club. The view from our booth
(minus the evil stool).

And OMG they played the MARIO THEME!!! SO FREAKING AWESOME! Sound quality isn't that great. YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT LIVE!!!

This was also the first outing of the Camera Club (Ben, Shuang & I) since it's formation on 9th January, 2010. We also had two other photographers (Salil & Jayanie) join us as guest members that night. 5 people. 6 cameras - 4 digital cameras. 1 digital SLR. 1 Lomo Diana Mini. It was fun.Hopefully the Camera Club can have another outing some time in the future. Might be easier with us all going to uni in the city. Ben (Visual Communications) and I (Industrial Design) at UTS and Shuang (Architecture) just down the road at USyd. Or not, you know, we'll see.

CAMERA CLUB! Left to right.
Original members: Me, Ben, Shuang. Guest members: Salil, Jayanie

Anyway back to the topic. Brown Sugar. 100% Natural. Jazz. Funk. Support them! They are awesome!


January 21, 2010

I want mine

I don't like having to use other computers at home. I like my computer but it often gets high jacked by my little sister, despite the fact that she has the old laptop to herself. And then I just scab my brother's laptop when he isn't using it or when he isn't home, like right now!

It also restricts my blog posting. I like posting photos and things and I like to blog with them. And yeah I'm getting lazy to blog properly right now. Maybe its the heat?

Just a shout out to Gabs who isn't feeling well. GET BETTER SOON! ♥ 

Well I think that's all.

Edit: Oh yeah and I'm getting my hair cut again...

January 19, 2010

The Cost of Communication

Well this evening my parents came across my phone bill for the last month (December 7 - January 9). Needless to say they weren't too happy . But then again who would be with a $150 phone bill(I am lucky that I don't pay for my own phone bills).

I blame the holidays. I'm abusing my freedom and going out a lot. Meaning I am using my phone heaps because finding and meeting up with people gets difficult some times, especially when you are me and have a habit of running late. Getting all of our results from HSC and ATAR meant lots of asking people how they went and congratulations etc. The holiday season also brought about Christmas and New year messages and phone calls. Not to mention one particular phone call on new years which was about $50... I hope my parents don't pick up on that. Then there is keeping in touch with people and the general parent calls and asking for lifts.

The parents are getting quite annoyed as this is the third month in a row that I've gone over my cap HEAPS and this is my biggest bill yet. My dad wants me to get a new pre-paid plan and everything to try an deal with my heightened phone use. Although I know once I start uni it will all go back to normal and I can keep within my cap... maybe.


They came!

My stamps have arrived!! Although they arrived last Thursday I have been lazy posting about it. But pretty much I was off at the tennis when I got a message from my brother.
Guess what negus
Don't ask about the negus... I don't know. But after a few messages sent back and forth he just ended up saying..
Just see when you get home
Gee thanks, all that and you didn't even tell me. What a NOOB!

But at least tennis was good. Got a ground pass at the Medibank International and went with a whole bunch of people from school. Watched Gasquet beat the French Potato man! Haha. Also saw Venus Williams train and Elena Dimentieva! Got Elena's autograph too. She is SO nice and pretty...

We also found the kids interactive area up the other end of the grounds. There were mini tennis courts where the net didn't even reach my knee, some target practice, serve speed testing and a little 'doubles thing too. So the gang and I hang around here and played till our hearts content. Dancing to the music played on the speakers, handball with a ball we borrowed... and then later eating some yummy wedges. And after all that listened to some live music by some guy who WASN'T Wes Car. Then we got our picture taken with the exit sign by some stranger and off we went. Got our own bus down to the station where were owned the back seating area. After some photo fails we hopped onto a train back home.

And when I was back there was a package waiting for me on the kitchen bench! What my brother wasn't telling me about earlier. It was from the seller at Etsy where I bought my stamps. And here it is!!

Package pre-opening


What lay inside was a prettily wrapped box and the lady gave me two little envelopes and some tea for free!

Undid the wrapping


I've already use them to stamp our new mahjong box.

I was VERY excited and tested them out in my sketchbook. Stamping my name everywhere and random numbers. All I need now is some black ink. I have red and silver and metallic pink and blue but no black. So that is next on my to buy list (the cheap affordable list). Also on my to buy list (the expensive one) is my DSLR camera and a steel string guitar and then everything I need to redecorate my room from my last post.

Anyway that's it on that.


January 17, 2010

Where time takes us...

or me anyway. It amazes me how I start of doing something and find myself doing something else without even realising.

Today for example I was cleaning my room (for once), well more tidying or organising my mess. Then the next thing I know I've got my sketchbook out and the latest Ikea catalogue open mentally redecorating my room. Sketching it out and making notes with a measuring tape close at hand.. yeah. Then I find myself on the computer, on the Ikea site looking for things that I need to fit my mental image and jotting things down and now I am on here blogging about it all. How lovely!
Well here is my quick crap perspective drawing of the western wall of my room.

Yeah I want to go to Ikea to FINALLY get my room all fixed up before I start uni. I have been wanting to redecorate for WAY too long now and have had a similar idea and layout for my room for quite some time now. So hopefully within the next month I can get that all sorted.

I also want to go to Ikea really just for the sake of going because Ikea is fun and awesome and I can mentally design and construct and decorate my future home. I really can't wait till I am able to do that in reality. After I get a career I love and am going to start a family and have the money to build my dream home. *daydreaming about future house.. *

I also want an AWESOME tree house in my big backyard. Hopefully as cool as this one at Tree House Point.
Found via A Cup Of Jo

That would be fun... and now I reinstate the title of this post 'Where time takes us...'. I was only meant to be posting about my bedroom plans but apparently not. But this will be the end!


January 16, 2010

backtrack #1

An update as promised. Well not really promised but I said I would...

SO here we go...

I really don't know what to go on about. I know I shall just goon with some of my draft posts from earlier this year!

This story is back from when my cousins were still here in Sydney. My two cousins, my sister and I were all out post-Christmas shopping. My cousin and I, the oldest of us four were the main ones shopping. The younger two were getting bored and decided to go off somewhere else while we were clothes shopping. We met up at JB Hi-Fi where I was looking at the DSLR camera's they had and taking note of what they had for sale and some prices. Then my sister came along and the following conversation erupted, no edits, no cutting.

*Gabbie looks into Julie's shopping bag.
Gabbie: Where did you go?
Julie: Diva.
Gabbie: Did you buy anything?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: What did you buy?
Julie: Earrings.
Gabbie: Were they the owl ones?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: Are they better than the other ones?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: Can I see them?
Julie: No.
*Gabbie notices Julie writing on her hand.
Gabbie: What's that?
Julie: A pen.
Gabbie: Where did you get it from?
Julie: My bag.
Gabbie: Why did you bring it?
Julie: 'Cos I can can.
*Julie takes out water bottle from bag
Gabbie: Did you bring water?
Julie: Yes.
Gabbie: Can I have some?
Julie: No.
Dannica: Gabbie, you ask a lot of questions. 
Gabbie: Really?
Julie: *Glass Shattering*

 Note: the "glass shattering" is a How I Met Your Mother reference

So my sister asks a LOT of questions. One after the other, it feels like you are being interrogated, terribly annoying. And so at that point in the middle of JB we proposed a challenge for my sister to last 2 hours without asking a question.

When your main form of conversation is in asking questions you tend to talk less. this was the case of my sister. She didn't even last a minute. Though we did have MANY restarts, changed the time limit to one hour and still she was having troubles. One instant was when were were going to go to a higher level. We restarted the time just before stepping onto the escalator and when we got to the top, just as we hopped off we hear "Where are we going?". FAIL! Hahaha.

In the end she did get to the end. After about four hours and a reduced time limit. My sister has never been so quiet! It was bliss on my part. Although after her challenge was over my sister's questioning went into overdrive. VERY annoying, luckily she's just gone back to her regular questioning levels which I suppose is bearable, at times...

That is all for this story, tune in next time for more Adventures of a jellyfish! Haha.


looking through the viewfinder

Quite literally. A few days ago I figured out that I can take pictures through the viewfinder on my Diana Mini. It's like a little taste of what what I see when I take photos with it. It's so much fun to take photos with might I add. Not to mention it looks fairly cool too. Unfortunately it's a little harder to take these pictures because you have to hold both cameras still and have to make sure the lens of the digital camera is not pointing at a weird angle so the square window of the viewfinder is in the centre of the shot. Also have to zoom in a bit so that you see less of the 'tunnel' of the viewfinder and the image is bigger. Here are some examples:

Without zooming in...

Just a tad wonky

The knitted toy I bought at Forster


My guitar and Sheriff Woody!

Playing mahjong


So they look alright yes? It's a quick and easy way to get the Lomo style photograph without having to buy a specialised lens for an DSLR which I don't own YET.

Also on another note I should update on some other stuff that's been going on. But later, the Kooyong men's singles final is on right now.


January 13, 2010

I really should

... do a proper update post. For some reason I didn't get around to it today. So much to share, it was a little daunting. I did make  list of everything that needed a mention.There are about eight things to talk about and considering how long I can go on about one thing... The task seemed too great and as a result I went to my tumblr.

Yeah, I did realise today that I missed my blog's half birthday, back on the 5th January if I remember correctly. I didn't even post that day, how sad. Well I will make sure it's first anniversary doesn't go unnoticed. Have a count down and everything!! Yeah..

Anyway that shall be all. At least I made a post today, though about not posting what I was going to post about. Oh well.


January 12, 2010

It's not you, it's me...

Sorry Blogger but I just got a Tumblr! Don't worry you have not been replaced, just a new friend to post all those short posts which on here would have just added to my drafts pile. I still love you!! But you are reserved for my lovely long essays! I will probably end up posting all the things i find on the net and stuff there. And I will be linking to and from here and there! You two can become good buddies...

And you really need to be updated! Sorry it's been a few days. Don't worry I have nothing planned for tomorrow so a post WILL be, well posted! Lots to share, multiple posts maybe?? Will have to see.

Anyway a LINK to my tumblr! We will see how I handle two blogs at the same time. I still need a name though...


January 9, 2010

Planner planning...

"Sounds like a plan" - Pat 

Well today I purchased a 42 piece wooden 'antique' alphabet & number boxed stamp set off Etsy (pictured below)! I have actually been looking at buying a set like this for maybe half a year but only got me brother to buy it for me (using his paypal - I did pay him back, or will pay him back) today. They were about $30 USD so maybe somewhere between $32 - 35 AUD. Yes it seems like a lot but stamps are surprisingly quite expensive.

I am eagerly awaiting its arrival, only 2-3 business days for it to ship.  I am sure this stamp set will come in handy for my future crafting endeavours. One particular project I have been thinking about working on is making my planner for this year. A project which I was meant to do earlier, like before this year started but you know me, the master procrastinator, haha. So now I am planning my planner! Things like size, layout etc. It'a all very exciting, for me anyway. Hopefully I can finish before NEXT month. It will get me back into my bookbinding craze, I've just been so lazy lately.

Planning in my sketchbook, a common occurrence.

Well I think I should bring this post to a close, I'm a little sleepy and I need to rest. Going to the city tomorrow! Glebe markets, San Churros and Sydney Festival seems to me a great combination, not to mention great people! 

Fare the well my friends.

p.s. I want to try out this tutorial from Creature Comforts, it looks cute and seems easy to do.
[edit: I don't get why everything is double spaced] All fixed!

January 6, 2010

Seven days

That can't be right! I had a 36 exposure film last me a week. I don't know how that happened but at this rate, this photography project of mine may get a little too expensive for my liking. Okay it's not that expensive, I'm just a cheap Asian who is unemployed and has burned through their Christmas money too fast. I guess since it's still part of the festive season I guess I have had many occasions where I have taken lots of pictures. Such as the Uni Info Day yesterday. I took so many pictures in the city at the unis, especially USYD because it's such a pretty uni despite the fact we weren't there very long and I don't actually want to go there.

I think a contributing factor to my film being used up so quickly is the fact that I am now aware how many double exposures I take from not being careful when winding the film before each photo. Even though I do like the effect it has on some of the photos, I do like the photos which came out properly. Also it is more convenient for my photography project so I can choose just one shot as opposed to a picture with a collection of shots all layered together - makes it easier to pick one picture from each day.

Also why is it only when I don't bring my spare roll of film with me that I get to the end of my film?! I was out at the shops and had to go buy a roll even though I have two at home. I just didn't want to walk around without film in my camera, just in case I missed a photo op. But oh well, it was only a 24 exp. as opposed to the usual 36 exp. that I get. It was also a cheaper brand and after some calculations 50c more expensive. Yeah... Oh well I know never to leave home without my camera and a spare roll of film now. I have learnt my lesson.

And I don't think there is anything else I have to say.. Oh wait! I know, just a note about Uni offers being tomorrow. I don't know what to do with my preferences. I might read up more on some of the courses I am applying in case I need to do any last minute rearrangements.

Well wish me luck! Till next time.

January 3, 2010

triple & quadruple exposures.

Well I got my first roll of film from my Diana Mini developed last week and I must say I am fairly pleased with how all the pictures turned out. About a quarter of them turned out properly and the rest of them were either really dark (under exposed) or the images were all overlapping (double exposures - though in my case there were some triple and even quadruple exposures). Luckily the effect of all the layering looks cool on most of them. From the 36 pictures I got printed, only about 10 or so turned out really crap (the really dark ones). Well I scanned all the photos to my computer a few days ago and am FINALLY going to post some up.

So here are a few of my favourite photos from this roll (note: I took half frame photos on my camera so it comes out with 2 shots on the one photo).

These are just some of my practice shots from when I was still getting used to taking pictures with my Diana, I don't know what that black rectangle is...

Pictures from formal![edit: added Gail & dave]

The rock pool at Forster! See overlapping...

And again. I really like the picture on the very left. 

One Mile Beach. LOL

And the really cute dog we met at the beach!

Yeah so there are some of the shots from my first roll of film. I got my second one developed but they decided not to print any coz they SUCK! And they said that it was all double exposed, I guess they didn't want to cut up the photos so I will have to go back and ask them to print them for me and instruct them on where exactly to print. I may scan the negatives though and see if I can play around with them on photoshop or something. I should get a film scanner no idea how much they are though. Any idea?

ALSO I started my photography project!! Project Three hundred and sixty-five Photographs is under way as of new years! Wish me luck! I just hope not all my pictures get all double exposed again.

Also before I get my film scanner I want to get my DSLR first (Canon 450D). And then maybe later on get a film SLR, although I haven't really researched film SLRs so I don't know which one I want yet. Any recommendations?

Anyway my siblings and cousins are waiting for me so we can set off another sparkler bomb in our backyard. Photo-op for my Diana and hopefully someone can get a few on a digital camera so I can upload some picks sooner.

So yeah I'm off for some homemade sparkler goodness.

P.S. I finished the first mission of COD4 on the computer the other day. It's quite the achievement for me. Just thought I would let you know. LOL

January 2, 2010

the year of twenty ten

Well a HAPPY NEW  YEAR to everyone out there! Hope everyone made the most of 2009 and entered the new decade with a bang (literally with all the fireworks around). I found out that about six different houses in my neighbourhood own fireworks despite it being illegal. Although it makes celebrating at home much more enjoyable, so does going through 100 sparklers in half an hour while taking come pretty epic light painting photos. Such as these...

Yeah.. it was fun even though we didn't make that second sparkler bomb. This is one we prepared the night before...

It looked much more epic if you were there, pictures just don't do it justice but you get the point.

Anyway after a good long sleep we awoke to begin preparations for the family new year's celebrations being hosted at our place. So everyone came for a late lunch, the kids in the living room and the oldies in the family room up the front of the house. The playing of Raving Rabbids and Guitar Hero on Wii was in order as well as the old family favourite of mahjong! We had two games set up, one with the kids and another one with the gambling, seasoned players. I taught two of my little cousins to play too; ages 8 and 7. And so the tradition continues as the skills get passed down through the generations. My 7 year old cousin won 3 times in a row yesterday, that's more than me and she is less than half my age! She's going to be a pro when she gets older.

The little ones having a go at the Raving Rabbids game on Wii, it's such a funny game to play!

Yeah, we couldn't find a table so we played mahjong on the floor.

I don't think I won this game, my tiles kind of sucked.

And of course the boys could be found playing computer games.

This is my little cousin Jaxon. He is HILARIOUS because he can't pronounce all his words properly but he talks so much. This boy really makes me laugh.

And this is a VERY yummy homemade mango ice cream cake made by one of my Dad's cousins. It was SO good and we ate it all in like 5 minutes. 

The aftermath (although there is still one piece left, it didn't last long).

And that, my friends was my new years day. I was meant to blog this yesterday but got caught but by stuff...? Yeah, my cousin made a post instead of me, my first guest blogger, it was quite exciting. She is now sitting next to me on my brothers laptop making her new blog! How exciting, maybe any of you readers of mine can go check it out when she's done and when I know what the URL for it is. Then I can link you! Here is a link!

Now we are off down the road to my cousins house for more food and mahjong! Ciao!


January 1, 2010

A guest appearance!

Hello loyal followers and readers!
I am Dannica, the 16 year old cousin from Melbourne who likes to dance, whose favourite colour is purple and likes pandas and huskies. I am also featured in the FAIL sticker photos in the previous post.

So anyway, some of you may ask 'Where's Julie? What did you do to her?'. Don't worry, she's alive and well. I haven't done anything to harm her.. yet ;)

This blogging thing is somewhat new to me. I've always wanted to start a permanent one up but whenever I tried to, I failed to think of anything interesting to post. For one, I am not very artistic. I doodle things in my school notebooks, but that's pretty much it. I am also a pretty boring person. I would give up on the blog, delete it, and when I would remember my hopes for starting up a blog again would make another attempt at one. The cycle continues, though I hope I can finally start one up and stick to it.

Just so you know, it took me quite a while to think of all that I have written so far. I am not all that interesting for a start, and I am also not too good at wording my sentences. I guess I'm just not made for blogs.

Don't worry, this won't be a permanent thing.

Ta ta for now!

♥ The boring blogger.