April 18, 2010


Hello again. I am back to finish typing up more about my lovely Friday. Though I actually didn't end up going to the shops like I said I would, the shopping trips was canceled so I ended up sleeping the afternoon away, much cheaper!

So yes my Friday.

It started off fairly ordinary. Went to bed in the wee early hours of the evening, I had an assignment due (but alas! It wasn't an all nighter). Woke up late, had no idea what to wear. barely got any breakfast in me before getting dropped off at the station, needing to run down the stairs as the train came only just after I set foot on the outside steps.

Got to uni on time thank goodness. I must note the lack of buskers in the central tunnel that morning. There was NONE! It was kind of strange. Well got to my computing class and handed my work in. Bludgiest class of semester. Even got out half an hour early. Good thing too, I finished rendering my freehand homework, and it didn't turn out too bad either. Got some good feedback on it, I'm good with perspective and after that classes exercises was told that apparently I like drawing on on coloured more more than white paper.

And after class I was off to the loft for a jam! Have to say it wasn't much of a jam. One of my friends bailed and the rest said they'd be coming later. So really it was just David and I entertaining some other friends till they left and then random singing of songs before heading down to join festivities in the Glasshouse (the lovely Kathy turned 18 yesterday, apparently they were off celebrating down stairs.

But we found the remains of them in the courtyard of the Loft. So there we sit, guitar out again providing some light entertainment. Having a sip or two of Niki's cocktail. Shuang pops by and a few people leave (the birthday girl included) and then others from the late finishing classes arrive as well.

These two don't ACTUALLY play the guitar... what posers

Talk, music and drinks all round! The sky got darker and the fairy lights light up the tree behind us. The Loft really is a pretty place to hang out, minus the uneven courtyard flooring and wobbly tables leading to three broken glasses. SO wasn’t my fault! But yeah, better still not having paid for any of your own drinks (still being owed a shot!), now having a regular bar meet up established on Friday arvos and hanging with the cutest Swedish exchange student ever!
cute swedish exchange student.. don't know what they are looking at
hiding the evidence! LOL

But it was thoroughly enjoyable! Failed group photo attempts, singing and a photo with the gorilla man! But wait! The night is not yet over! At about 6.30 we split, half because we bailed from the table after breaking the glasses and because some of us had places to be and others went home. I was off to Minna’s. 

The gorilla man! Who I later find out is actually one of my friends doing engineering.. very LOL!
Our one NON-fail group photo
I trained it there straight from the city and was going to get picked up by Remon. But when I got to the station I saw a group of guys hanging round on the bridge leading out from the station. I was thinking.. "oh no this could be trouble" Then I had another look.. "OH it's the guys!" They had come to pick me up from the station and we all walked back to Minna's together. 

And what do I find when I get there? Rachel and Geraldine doing uni work! STUDYING! NERDS! But it was an entertaining night. A smallish group gathering involving pizza, 300, alcohol and karaoke. Someone said it feels schoolies-esqe and I must agree. Group shots of “SOju” and milkis. Teaching Rachel to skull, though she still fails. And the girls sharing their uni eye candy with our awesome facebook stalking skills! All in various stages of non-soberness from completely sober (like the ones driving) to the completely GONE (i.e. Remon).

tower of MILKIS

I guess nothing EPIC happened but it was fun being back in our group dynamic. I came home at 1 and slept like a baby. I swear alco either makes me enjoy myself or just really sleepy..

So that was my awesome Friday. Probably doesn't sound that awesome but maybe it's one of those you had to be there kind of things. Can't really be bothered uploading pics, will probably do that tomorrow (today? it's already past 12).

Well I'm out and most likely off to bed to read some Frankie till I fall asleep.


Note: I have to say that I'm excited for a boy scouting date with Ama on Wednesday! And YAY for acoustic music sessions!

Edit: Photos put up!


  1. I like how you said "tower of soju" when all I see is milkis cans LOL

  2. oh yeah!! hahaha.. I obviously wants thinking straight when i posted this..