October 30, 2009


I found some four-leaf clovers whilst putting up the washing this morning. Okay let me rephrase, I saw clovers growing in the garden and spent a good 10 minutes squatting on the ground looking for four -leaf clovers, while the washing I was meant to be putting up was drying in the basket.

I found a total of five and because I'm strange I decided to scan and upload them in the hopes to share my lucky find. But of course I had to go into Photoshop and play around with it a bit. And after collective (I was going on  and off the computer for study and food) time of maybe 45 minutes (give or take about 10) I came up with this!
Well I do wish the rest of you who still have exams the best of luck for the HSC and for everyone for no reason at all, may you be lucky!



Well thank you to all those who checked up on me yesterday during my emotional breakdown, partially reflected in my previous post. I went through what seemed like a whirlwind of emotions none of which I enjoyed very much. Glad to say that I am all better now with a little help from my friends *sings the Beatles song*.

It think it was a good experience (you must think I'm crazy, even more so than you might or might not already). But I seemed to learn a lot about myself. How to deal with feeling utterly depressed and all in all under the weather.

Well I should go study.

So long,

P.S. Good luck to everyone doing the PE exam this afternoon! And I send good vibes to those currently sitting the ext. english exam!

October 29, 2009


There goes the last of my sanity. I have officially snapped with only a few days till my last exam. I have gotten to the point where I couldn't care less if I was finished or not. I seriously DON'T CARE! So pissed and annoyed right now and SO NOT IN THE MOOD FOR ANYTHING!!!!

Only one thing I can say now.


Yes I'm sure it's strange hearing (seeing? - who cares!) those words coming from me. Don't worry you aren't the only one. I should go back to studying stupid chemistry but I doubt I will get anything done. Heck I've written two sentences in the past 2.5 hours. I felt more productive studying ENGLISH!



October 28, 2009

ah procrastination...

*I am*
*thumbs up*

Pictures courtesy of La PhotoCabine. It's a little French site, so it's all in French. But try it out. It's fun and easy to figure out (you only need to click 2 different things). All you need is your own webcam and it does the rest. You can also have the photos formatted differently. Found the link to it via + handmadelove +.
I should get back to study...


the periodic table of ELEMENTS

Look what my new desktop wallpaper is! Just for you chemistry, because you're SO special. Found on Anneka Tran's blog. My desktop seems to like her stuff. But its a fairly cool periodic table might I add. Although it would be crap to have in the chemistry exam, there isn't all the info on it, just cool pictures.

That's all folks, just thought I would share. Might come back with something else to blog about later.


October 27, 2009

five & one

That's five exams done and one more to go. How exciting. Although it seems like the HSC has come and (almost) gone so fast. Although having done five exams in the first week I suppose is pretty quick, so I guess this rushed feeling I'm having is explainable. And now I have just under a week to learn the WHOLE chemistry syllabus. I should have dropped it when I had the chance. But oh well, I might as well try my hardest for my last exam. And hey, maybe one of those units will end up counting, you never know.

Well today I had my HSC Music 1 Aural Skills exam. I love being in music. The people. The atmosphere. We always just end up sitting around on the grass talking, singing with guitars out. the boys playing around with a ball and in general just enjoying ourselves and each others company. We are always so relaxed even though its our HSC. The examiners even seemed laid back. They were all exhausted from the 2 unit exam earlier. The exam was fairly okay. I liked the last song. It was a jazzy version of the song "I want to be like you", for reference it's in Jungle Book.

Well I seem to be working backwards a lot these days. Earlier today, this morning before I left home I decided to bake some brownies for my beloved music class. I was meant to make them yesterday but never got around to it. I ended up with these cute, heart-shaped , bite-sized brownies all nicely wrapped and packaged for distribution to my music buddies, complete with little tag labels. [pictured below] 
Yes, I know I'm crazy for individually wrapping each of them and  having sewed paper packages. I kind of regretted doing so as I ended up leaving an hour after I was planning to. Luckily I prepared all my labels and cut all the paper yesterday, so all I had to do was sew them together. But it's all good. I liked how they turned out. I really just wanted to try out some packaging ideas I've seen around the place, on blogs which I can't remember. 

Everyone seemed to think I was crazy but thought the packaging was cool. And they liked the brownies so I think it was a job well done! Even though it was just a packet mix, but they don't need to know that. Only my special blog readers shall know the truth! Hahaha. Yay for Betty Crocker, these are the same brownies I was blogging about in the holidays. They are so yummy!

Anyway I shall stop there. [*edit: Side comment] My left leg feels funny.


October 25, 2009

i love...

(& emails).

And not I'm not talking about bills or the mail you get from BOS and UAC. Or spam from facebook or some chain email my friends. I'm talking about the long lost art of letter writing. That's hand written, envelopes and stamps (and the slightly more high tech version - email) otherwise known as snail mail

Getting letters in the mail, I find really quite exciting. I'm actually trying to get my best friend from when I used to live in Victoria (some twelve years ago!) to start exchanging letters again. Letters seem so personal and knowing that someone spent the time to take out the good old stationary set and write something for me is nice, makes me feel spacial. It's nice to stop and read a letter. I also enjoy writing them. Everything seems so fast paced these days. When writing a letter, you don't need to feel rushed, there is no one to interrupt what you are saying so you can completely express yourself.

And although they are no where near as good, emails are the next best thing. In our busy high tech lives, sometimes finding time get out a pen and stationary is little hard. So being in the age where computers and internet are practically a necessity, it's a lot easier to write and send emails. Not to mention you don't have to deal with paying for postage (because I am a cheap Asian), though I would gladly pay for a postage stamp - I even used to have a stamp collection. So email works well for me too. Especially now in the times of the HSC I don't have the time, rather I don't get out to be able to go to the post office and drop a letter off.

Although you can go one step better and send and receive packages. I like the old style packages, all brown paper and string. I've gotten packages of things that I've bought online but not from people. I would like to receive a package one day. It would be fun! It's like opening a Christmas present when it's not Christmas (unless it's a Christmas package).

Well anyway, does anyone know how much it is to post to the US?


salt and pepper meet rubik

How awesome are these?! They are Rubik's Cruet Salt & Pepper Mill. I swear some people are so clever. First Mr Rubik then the people responsible for this piece of GENIUS. When I have my own place I want these! Actually I've seen plenty of really cool salt and pepper shaker sets. I should start a collection and set up a shelf to display them in the dinning room.

Anyway I found these at fredflare.com. I think I have shared some other things from this place before, I love a lot the stuff they have there. It's all so cool! Anyway here is what it has to say about these. Excerpt found here.
You’ll look like a genius with these two mock Rubik’s cube, salt & pepper mills on your kitchen table! The white top is for salt & the red top is for pepper, so you will never get ‘em mixed up. Both mills have adjustable ceramic grinders so you can choose fine or coarse. Easy to clean, plastic outer.
It's a shame that they don't ship internationally. I would buy a set of these, and a whole lot of other stuff too. I would buy them for my bother actually.


October 24, 2009


Well I came across a tutorial for adding a favicon to my blog. A favicon being the little icon which appears next to the html of a site (bad explanation) but the little orange blogger icon that's next to the browser, that's a favicon. I have been having some troubles with getting mine up and working. But I think I have it now.

What do you people think?! I couldn't really think of what to make the icon so I just put "*j", which is just how I sign my posts. I might change it but to what? Give me suggestions if you think I should change it. Or just give me suggestions. If you want to try and get one for yourself the tutorial is here.

That's all,
<- my favicon

October 23, 2009


I'm posting too much today. It's because I'm bored. I'm not procrastinating for once! I gave myself the night of from study because I finished my week of HSC exam HELL. FOUR exams. THREE days. But it's ALL OVER! And... NO MORE ENGLISH EVER!!

Anyway on about Diana. Remember my post about my photography project? I mentioned my lack of a cool film camera. Well I have found the camera I want! Ta da!

Presenting the LOMO Diana Mini. Isn't it so awesome?! And the pictures it takes are heaps cool but the only way I can describe it is through pictures (then I wouldn't really be explaining it would I, using the photo as a substitute for my crappy explanation)

These photos give an old and weathered look without altering the image at all. That's just how the camera takes photos. It reminds me of the image quality found in old polaroids, which I also love. Like Ben said, they give of vibes of nostalgia. These photos have character.

The only thing with these cameras is that they are kind of expensive. Thankfully nothing compared to the price of an SLR camera. But to put it in perspective, I can buy a perfectly good digital camera for the same amount of money, and then I have to go buy film and pay for development. I should have a photography fund. A separate lot of savings just to spend on my camera, film and developing pictures. Sounds good, just need money now.

Anyway, I find this project really exciting. I can't wait to get started.


i wouldn't mind

checking this out...

Anyone care to come with?


i love...

in jokes

and the people I have in jokes with. There's pie eating elephants, theories and sexual unicorns. Burning sims, brown prawns and gold stars. Rocks and rain man. Easy Catholics, baby birds and spare space that's spacey and spare! They are all SWAM! Ah memories.. I love you guys!


Dealing with Dead Bugs

This is just my own take on communitychannel's latest video blog on "Dealing with dead bugs".

Well pretty much there has been a dead cockroach on the side of the living room for a few days now. Like in the video, I don't like cleaning up dead bugs especially when I didn't kill it! Because I would have left it. My sister would have been grossed out and my brother would be creeped out, probably call me just to show me that he saw a cockroach (that fool). So I assume that my mum killed it and let it there, I'm pretty sure.

I hate killing bugs like that. I tend to cringe at the crunch made when you squish their shells and am instantly disgusted at the thought of its gooey insides infecting the two surfaces it happens to be wedged between at the point of contact.

Anyway, I hope that you people don't have dead insects lying around your place.

October 21, 2009

i love...

post-it notes.

Seriously, they are so fun. For notes, reminders and little drawings. All you do is peel one off and stick! I like having them around when I study (like what I should be doing NOW). I write the important stuff I need to do and reminders when my next break is. Sometimes I just draw on them and stick them all over the table and on the tissue box in front of me (because I'm STILL sick), yay for procrastination! Anyway here are some of the ones I have up at the moment. The ones in black are kind of old and for english. The one in blue highlighter I did yesterday.
Oh and I started my HSC exams today! English paper 1 is done and dusted! One down, five to go which includes THREE more this week!

Farewell my lovelies. ♥

October 19, 2009

three hundred and sixty-five photographs

Well in my last post I mentioned getting a film camera and Ben's Polaroid Past project and I said that I was getting carried away with the prospects of my new idea to have a go at my own version of this photography project. So I cut it out and decided to post it here. This is what i wrote before...
I'm thinking of having a go at what Ben is doing with his Polariod Past project but instead of a blog and uploading images digitally, I will take the pictures, develop the film and just keep the photos in a box. And then at the end of a year I will look at all the photos and hopefully make a flip book out of them and entitle it "A year in the life of a jellyfish". Although I will make a few changes to how I do it and I won't start now. Mainly because I can't with the whole HSC thing starting tomorrow and my lack of camera but definitely after. I think I should start at new year. That would be cool or starting on my birthday would have been awesome but it's not till AGES.
And now I shall continue...

Well I think I am going to make some changes to Ben's original concept. I will still have one assigned photo per day although due to the different medium (digital photos vs. film) and some personal preferences I will make some changes. Here is how I will do this:
  • START: New Years Day 2010.
  • I can take as many photos as I want each day and then upon developing I will chose which photo I will keep for this project. Hopefully I will have the date on the photos because I doubt I will use up a whole roll of film in one day or remember how many shots I took or which photos are from which day.
  • When I choose the picture I will write a title on the back in pencil
  • The photo will then be placed in a box
  • Once placed in the box the photo cannot be taken out nor am I allowed to flick through the photographs till the end of the project.
  • FINISH: New Years Eve 2010
  • Once the last photo is added I can then flick through three hundred and sixty-five photographs depicting a year in the life of a jellyfish.
  • I WILL make a flip book out of this. Don't know how long after I finish but it will happen.
So those are my plans. But first things first. I need to get me a camera! And some film. I shall go looking for the PERFECT camera. After HSC but I have quite a bit of time still. And if all else fails I can still use our old film camera but that thing is a brick and I want my OWN camera. Hopefully find one that isn't a brick and isn't so ugly. Black plastic casing = YUCK.

Anyway I am very excited about this. Another thing post-HSC to look forward too! Wish me luck.

loverly art, marshmallows & old film cameras

I want an old film camera.

Not instant film, that's too expensive. But the normal film roll ones like our old family camera which is about the same size as the digital SLR I want. Oooh I should get a an old film slr camera. Although it might be a pain to take around if its as big bulky as new digital ones. I will have to shop around. I think this decision is partially influenced by the new Kodak store in Plumpton, seems so convenient to go develop photos there because it's so close.

I am really just sick of not having a camera around and my camera phone just wont cut it. And me recent fascination with the polaroid photoshop action has made me want to work with film. Not only that, developing these pictures will be fun. It's half the surprise seeing how the pictures turn out. Might teach me some stuff for when I get my SLR. Not like digital cameras where you can see exactly what you are taking a picture of and its so easy to edit and delete.

It will be cheaper too. Cheaper than replacing our broken digital camera. Although I will have to pay for film and to get it developed but I don't like how I have folders and folders of pictures on the computer that are just sitting there and I never really get a chance to look at. should invest in more photo frames for myself and blu-tack. I'm thinking of having a go at what Ben is doing with his Polariod Past project. [I thought of this on the spot and as a result of getting excited I started going on WAY too long so I thought I would cut it all and paste it into a new post for your reading convenience. Either that or I would need to change the title of this post!]

Well anyway MOVING ON. I seem to be working backwards in regards to my title because now I will be going on about marshmallows.

Did you know...

that when I was younger I was convinced that it was marshMELLOWS and not marshMALLOWS, I obviously did not read packaging. I did not realise that I have been wrong all my life till not that long ago (a few years). But moving on! I like marshmallows. they're sweet and squishy and oh so light. They taste good too. Out of the pack, in a mug of hot chocolate or my personal favourite, toasted over an open fire (bon fire, campfire, fireplace I don't care) especially when it's all crispy on the outside and all gooey on the inside. Could even go one step further and make smores, but thats adding other elements (i.e. chocolate and gram crackers).

I really like marshmallows but what I don't like are the random flavours they come in now-a-days. The traditional vanilla I love and strawberry too but when you add things like apricot and mocha it just isn't the same. And now to the point of all this marshmallow business, I came across a recipe via oh, hello friend for homemade, good old fashioned vanilla marshmallows. I really want to try this out some time. Probably for Christmas I can make them as little Christmas favours instead of the traditional candy cane. Well anyway the recipe looks very easy and apparently they taste quite good. Here is the link

And now for the last (or first?) item on the agenda:

Loverly art

I found some lovely art by a lovely artist yesterday. This artist goes by the name of Sarah Hankinson. Here is a bit about her from her site.
Melbourne Illustrator Sarah Hankinson creates feminine yet striking works which play off broken lines and occasional splashes of colour. After graduating from a diploma of Illustration in 2004 commissions have come from Kookai, Bonds and Impulse Body Spray whilst her work has appeared in publications including Urbis, Cleo, Chik, Computer Arts Project, STU, and Curve magazines.

Sarah’s illustration style is elegant, youthful, and strongly fashion orientated, many of her pieces focusing on the female form and made up from a variety of mediums including inks, charcoal, pencils, cut paper and fabrics.

Sarah has exhibited at ‘Chapel off Chapel’ and ‘Design A Space’ galleries in Prahran, Melbourne.
And Here is an example of her work.


note: I have probably written enough here to qualify for 3 separate post. Oh well..

October 18, 2009

i love...

wrapping presents.

To some, wrapping presents is a pain just to cover up a gift so hide its identity and to keep what's inside a bit of a surprise. But to me gift wrapping is just another creative outlet. I pride myself in taking out a bunch of paper, ribbons and strings and an assortment of other crafty bits and bobs and create a pretty outer casing to a gift.

Regardless of if it will later be destroyed by little hands or thrown in the garbage. As long as someone notices my handicraft and thinks "oh, that's nice!" that's my work done, even if they don't know it's my work. Even if no one seems to notice, my mum always appreciates my work! (That's another thing i love... my mother. But that should go without saying.) Well anyway here is a picture of a present I wrapped yesterday for my little cousin's first birthday. Her party is on today. Right now actually but I stayed home to study. But how is study going? I'm writing this blog post aren't I!? Haha. I really should get on with that. I have english work awaiting me, so I shall stop now.

See you on the flip side!

The Hundred Acre Wood

I've been sick lately. Started off with a sore throat last week. Extreme fatigue on Monday. Then a fever on Tuesday night. Then headaches on Wednesday. Coughing on Thursday. Lost my voice on Friday and again on Saturday. And now I STILL have a sore throat and a stuffy head. Needless to say I have not been feeling well and this has affected my study. Not so much in the amount of study getting done, just the actual motivation to get the work done.

So what have I done? I've eaten lots of honey. Either just a spoon full *sings (hums rather, I can't sing right now)* "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go DOWN!" of plain honey or mixed in with some warm lemonade or ginger tea. I'm starting to feel like Winnie the Pooh right now. I will have a friend named Christopher Robin and live in a tree trunk.

But on a more serious note, I need to get better before HSC! So keep the honey coming and I might be able to sing "a spoon full of sugar" (is that what that song is actually called?), ah Marry Poppins is a classic!

Well till next time.


October 16, 2009

i love...

accidental rhyming.

Just thought that I might start a series of "i love" posts after a conversation with a certain someone which lead me to say "i love accidental rhyming". As influence from my recent blog surfing I instantly got inspired to start this set of posts for those little things in life that I love and make me smile and feel like sharing.

I don't know how great this will turn out. All of those opposed say "I", those in favour say "love". haha I'm lame.


October 15, 2009


Found this quote via Daydream Lily. The origin of this is somewhat unknown, apparently it's been circling through blogs for a while now but this is the first time I've ran into this. Thought I would share.

Hope you enjoy!

October 12, 2009

What goes on in my subconcious

Well I was reading Ben's "Things to do before I die" list on his blog and I commented on how some of those things listed I had already achieved upon his request I went back through the list and told him which ones I have in fact accomplished. When I got to #17. "Have a lucid dream" I had a think.

I'm fairly sure that I have had a lucid dream before on several occasions. Unluckily for me I normally forget what my dreams are about shortly after waking up. The knowledge that I did have a dream is normally all that is left of it. The dreams I do remember are normally the ones that I found quite strange at the time of dreaming and upon waking up must recount my subconscious tale to myself to try and comprehend what happened.

Although I do seem to come to a strange phenomenon where I am able to remember past forgotten dreams while in another dream. I think this occurs when, while still in my dream I am woken up for some reason for only a short while where I recognise that I have been dreaming but am not so awake as to forget the previous events (this isn't making sense... I know what I mean though and that's good enough for me). When trying to fall back asleep I go back to my dream, though only half asleep I am completely aware of what is happening in my dream some things that continue to happen remind me of things I have dreamed of before. This had happened today when I was having a nap after I came home from church. I woke up because my dad was doing some work in the backyard just outside my window. When I went back to my dream one of the places looked familiar to a place I was in a different dream. Then I realised that I could remember it and started trying to remember my other dreams while this dream still continued. I think the half awake side of me remembers this and the dreams that I remembered at this time I still kind of remember now.

I find dreams and the whole subconscious experience to be quite interesting and mysterious. What does what we dream about say about us? Is our subconscious mind our true selves free from thought and all that... I wish I knew and I wish I could remember more of my dreams. I think I have a few where I’m being chased through some neighbourhood and I go hiding in random people's houses. Or for some reason I remember a few dreams about being in a toilet, normally hiding and not ACTUALLY needing to urinate, its quite odd. And I'm sure only half the people in my dreams I actually know. Unless of course my dream is set at school or something... but even then school looks different. I remember one time there was a toilet in the language block and the labs were in the woodwork rooms... hahaha

I should be studying. ENGLISH CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE!

That is all.

October 9, 2009

You are the cream in my coffee

Well I had another craft blog surfing spree which started yesterday afternoon and finished way past midnight (note: I started this post during this surfing spree but I am finishing it now - Friday, 8:30pm). Back to what this post is meant to be about, during my craft blogging I came across this photo set on flikr.

It's a small book by Emily of The Black apple. Made as a birthday present, it contains the lyrics to an OLD song "You're the cream in my coffee" and illustrations to accompany each line.

LYRICS + some of my favourite pages

You're the cream in my coffee.
You're the salt in my stew.
You're the starch in my collar.
You're the lace in my shoe.
You will always be my necessity,
I'd be lost without you.

Most men tell love tales,
Each phrase dove tails.
You've heard each known way,
This way is my own way.
You will always be my necessity,
I'd be lost without you.

You're the sail on my loveboat,
You're the Captain and Crew.
You will always be my necessity,
I'd be lost without you.

You give life savour,
Bring out its flavour.
So, this is clear dear,
You're my Worcestershire.

You're the sail on my loveboat,
You're the Captain and Crew.
You will always be my necessity,
I'd be lost without you.

It's very cute, both the lyrics and the pictures. Well just thought I would share it because it made me smile. Hope it did the same for you.


October 8, 2009


I baked some brownies today. I love how the kitchen has that I-just-baked-brownies smell. But NO I did not make these from scratch. I'm not bothered for that. Instead, thank goodness for Betty Crocker and her delicious Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies. Sounds good doesn't it. Tastes even better! Only about half of it is left now, because my brother is fat and ate lots. I like to eat my brownies and wash it down with milk like I do with Oreos and other sweet, chocolately cookies.

Like always with the computer on and an internet connection I surfed the net a bit again INSTEAD of study. I learnt how to make an origami sparrow and how to fold notes into thier own little envelopes. Also ran into lark, an online store selling handmade, recycled, organic and fair trade goods made by the founder Alison and other local craftspeople and small, family-based suppliers and manufacturers. Alison has recently set up a shop in Dalesford, "a pretty forst town just over an hour from Melbourne".

Such a cute looking store isn't it! I wouldn't mind paying a visit some time.

Well I just finished watching GLEE! The football team did the Single Ladies dance! hahaha. There is alot more to that dance than I thought, looks fun. And with that I shall end and maybe go back to writing religion notes! Still can't believe I left half of them in my locker along with my textbook and some booklets we got in class... oh well.

Till next time. TOODLES!


October 7, 2009

I begin again...

I felt compelled to write a blog entry earlier but had nothing to say. So I gave up. And here I am once again trying to get something posted, still with not much in mind to write about. I must say though I have an urge to draw now. Just when I should start studying I found something which I can do NOT on the computer.

It all started two days ago in that epic storm. The sky was overcast, lightening lit up the sky and the following thunder shook my soul (haha! I'm so lame and corny it makes me laugh). Well as the thunder and lightening raged, I was forced off the computer by my father. Good thing too, a few minutes later the power went so the gloominess of outside was reflected indoors as well. As a response to my current dilemma I opted to take advantage of the lack of electricity as an excuse not to study!

Instead I sat in bed, leant against the window and just watched nature do it's thing. I love watching storms. All warm and cosy in my bed, the window slightly open to let in the cool refreshing air. I love the smell of rain. Once all the lightening had subsided, the sound of the raindrops was very soothing. I found all my old sketchbooks and started having a flick through.

At first I was just looking for things that I drew often and might try to make a stuffed toy out of to add to my "things to make" list for post-HSC-crafting. Maybe find some other things that i can reproduce and sell, it would be fun to set up a shop on etsy or something or sell stuff straight from my blog. I should start a craft blog and I'm getting sidetracked.

Well continuing on, I realised that it has indeed been quite a while since I last drew anything. The last dated page in my new sketchbook was 12th of August. So I thought that I would try and draw some stuff. Random things, some of my little characters which I draw everywhere, like my jellyfish and some other things.

Since then whenever I'm about to hit the books I want to go find my sketchbook instead. Only thing is that when I actually get my sketchbook I have blank as to what to draw. Convenience.

Well taking inspiration from a blog post in The Design Files, I decided to draw what I wore today, since I ACTUALLY changed out of my pajamas. So here it is. I scanned and quickly and crappily coloured in photoshop. Hope you (whoever is reading, IF anyone is reading) like it!
That's all folks! *loony tunes style*


October 4, 2009

More on the freedom bloggers

I am now an admin and contributer on The Freedom Bloggers. I must say, Wordpress is SO confusing! blogger any day, till I get used to it of course. [edit: was not meant to publish yet!]

But not to fear. Adventures of a jellyfish shall be my first and foremost blog (does that make sense?) . In other words, I shall be posting here more. Besides free publicity from there.. haha

That's all.


The freedom bloggers

here is "the freedom bloggers". a new blog by ahan and co.

he told me to try and help him get 50 people to visit the page and vote on the poll to the right of the page but midnight. need another 32 or something. since im bored and dont want to study i am going to help. by help i mean post a blog about it and hope people respond. i doubt a large number of people will see it through this post but who knows?!

now GO and click on the link and vote! :D