April 25, 2011

too much solidworks

OMG.. I am spending WAY too much time on Solidworks.

I need to better divide my working time with my other subjects but with next weeks deadline I don't like it just sitting there when I am not even halfway done and NOT  happy with my work at the moment. DAMN YE DISSATISFACTION! Though I guess I do have it to thank for most of the work I've done that I have been extremely proud to call my own.

Anyhows, here is a screen shot of my work so far..

Colour scheme is not working right now as I don't have a defined palette. Spending time on colourlovers looking for contrasting colour schemes to use on my black and white chess sets. OR I can just find one I really like and invert the colours (if the inverted palette looks good). I think I am going for a cool/cold vs. warm/hot thing going. 

Still need to fix up the stupid ROOK. I kind of like it but I don't because I feel it doesn't tie in with the rest of the set well (though not having it rendered at all is just exaggerating the fact). I haven't even designed the board yet, I should do that before I go to bed, or at least have some ideas down on paper so I can play around on Solidworks with my ideas. 

Blah. Blah. CAD. Ramble. Ramble. UNI. Blah. Whine. Bleh...

Ah life..

April 19, 2011


Just a little bit of fun.. a running joke with a friend.

April 17, 2011

UNI update!

Just a little update on what's been going on at uni recently. 

Below you can see some cardboard coat hangers which we designed for our Structure, Form and Material in Industrial Design subject. We were asked to design and construct a coat hanger out of fashion card (or any lighter weight cardboard) which would be able to hold a 2.6kg winter coat. The photo below is a display of some of the designs from the course.

Level 6, Building 6, UTS

This was my design and was lucky enough to be chosen for showcase. Mine was the lightest on display (that had already been weighed) at only 21g, i think..

Next is from my Ergonomics class. We were asked to make up personas to test our interface designs on. This is one of the personas we had in my group which I made up. Her name is Chi Chi, a 70 year old retiree who spends her time making crafts which she sells at weekend markets around the city.

we had to cut up magazines and things to stick on paper to represent our personas. Definitely one of our funner classes this semester.

And alas I am on my mid semester break with lots of work do to before the break is over..

April 15, 2011

Visuals #3

Really quick, rough one of the Hudsucker tower..

April 14, 2011

Visuals #2

 Mussburger's Office (from the Hudsucker Proxy)

Not done yet need to tone down the saturation and up the contrast a bit..

April 12, 2011

Business card?

If you saw my post before about the Golden Tickets I'm selling on Fiverr...

Yeah I don't know where I was going with that sentence but the point is, I thought I would design myself a business card to post with the tickets..

So here it is!


I made a little thank you card too! :)

I don't have them printed professionally.. I just print it on normal copy paper and stick the two sides together.
I'm heaps pro!

Production design Visuals

Visual # 1 - The boardroom :)


WIP of some visuals for my production design pitch on friday..