January 19, 2010

They came!

My stamps have arrived!! Although they arrived last Thursday I have been lazy posting about it. But pretty much I was off at the tennis when I got a message from my brother.
Guess what negus
Don't ask about the negus... I don't know. But after a few messages sent back and forth he just ended up saying..
Just see when you get home
Gee thanks, all that and you didn't even tell me. What a NOOB!

But at least tennis was good. Got a ground pass at the Medibank International and went with a whole bunch of people from school. Watched Gasquet beat the French Potato man! Haha. Also saw Venus Williams train and Elena Dimentieva! Got Elena's autograph too. She is SO nice and pretty...

We also found the kids interactive area up the other end of the grounds. There were mini tennis courts where the net didn't even reach my knee, some target practice, serve speed testing and a little 'doubles thing too. So the gang and I hang around here and played till our hearts content. Dancing to the music played on the speakers, handball with a ball we borrowed... and then later eating some yummy wedges. And after all that listened to some live music by some guy who WASN'T Wes Car. Then we got our picture taken with the exit sign by some stranger and off we went. Got our own bus down to the station where were owned the back seating area. After some photo fails we hopped onto a train back home.

And when I was back there was a package waiting for me on the kitchen bench! What my brother wasn't telling me about earlier. It was from the seller at Etsy where I bought my stamps. And here it is!!

Package pre-opening


What lay inside was a prettily wrapped box and the lady gave me two little envelopes and some tea for free!

Undid the wrapping


I've already use them to stamp our new mahjong box.

I was VERY excited and tested them out in my sketchbook. Stamping my name everywhere and random numbers. All I need now is some black ink. I have red and silver and metallic pink and blue but no black. So that is next on my to buy list (the cheap affordable list). Also on my to buy list (the expensive one) is my DSLR camera and a steel string guitar and then everything I need to redecorate my room from my last post.

Anyway that's it on that.


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