April 28, 2010

saving screens

I have a new screen saver!! It's FREAKING AWESOME! It tells me the time :)
I think its SUPER! And you know what else is super?! YOU! Oh and the new photo uploading thing on blogger. It has all the photos I have ever uploaded onto a google site on there, from blogger to picsa (which I don't actually use, maybe I should start?) to profile pics. I guess it makes things easier.

Well this is just a short post, would normally post something this short on my tumblr but I always post my desktop wallpapers and things on here so I'm just keeping with tradition.


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I HATE when plans get canceled.

Especially ones that are the already postponed plans of another previous outing that didn’t work out.

I hate it more when its for some external reason e.g. my parents don’t want my 10-year-old sister to be home by herself for a few hours after school. Which in turn mean that I either have to cut my outing short (like REALLY short. Like the time I spend out is SHORTER than my traveling time!) or just cancel (canceling being the only realistic option). And I hate when my parents say to just cut my plans short like it makes no difference i.e.
“can you be home by 3?”
“we’re meeting up at 12..”
“so can you be home at 3?”
“well can you just go out another time?”
“…” (well the conversation goes something like that)
And they always insist on it being my fault that I don’t plan well with them. “That’s why you should plan better (and tell us)”. This is the second outing in a row that had to be changed because my sister can’t stay at home alone. At least last time the plans were saved by having my sister come along. That won’t work this time…
Now I don’t really have anything fun happening this week. Nothing that’s been properly planned out anyway.

I also how my mother was trying to bribe me out of being so disappointed by saying she will give me money for outings. Yes that is VERY helpful getting money for an outing that ISN'T happening anymore.

Yes I am ranting.

This is LAME.


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April 27, 2010

Staying in

So I'm home alone. Sick. Wrapped up in a purple blanket and sitting in front of my computer. Box of tissues just to my right. It's the holidays and I have a mountain (not really) of things to do.My rooms a mess but then again when isn't it?

So I decide to write up a blog post. I don't really feel like doing work or cleaning my room for that matter.  I'm using my illness as an excuse not to do them. Well I suppose a recap of the rest of my week since my last post (Wednesday) and my Anzac Day long weekend is in order.

Well I ended up spending nearly my whole week at uni despite being on 'holiday'. Went to the workshops everyday other than Monday when I stayed home to babysit not to mention my THREE hour group meeting on Friday about our group assignment. But it's okay. After workshop on Friday afternoon some of the girls and I decided to reward ourselves with some Gloria Jeans and a little cafe chit chat. I think, like our Friday drinks at the bar (which is still to have a repercussion), I hope that afternoon cafe dates with the girls will become a regular.

My yummy Cookies & Cream Mochachiller topped with cream.
I added a light dusting of chocolate powder and a drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce and topped it of with some chocolate sprinkles. 
It was so pretty I had to take a picture!

On Saturday Shuang and I had a Glebe trip planned. My sister ended up tagging along due to some poo rweekend planning by my parents but she behaved herself and overall it  was a good trip. I bought some things for my lovely friend Jess who was having her 18th later that evening. Not to mention a bunch of other stuff for myself like a new book for $7! Court of the Air by Steven Hunt if anyone is interested in borrowing (after I've finished reading it myself of course). It was quite a successful shopping trip only having spent $40. Shuang and I even ended up buying the same scarf at Rubi because we're cheap and we always buy the same stuff. We should just go out one time wearing everything we both have. And here are some pictures..

After all that I came home and wrapped up Jess's prezzie! I really do love packaging things. And I put it together with a card I made the night before which I quite like. I used recycled security envelopes (the ones with the printed pattern on the inside so that you can't see any of what is printed on the papers inside it).

The party wasn't too bad. I didn't really know anyone and spent th night chatting away outside with a fellow UTS first year and his friend. It was FREEZING inside but the food was good and I thought I would stuff myself because I didn't have much of a lunch earlier that day.

On Sunday my brother went out for paintball with his friends and I was going to come with but I felt a little cold coming on from the night before and I didn't realy want to spend $100. So instead I slept in and went to a family lunch Celebrating a 60th birthday. Good thing too I may have gotten worse cos it was raining in the morning. I also got to play with my cousin's Canon 350D SLR camera! Took about 250 photos apparently over the course of lunch and all. I WANT MY DSLR NOW! But the food was good and w even had someone perform a traditional Thai dance as well as the Spanish flamenco (I think that's what its called? With the castanets and all). It was cool and I took some photos of that too.

My cousin's SLR. Thought I would take a picture of it while waiting for our food to come out.

We came home and my brother's friends were over after they went paintball. I hung out with them a bit. Ate more food and then had some MORE food! My brother's friends baked him a cake and some cupcakes. It was a Cookie Monster cake and it was EPIC! And also tasted pretty good too. The rest of the night involved some chit chat, a little jamming plus some wii and mahjong. 

Yesterday I just sat around at home. Sick like today. Watched two of my brothers friends (who had slept over) play wii. They also talked about the mechanics of how the wii remotes worked with its infrared and things, bloody engineers. 

Between then and now I have done nothing but sit infront of the computer. Yesterday mainly photoshopping images and the general Facebook/MSN combo (plus a little net surfing). Though today I have gone DSLR hunting! Found some pretty cheap second hand on ebay and there is one film SLR which I found which comes with a 28-90mm lens (the lens is what's in sale the camera was a bonus) for about $70! Bidding is still going and I think I want to buy it now but my dad isn't home and I don't have an ebay account. Oh well closer to the end of the bidding time I will review whether I REALLY want it and ask someone to buy it for me!

I think that is all for now. Ta ta!


April 21, 2010

I practically live on facebook. I swear I turn on the computer as soon as I get home and go on msn and log into facebook (okay I don't log in, I automatically log in so really just open up facebook in the browser). ANYWAY as I was saying, I feel quite no-life like for doing that. 

I really should have better things to do. Like Make stuff!! Draw! CLEAN MY ROOM! Or finish rearranging my room. I guess I use the excuse that all my music is on the computer so I sit her and listen as I surf away on the net. Speaking of which I am listening to Kimya Dawson at the moment.

I really should go and clean my room though and start making things again. Like a new pencil case. A folder for all my A3 uni stuff. Something out of green gingham fabric (which I have HEAPS of). OH I also have to make a birthday card for a friend who turned 18 yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! We have known each other since we were tiny. But she is having a little party thing on Saturday which I shall be attending and helping set up according to my mother (we were family friends at first). But I shall head off to Glebe markets in the morning with my lovely friend Shuang, where I shall find something to give her which is uniquely Glebe because Glebe is just AWESOME!

I swear I haven't crafted for AGES! Almost two and a half months! That's intense stuff. I don't even remember how I used to do things. Like my style of crafting. I forgot, OH MY GOSH! And since Ive been exposed to all different types of design (design faculty - go figure). I blame uni! It's so much work but I don't hate it enough to procrastinate my work and to craft instead (something that happened to me quite a bit during school - what would you rather do? Craft? English essay? No competition). 

I miss crafting though. I still have unfinished things from Christmas which is just sitting in my room collecting dust. And I am so tired and sleepy after eating dinner. Just feel like sitting here and browse through blogs.. or sleep.

Well that's it.


April 20, 2010

new word of the day:

cahoot [kuh-hoot]

  1.  go cahoots, to share equally; become partners: They went cahoots in the establishment of the store. Also, go in cahoot with, go in cahoots.
  2.  in cahoot/cahoots,
  • a.in partnership; in league.
  • b.in conspiracy: in cahoots with the enemy. 
 Courtesy of Ben 


April 19, 2010

Well I was watching Austrlia's got talent and a reply at that! When this kid came on.

And OMG he's just FIFTEEN!! His voice is so.. swoon worthy. Just need to find a guy my age with a voice like that!

April 18, 2010

for an older sibling's 20th...

I make paddlepop stick trees at uni.



Hello again. I am back to finish typing up more about my lovely Friday. Though I actually didn't end up going to the shops like I said I would, the shopping trips was canceled so I ended up sleeping the afternoon away, much cheaper!

So yes my Friday.

It started off fairly ordinary. Went to bed in the wee early hours of the evening, I had an assignment due (but alas! It wasn't an all nighter). Woke up late, had no idea what to wear. barely got any breakfast in me before getting dropped off at the station, needing to run down the stairs as the train came only just after I set foot on the outside steps.

Got to uni on time thank goodness. I must note the lack of buskers in the central tunnel that morning. There was NONE! It was kind of strange. Well got to my computing class and handed my work in. Bludgiest class of semester. Even got out half an hour early. Good thing too, I finished rendering my freehand homework, and it didn't turn out too bad either. Got some good feedback on it, I'm good with perspective and after that classes exercises was told that apparently I like drawing on on coloured more more than white paper.

And after class I was off to the loft for a jam! Have to say it wasn't much of a jam. One of my friends bailed and the rest said they'd be coming later. So really it was just David and I entertaining some other friends till they left and then random singing of songs before heading down to join festivities in the Glasshouse (the lovely Kathy turned 18 yesterday, apparently they were off celebrating down stairs.

But we found the remains of them in the courtyard of the Loft. So there we sit, guitar out again providing some light entertainment. Having a sip or two of Niki's cocktail. Shuang pops by and a few people leave (the birthday girl included) and then others from the late finishing classes arrive as well.

These two don't ACTUALLY play the guitar... what posers

Talk, music and drinks all round! The sky got darker and the fairy lights light up the tree behind us. The Loft really is a pretty place to hang out, minus the uneven courtyard flooring and wobbly tables leading to three broken glasses. SO wasn’t my fault! But yeah, better still not having paid for any of your own drinks (still being owed a shot!), now having a regular bar meet up established on Friday arvos and hanging with the cutest Swedish exchange student ever!
cute swedish exchange student.. don't know what they are looking at
hiding the evidence! LOL

But it was thoroughly enjoyable! Failed group photo attempts, singing and a photo with the gorilla man! But wait! The night is not yet over! At about 6.30 we split, half because we bailed from the table after breaking the glasses and because some of us had places to be and others went home. I was off to Minna’s. 

The gorilla man! Who I later find out is actually one of my friends doing engineering.. very LOL!
Our one NON-fail group photo
I trained it there straight from the city and was going to get picked up by Remon. But when I got to the station I saw a group of guys hanging round on the bridge leading out from the station. I was thinking.. "oh no this could be trouble" Then I had another look.. "OH it's the guys!" They had come to pick me up from the station and we all walked back to Minna's together. 

And what do I find when I get there? Rachel and Geraldine doing uni work! STUDYING! NERDS! But it was an entertaining night. A smallish group gathering involving pizza, 300, alcohol and karaoke. Someone said it feels schoolies-esqe and I must agree. Group shots of “SOju” and milkis. Teaching Rachel to skull, though she still fails. And the girls sharing their uni eye candy with our awesome facebook stalking skills! All in various stages of non-soberness from completely sober (like the ones driving) to the completely GONE (i.e. Remon).

tower of MILKIS

I guess nothing EPIC happened but it was fun being back in our group dynamic. I came home at 1 and slept like a baby. I swear alco either makes me enjoy myself or just really sleepy..

So that was my awesome Friday. Probably doesn't sound that awesome but maybe it's one of those you had to be there kind of things. Can't really be bothered uploading pics, will probably do that tomorrow (today? it's already past 12).

Well I'm out and most likely off to bed to read some Frankie till I fall asleep.


Note: I have to say that I'm excited for a boy scouting date with Ama on Wednesday! And YAY for acoustic music sessions!

Edit: Photos put up!

April 17, 2010

Hello Frankie!

Got my new Frankie magazine in the mail yesterday, though I was out all day and crashed on my bed as soon as I got home early this morning. Found it on the computer table as I sat down and turned it on after coming home from the DENTIST! 

So yeah, haven't had a proper read of it yet, just a quick flick through. Apparently my subscription ends with the next magazine. Thinking about resubscribing for another year or so, that's like $50? $60? I don't remember.


I have to say yesterday was the best Friday I've had for a while. Will go into further detail after I go for a bit of shopping (need to buy more crap for uni.. plus i have a $50 Myer gift card). But lets just say I had a LOT of fun yesterday. Will post pics too!


P.S. Did I mention that now I'm on HOLIDAYS for 2 weeks!!

April 16, 2010


How are you my dear, I have not posted recently. It's been MORE THAN A WEEK! My apologies..

I don't know what to post!

I have an assessment due tomorrow!! It's also LAST DAY TILL HOLIDAYS! YAY And having a jam in the Loft afterwards.

Oh an here is my assignment, just to fill some page space.

blogger don't want to upload the pick.. OH WAIT! I have an idea!
HA! I'm a genius. (linked from my tumblr)

Yeah thats it. I should do my hw now..


April 4, 2010


My camera is out of battery and it runs on double As and my brother took the rest of the spare batteries with him on his camping trip (damn him and his flashlight battery needs!). Yeah, I wish my camera had s\one of those rechargeable battery packs. They are so much handier. Sometimes I really don't like the fact that I broke our old Canon one, at the beach..

Well now then... I don't know what to post. Would have showed you guys a picture of my awesome Sunday morning breakfast, CRUNCHY NUT! Hahaha... but NO stupid camera and no batteries.But the crunchy nut still tastes good!
You know I've noticed that I've been posting a lot over the long weekend. Probably cos I'm home and not doing anything and I don't have and assignment due this week. But it doesn't mean I don't have them. On the contrary I have quite a few! And I really should be working on my Illustrator assessment, after I install it, which I should do NOW! Or after this post anyway. (I'm not actually on my computer, I'm on the computer in my parents room only because it was already on when I woke up).

On another note. DAY LIGHT SAVINGS!! I swear I get so confused during daylight savings time. We just got an extra hour of sleep? So the time went back an hour? That right?? Well all I know is that it's 10am now. Luckily we have the long weekend to help me adjust properly. Then a 9am start on Tuesday. 

Yeah unlike the Macquarie, UNSW and the one from Albury, us UTSers (and USYD?) don't have our mid semester break on now. I think our start in two weeks time... that's a while away, I have an assignment due before then (which I REALLY should be working on now! Need to install Illustrator!). At least I have TWO weeks break! In which time I will spend some time working on my numerous assignments and such. I won't be surprised if I get a new assessment next week before the break. No wait I AM getting a new one! But its on Photoshop and not Illustrator this time. Ahh well.

Yes I should stop here and finish my probably now soggy crunchy nut, 'soggy nut' (HA! I'm funny) and install Illustrator and get to work on that assignment which I haven't really been working on. And I should order my 
Copics off Ebay already too.

Okay, bye bye!


P.S. I am VERY excited for tonight! Birthday dinner for CAPTAIN ALVIN at Pancakes in the city with the gang! Especially excited to see the one from Albury again! And NOT PAYING FOR DINNER! WOOHOO!!


To my lovely blog readers! Just wondering...

What do you think my strengths and weaknesses are?


April 3, 2010

Am I just a bother now..?

ANYWAY.. what was I going to blog about? I know!

I went to Aldi today with my brother in Mt Druitt. All I can say is, gosh that brings back memories. Memories of shopping for Duke of Ed expeditions. Not to mention COUNTLESS Aldi runs during music and just general pigging out on the grass or in the performing space. Feel a little nostalgic at times like that.

Ah nostalgia. So many things in my room remind me of times past. Some I look back on fondly, others that cause my heart to hurt a bit. But I remember, not everything, just some things. Things that make me laugh and times which I hope to experience again...

Anyway getting off that topic, my mood has become somewhat somber now..

Well my LOVELY friend has returned from Albury!! So excited to see her tomorrow!! Missed her so much! Maybe the whole group will be reunited once again. Lucky girl is on her mid sem break now. I on the other hand have to wait another two weeks. Oh well. We can spend time after class at uni. Its times like these that I love my timetable. Finishing at 1 nearly everyday. Leaves my afternoons and evenings free for whatever. Should be doing assignments but you know, being the uni student I am now, I have a life and will spend time socialising not like the little nerd I was in high school who never went out.

And I need to put the washing up. Will be back in a while. *leaves to put the washing up like a good girl*

Well I am back and now my brother needs my 'expertise' in what to bring on his camping trip this long weekend. He's such a NOOB! I miss Duke of Ed. Yeah...

I don't remember what else I was going to post about.

Make a wish!

That's all for now.


April 1, 2010

lagging behind

I swear since I started getting busy with uni, the blogs I follow started posting more! Or am I going crazy?! It's a 50/50 chance. But it would seem I can NEVER keep up with all the new posts on my dashboard like I used to. I only look through a few posts a week but considering how many blogs a I follow which post almost daily I don't see how I can get through them all.

I really don't know how I DID used to get through ALL the new posts on my dashboard and still get bored. How my life has changed. But it's not all bad. I will save blog surfing for Easter and for my mid semester break when I am meant to be working on assessments, which are due upon our return to uni. FUN!

Yeah its late. And I never seem to remember things I say I will blog at the time I can make a post. Only times like now when I need to sleep do I remember. Convenience. NOT.

That's all I guess, how lame.