April 4, 2010


My camera is out of battery and it runs on double As and my brother took the rest of the spare batteries with him on his camping trip (damn him and his flashlight battery needs!). Yeah, I wish my camera had s\one of those rechargeable battery packs. They are so much handier. Sometimes I really don't like the fact that I broke our old Canon one, at the beach..

Well now then... I don't know what to post. Would have showed you guys a picture of my awesome Sunday morning breakfast, CRUNCHY NUT! Hahaha... but NO stupid camera and no batteries.But the crunchy nut still tastes good!
You know I've noticed that I've been posting a lot over the long weekend. Probably cos I'm home and not doing anything and I don't have and assignment due this week. But it doesn't mean I don't have them. On the contrary I have quite a few! And I really should be working on my Illustrator assessment, after I install it, which I should do NOW! Or after this post anyway. (I'm not actually on my computer, I'm on the computer in my parents room only because it was already on when I woke up).

On another note. DAY LIGHT SAVINGS!! I swear I get so confused during daylight savings time. We just got an extra hour of sleep? So the time went back an hour? That right?? Well all I know is that it's 10am now. Luckily we have the long weekend to help me adjust properly. Then a 9am start on Tuesday. 

Yeah unlike the Macquarie, UNSW and the one from Albury, us UTSers (and USYD?) don't have our mid semester break on now. I think our start in two weeks time... that's a while away, I have an assignment due before then (which I REALLY should be working on now! Need to install Illustrator!). At least I have TWO weeks break! In which time I will spend some time working on my numerous assignments and such. I won't be surprised if I get a new assessment next week before the break. No wait I AM getting a new one! But its on Photoshop and not Illustrator this time. Ahh well.

Yes I should stop here and finish my probably now soggy crunchy nut, 'soggy nut' (HA! I'm funny) and install Illustrator and get to work on that assignment which I haven't really been working on. And I should order my 
Copics off Ebay already too.

Okay, bye bye!


P.S. I am VERY excited for tonight! Birthday dinner for CAPTAIN ALVIN at Pancakes in the city with the gang! Especially excited to see the one from Albury again! And NOT PAYING FOR DINNER! WOOHOO!!

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  1. Sorry Usyd people are on sem breaks too! Yay for a quick breather away from uni :D