October 8, 2009


I baked some brownies today. I love how the kitchen has that I-just-baked-brownies smell. But NO I did not make these from scratch. I'm not bothered for that. Instead, thank goodness for Betty Crocker and her delicious Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies. Sounds good doesn't it. Tastes even better! Only about half of it is left now, because my brother is fat and ate lots. I like to eat my brownies and wash it down with milk like I do with Oreos and other sweet, chocolately cookies.

Like always with the computer on and an internet connection I surfed the net a bit again INSTEAD of study. I learnt how to make an origami sparrow and how to fold notes into thier own little envelopes. Also ran into lark, an online store selling handmade, recycled, organic and fair trade goods made by the founder Alison and other local craftspeople and small, family-based suppliers and manufacturers. Alison has recently set up a shop in Dalesford, "a pretty forst town just over an hour from Melbourne".

Such a cute looking store isn't it! I wouldn't mind paying a visit some time.

Well I just finished watching GLEE! The football team did the Single Ladies dance! hahaha. There is alot more to that dance than I thought, looks fun. And with that I shall end and maybe go back to writing religion notes! Still can't believe I left half of them in my locker along with my textbook and some booklets we got in class... oh well.

Till next time. TOODLES!



  1. I love anything Betty Crocker! Yumm!
    I'm quite jealous of Melbourne. It seems to spawn all these crafty people.
    GLEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The gay guy is awesome :)

  2. All the crafty people are down there! no fair. maybe i should move... and agreement with Kurt being awesome!

  3. once i burnt cake. that stunk like crap for a few days