January 20, 2011


So like this blog, I recently (last night at 3am) gave my tumblr a make over! Changed the general theme and uploaded my own background (some of my photography).

It was a BIG pain in the **** because it wouldn't let me upload the image I wanted for some strange reason. It kept saying it needed to be a particular size and file type which I had saved and adjusted accordingly but NO. And to this day it's still not the image I intended it to be but close enough.

So here's the BEFORE


And the image I was going to use. They're pretty similar though.

So click and check it out! or don't

Hoorah! for shameless promotion! :)

You know you're a designer when...

So I came across this tumblr. It pretty much just has quotes or whatever submitted by people about how 'you know you're a designer when...'

Here are some of may favourites of the ones I have seen sofar.

All too true. Sadly a lot of the things posted show me how much I am still a wannabe designer.. But I will get there!

Also here is another site I came across; Good Fucking Design Advise. It's all mostly things that make sense and anyone could tell you but amusing and relevant none the less. Here is one of them.
Only thing is, the kerneling on this is terrible.

And here is the family friendly version of the site.
Also genius advise.

Hope you people of the internet enjoy this.


January 19, 2011

Something I don't like..

Why don't my images show in chrome..?! :(

Works everywhere else. How lame


So i finished designing those watermarks for my friend. Drew up the designs he liked from my brainstorming page on Illustrator.

 In the end he picked a few from the above.
The finished product, the bottom is just the same but in white

And the water mark in action

Most of the designs just involved my own handwriting (horah! for my graphics tablet), for some reason said friend liked it..? Which is a first because normally I don't even like my own writing. Although after all this I'm kind of warming to it, at least for this sort of thing (my handwriting still looks terrible in paragraphs). So I decided to write my own name out for a  watermark or whatever!

In action! Click for the large view of this awesome panorama I made of a 'S is for Stalker' (which I also hand worte) photoshoot I did with my friend last year. I think It turned out well.

Yep well anyway I think that's all for now, just doing a bit of post processing on the rest of the photos I took on this day. Hopefully it will make it onto facebook by tomorrow.


January 18, 2011

bye bye old blogger theme

Yep, as of yesterday? (or was it the day before), I FINALLY changed my theme! This is just a premade one I found on the net. I'm not awesome enough (nor bothered) to design one from scratch and I didnt want to use the default customising settings.
this will probably be the last i see of you..

Just a bit of brainstorming..

So my friend wanted someone to make a watermark for his phototography and I put my hand up to accept the challenge. He wanted something with his name (Adrian) or this innitials A, P & M.

And here is what I've been brainstorming so far..

Note that there is no gradual working down the page..

Will try and narrow that all down after some client feedback. 


January 17, 2011

So sorry blogger..

I wish I posted on here more but its difficult. I would need to have 4 or 5 tabs open when I'm on the net; Email, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter.. That's right, I'm connected.

Well this is meant to be my design blog (I should redecorate) to go along with my photoblog and my general tumblr which I spam with nothingness. And I guess I don't think about 'designy' stuff to post on here till ages later.

But here is a little something. I needed to design a NO FOOD sign for work (because asking marketing staff to design stuff is cheaper than outsourcing). Just something easy and simple I drew up on illustrator.
My work in progress. I had 2 ideas, 3 designs..

and my boss chose this one

It's weird that I say my boss chose it because she is in fact my friend, who was in the same position i am now when she got me the job (well due to connections it was easier for me to get an interview etc.). And now my lovely friend got promoted due to a company shuffle and is now my boss.

Anyway I think I will spent more time posting here this year since I am now in charge of my work blog (also a blogger). So may this be the beginning of a relatively blog-filled year!

- julie