January 19, 2011


So i finished designing those watermarks for my friend. Drew up the designs he liked from my brainstorming page on Illustrator.

 In the end he picked a few from the above.
The finished product, the bottom is just the same but in white

And the water mark in action

Most of the designs just involved my own handwriting (horah! for my graphics tablet), for some reason said friend liked it..? Which is a first because normally I don't even like my own writing. Although after all this I'm kind of warming to it, at least for this sort of thing (my handwriting still looks terrible in paragraphs). So I decided to write my own name out for a  watermark or whatever!

In action! Click for the large view of this awesome panorama I made of a 'S is for Stalker' (which I also hand worte) photoshoot I did with my friend last year. I think It turned out well.

Yep well anyway I think that's all for now, just doing a bit of post processing on the rest of the photos I took on this day. Hopefully it will make it onto facebook by tomorrow.


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