April 3, 2010

Am I just a bother now..?

ANYWAY.. what was I going to blog about? I know!

I went to Aldi today with my brother in Mt Druitt. All I can say is, gosh that brings back memories. Memories of shopping for Duke of Ed expeditions. Not to mention COUNTLESS Aldi runs during music and just general pigging out on the grass or in the performing space. Feel a little nostalgic at times like that.

Ah nostalgia. So many things in my room remind me of times past. Some I look back on fondly, others that cause my heart to hurt a bit. But I remember, not everything, just some things. Things that make me laugh and times which I hope to experience again...

Anyway getting off that topic, my mood has become somewhat somber now..

Well my LOVELY friend has returned from Albury!! So excited to see her tomorrow!! Missed her so much! Maybe the whole group will be reunited once again. Lucky girl is on her mid sem break now. I on the other hand have to wait another two weeks. Oh well. We can spend time after class at uni. Its times like these that I love my timetable. Finishing at 1 nearly everyday. Leaves my afternoons and evenings free for whatever. Should be doing assignments but you know, being the uni student I am now, I have a life and will spend time socialising not like the little nerd I was in high school who never went out.

And I need to put the washing up. Will be back in a while. *leaves to put the washing up like a good girl*

Well I am back and now my brother needs my 'expertise' in what to bring on his camping trip this long weekend. He's such a NOOB! I miss Duke of Ed. Yeah...

I don't remember what else I was going to post about.

Make a wish!

That's all for now.


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