January 19, 2010

The Cost of Communication

Well this evening my parents came across my phone bill for the last month (December 7 - January 9). Needless to say they weren't too happy . But then again who would be with a $150 phone bill(I am lucky that I don't pay for my own phone bills).

I blame the holidays. I'm abusing my freedom and going out a lot. Meaning I am using my phone heaps because finding and meeting up with people gets difficult some times, especially when you are me and have a habit of running late. Getting all of our results from HSC and ATAR meant lots of asking people how they went and congratulations etc. The holiday season also brought about Christmas and New year messages and phone calls. Not to mention one particular phone call on new years which was about $50... I hope my parents don't pick up on that. Then there is keeping in touch with people and the general parent calls and asking for lifts.

The parents are getting quite annoyed as this is the third month in a row that I've gone over my cap HEAPS and this is my biggest bill yet. My dad wants me to get a new pre-paid plan and everything to try an deal with my heightened phone use. Although I know once I start uni it will all go back to normal and I can keep within my cap... maybe.



  1. particular phone call eh?? ;)
    lol jkz
    anyway, dw i've heard alot worse...like ronn's phone bill...
    $600 for calling mobile using our home phone O.O...lol

  2. lol im on prepaid $30 and lasts me like 4months.
    the general consensus is that you want THEM to call YOU.
    and msn > phone.
    or home2home phonecalls are fair G. like 25c lolz

  3. its cause no one wants to call or text edward.
    hairy gerry

  4. Minna - Ronn is crazy!
    Eddy - COOL STORY BRO! lol And I don't normally use my phone. I use MSN and normally that's enough but not always.
    Gerry - AGREED.