April 27, 2010

Staying in

So I'm home alone. Sick. Wrapped up in a purple blanket and sitting in front of my computer. Box of tissues just to my right. It's the holidays and I have a mountain (not really) of things to do.My rooms a mess but then again when isn't it?

So I decide to write up a blog post. I don't really feel like doing work or cleaning my room for that matter.  I'm using my illness as an excuse not to do them. Well I suppose a recap of the rest of my week since my last post (Wednesday) and my Anzac Day long weekend is in order.

Well I ended up spending nearly my whole week at uni despite being on 'holiday'. Went to the workshops everyday other than Monday when I stayed home to babysit not to mention my THREE hour group meeting on Friday about our group assignment. But it's okay. After workshop on Friday afternoon some of the girls and I decided to reward ourselves with some Gloria Jeans and a little cafe chit chat. I think, like our Friday drinks at the bar (which is still to have a repercussion), I hope that afternoon cafe dates with the girls will become a regular.

My yummy Cookies & Cream Mochachiller topped with cream.
I added a light dusting of chocolate powder and a drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce and topped it of with some chocolate sprinkles. 
It was so pretty I had to take a picture!

On Saturday Shuang and I had a Glebe trip planned. My sister ended up tagging along due to some poo rweekend planning by my parents but she behaved herself and overall it  was a good trip. I bought some things for my lovely friend Jess who was having her 18th later that evening. Not to mention a bunch of other stuff for myself like a new book for $7! Court of the Air by Steven Hunt if anyone is interested in borrowing (after I've finished reading it myself of course). It was quite a successful shopping trip only having spent $40. Shuang and I even ended up buying the same scarf at Rubi because we're cheap and we always buy the same stuff. We should just go out one time wearing everything we both have. And here are some pictures..

After all that I came home and wrapped up Jess's prezzie! I really do love packaging things. And I put it together with a card I made the night before which I quite like. I used recycled security envelopes (the ones with the printed pattern on the inside so that you can't see any of what is printed on the papers inside it).

The party wasn't too bad. I didn't really know anyone and spent th night chatting away outside with a fellow UTS first year and his friend. It was FREEZING inside but the food was good and I thought I would stuff myself because I didn't have much of a lunch earlier that day.

On Sunday my brother went out for paintball with his friends and I was going to come with but I felt a little cold coming on from the night before and I didn't realy want to spend $100. So instead I slept in and went to a family lunch Celebrating a 60th birthday. Good thing too I may have gotten worse cos it was raining in the morning. I also got to play with my cousin's Canon 350D SLR camera! Took about 250 photos apparently over the course of lunch and all. I WANT MY DSLR NOW! But the food was good and w even had someone perform a traditional Thai dance as well as the Spanish flamenco (I think that's what its called? With the castanets and all). It was cool and I took some photos of that too.

My cousin's SLR. Thought I would take a picture of it while waiting for our food to come out.

We came home and my brother's friends were over after they went paintball. I hung out with them a bit. Ate more food and then had some MORE food! My brother's friends baked him a cake and some cupcakes. It was a Cookie Monster cake and it was EPIC! And also tasted pretty good too. The rest of the night involved some chit chat, a little jamming plus some wii and mahjong. 

Yesterday I just sat around at home. Sick like today. Watched two of my brothers friends (who had slept over) play wii. They also talked about the mechanics of how the wii remotes worked with its infrared and things, bloody engineers. 

Between then and now I have done nothing but sit infront of the computer. Yesterday mainly photoshopping images and the general Facebook/MSN combo (plus a little net surfing). Though today I have gone DSLR hunting! Found some pretty cheap second hand on ebay and there is one film SLR which I found which comes with a 28-90mm lens (the lens is what's in sale the camera was a bonus) for about $70! Bidding is still going and I think I want to buy it now but my dad isn't home and I don't have an ebay account. Oh well closer to the end of the bidding time I will review whether I REALLY want it and ask someone to buy it for me!

I think that is all for now. Ta ta!


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