October 18, 2009

i love...

wrapping presents.

To some, wrapping presents is a pain just to cover up a gift so hide its identity and to keep what's inside a bit of a surprise. But to me gift wrapping is just another creative outlet. I pride myself in taking out a bunch of paper, ribbons and strings and an assortment of other crafty bits and bobs and create a pretty outer casing to a gift.

Regardless of if it will later be destroyed by little hands or thrown in the garbage. As long as someone notices my handicraft and thinks "oh, that's nice!" that's my work done, even if they don't know it's my work. Even if no one seems to notice, my mum always appreciates my work! (That's another thing i love... my mother. But that should go without saying.) Well anyway here is a picture of a present I wrapped yesterday for my little cousin's first birthday. Her party is on today. Right now actually but I stayed home to study. But how is study going? I'm writing this blog post aren't I!? Haha. I really should get on with that. I have english work awaiting me, so I shall stop now.

See you on the flip side!


  1. I like it :) I also wish I had a cool sticker with my name on it...

  2. wow u have a cousin wif a curry name :O nice :P