October 19, 2009

three hundred and sixty-five photographs

Well in my last post I mentioned getting a film camera and Ben's Polaroid Past project and I said that I was getting carried away with the prospects of my new idea to have a go at my own version of this photography project. So I cut it out and decided to post it here. This is what i wrote before...
I'm thinking of having a go at what Ben is doing with his Polariod Past project but instead of a blog and uploading images digitally, I will take the pictures, develop the film and just keep the photos in a box. And then at the end of a year I will look at all the photos and hopefully make a flip book out of them and entitle it "A year in the life of a jellyfish". Although I will make a few changes to how I do it and I won't start now. Mainly because I can't with the whole HSC thing starting tomorrow and my lack of camera but definitely after. I think I should start at new year. That would be cool or starting on my birthday would have been awesome but it's not till AGES.
And now I shall continue...

Well I think I am going to make some changes to Ben's original concept. I will still have one assigned photo per day although due to the different medium (digital photos vs. film) and some personal preferences I will make some changes. Here is how I will do this:
  • START: New Years Day 2010.
  • I can take as many photos as I want each day and then upon developing I will chose which photo I will keep for this project. Hopefully I will have the date on the photos because I doubt I will use up a whole roll of film in one day or remember how many shots I took or which photos are from which day.
  • When I choose the picture I will write a title on the back in pencil
  • The photo will then be placed in a box
  • Once placed in the box the photo cannot be taken out nor am I allowed to flick through the photographs till the end of the project.
  • FINISH: New Years Eve 2010
  • Once the last photo is added I can then flick through three hundred and sixty-five photographs depicting a year in the life of a jellyfish.
  • I WILL make a flip book out of this. Don't know how long after I finish but it will happen.
So those are my plans. But first things first. I need to get me a camera! And some film. I shall go looking for the PERFECT camera. After HSC but I have quite a bit of time still. And if all else fails I can still use our old film camera but that thing is a brick and I want my OWN camera. Hopefully find one that isn't a brick and isn't so ugly. Black plastic casing = YUCK.

Anyway I am very excited about this. Another thing post-HSC to look forward too! Wish me luck.


  1. Wow! That sounds like fun.

    Might think about doing hat next year too!

  2. Daaaaamn, sounds so much better than mine haha. I'd love to do the whole actual film printouts thing but I just can't afford it. :( I like the idea of giving each photo a title too, perhaps I should do that heh - if you don't mind, that is. >.<

    Also starting on New Years seems a lot more sensible than me... starting on a random day right before the HSC hahaha. Oh well. Best of luck Julie! I'm sure it shall be an awesome flipbook. :D

  3. Oh Ben I don't mind. Do whatever you wish. I'm glad that you don't mind me taking your idea to try out for myself. It sounded fun so I thought I would give is a go.

    And Gail you should go and try it too. It would be cool to look at the differences of a year in your perspective compared with mine.

  4. wow! inspiring stuff :) its pretty disciplined, having a 365 day commitment so BEST WISHES for you and ben!

    inspired! and I'm itching to do something creative soon, as my art box is currently collecting dust :(