January 22, 2010

100% Natural

A belated post about the Brown Sugar gig I went to last Wednesday night at Richmond club. Brown Sugar is a new up and coming, Sydney based jazz/funk band, their tagline 100% Natural. Two of the band members happen to be some of my music buddies from school. Alara on sax and flute and Viet on guitar. The other band members are; Tim Coggins - trombone, Luke Stephens - trumpet, Reece Grogan - drums, Tom Brown - bass and Tom Urquhart on keyboard.

Brown Sugar. 100% Natural. The band members from left to right: Reece, Tim, Tom, Luke, Alara, Tom & Viet

The band sounded awesome, the company was lovely and the atmosphere was laid back - just as it should be. It was a great night out with a jam session after, even with someone sitting on the evil stool in front of us, blocking our view for the first half of the gig. I would definitely consider going to another gig! So guys keep me updated!! (even though I doubt any of the band actually read my blog).

Inside the Jazz Basement at Richmond Club. The view from our booth
(minus the evil stool).

And OMG they played the MARIO THEME!!! SO FREAKING AWESOME! Sound quality isn't that great. YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT LIVE!!!

This was also the first outing of the Camera Club (Ben, Shuang & I) since it's formation on 9th January, 2010. We also had two other photographers (Salil & Jayanie) join us as guest members that night. 5 people. 6 cameras - 4 digital cameras. 1 digital SLR. 1 Lomo Diana Mini. It was fun.Hopefully the Camera Club can have another outing some time in the future. Might be easier with us all going to uni in the city. Ben (Visual Communications) and I (Industrial Design) at UTS and Shuang (Architecture) just down the road at USyd. Or not, you know, we'll see.

CAMERA CLUB! Left to right.
Original members: Me, Ben, Shuang. Guest members: Salil, Jayanie

Anyway back to the topic. Brown Sugar. 100% Natural. Jazz. Funk. Support them! They are awesome!



  1. CAMERA CLUB! WOOO! It shall thrive in the future. :)

    Also the mario theme was soooo gooooood. Shuang needs to upload her full video of it to facebook already. Or they need an official recording or something. I'd so put it on my ipod.

  2. jzt to et u know jayanie with with an 'i' =]
    NAWWW i wish i was in an awesome camera club. Can i be guest for something =]

  3. Oh thanks ally! I didn't realise. Fixing that straight away...

  4. Heya, this is Luke from Brown Sugar.
    Thanks for the great write-up!
    Bet you didn't think we'd read this did you?