January 17, 2010

Where time takes us...

or me anyway. It amazes me how I start of doing something and find myself doing something else without even realising.

Today for example I was cleaning my room (for once), well more tidying or organising my mess. Then the next thing I know I've got my sketchbook out and the latest Ikea catalogue open mentally redecorating my room. Sketching it out and making notes with a measuring tape close at hand.. yeah. Then I find myself on the computer, on the Ikea site looking for things that I need to fit my mental image and jotting things down and now I am on here blogging about it all. How lovely!
Well here is my quick crap perspective drawing of the western wall of my room.

Yeah I want to go to Ikea to FINALLY get my room all fixed up before I start uni. I have been wanting to redecorate for WAY too long now and have had a similar idea and layout for my room for quite some time now. So hopefully within the next month I can get that all sorted.

I also want to go to Ikea really just for the sake of going because Ikea is fun and awesome and I can mentally design and construct and decorate my future home. I really can't wait till I am able to do that in reality. After I get a career I love and am going to start a family and have the money to build my dream home. *daydreaming about future house.. *

I also want an AWESOME tree house in my big backyard. Hopefully as cool as this one at Tree House Point.
Found via A Cup Of Jo

That would be fun... and now I reinstate the title of this post 'Where time takes us...'. I was only meant to be posting about my bedroom plans but apparently not. But this will be the end!


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  1. omg i am so with you with the daydreaming!!
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE thinking about my future house! lol
    it has to be child-friendly coz i'll have many a child. HAHA.
    but yeh i do wna get a big house one day...
    hopefully when i become a doctor and get a big ass income lol.
    and yes ikea is the best. hehe.