October 25, 2009

i love...

(& emails).

And not I'm not talking about bills or the mail you get from BOS and UAC. Or spam from facebook or some chain email my friends. I'm talking about the long lost art of letter writing. That's hand written, envelopes and stamps (and the slightly more high tech version - email) otherwise known as snail mail

Getting letters in the mail, I find really quite exciting. I'm actually trying to get my best friend from when I used to live in Victoria (some twelve years ago!) to start exchanging letters again. Letters seem so personal and knowing that someone spent the time to take out the good old stationary set and write something for me is nice, makes me feel spacial. It's nice to stop and read a letter. I also enjoy writing them. Everything seems so fast paced these days. When writing a letter, you don't need to feel rushed, there is no one to interrupt what you are saying so you can completely express yourself.

And although they are no where near as good, emails are the next best thing. In our busy high tech lives, sometimes finding time get out a pen and stationary is little hard. So being in the age where computers and internet are practically a necessity, it's a lot easier to write and send emails. Not to mention you don't have to deal with paying for postage (because I am a cheap Asian), though I would gladly pay for a postage stamp - I even used to have a stamp collection. So email works well for me too. Especially now in the times of the HSC I don't have the time, rather I don't get out to be able to go to the post office and drop a letter off.

Although you can go one step better and send and receive packages. I like the old style packages, all brown paper and string. I've gotten packages of things that I've bought online but not from people. I would like to receive a package one day. It would be fun! It's like opening a Christmas present when it's not Christmas (unless it's a Christmas package).

Well anyway, does anyone know how much it is to post to the US?



  1. It all depends on what you are posting. Letters are cheap but parcels are expensive. So yea.
    I buy shit online too and I hate the 7+ days wait. It brings about paranoia.

  2. yeah coz you buy off shitty asians lee rofl.
    order something from ebay and you get one. it actually DOES feel good :D coz uve been waiting for the package for a week and stuff :P

  3. HAHAHA this reminded me of the nrma advert 'why do things have to be so hard these days, add a little un to your life'