October 27, 2009

five & one

That's five exams done and one more to go. How exciting. Although it seems like the HSC has come and (almost) gone so fast. Although having done five exams in the first week I suppose is pretty quick, so I guess this rushed feeling I'm having is explainable. And now I have just under a week to learn the WHOLE chemistry syllabus. I should have dropped it when I had the chance. But oh well, I might as well try my hardest for my last exam. And hey, maybe one of those units will end up counting, you never know.

Well today I had my HSC Music 1 Aural Skills exam. I love being in music. The people. The atmosphere. We always just end up sitting around on the grass talking, singing with guitars out. the boys playing around with a ball and in general just enjoying ourselves and each others company. We are always so relaxed even though its our HSC. The examiners even seemed laid back. They were all exhausted from the 2 unit exam earlier. The exam was fairly okay. I liked the last song. It was a jazzy version of the song "I want to be like you", for reference it's in Jungle Book.

Well I seem to be working backwards a lot these days. Earlier today, this morning before I left home I decided to bake some brownies for my beloved music class. I was meant to make them yesterday but never got around to it. I ended up with these cute, heart-shaped , bite-sized brownies all nicely wrapped and packaged for distribution to my music buddies, complete with little tag labels. [pictured below] 
Yes, I know I'm crazy for individually wrapping each of them and  having sewed paper packages. I kind of regretted doing so as I ended up leaving an hour after I was planning to. Luckily I prepared all my labels and cut all the paper yesterday, so all I had to do was sew them together. But it's all good. I liked how they turned out. I really just wanted to try out some packaging ideas I've seen around the place, on blogs which I can't remember. 

Everyone seemed to think I was crazy but thought the packaging was cool. And they liked the brownies so I think it was a job well done! Even though it was just a packet mix, but they don't need to know that. Only my special blog readers shall know the truth! Hahaha. Yay for Betty Crocker, these are the same brownies I was blogging about in the holidays. They are so yummy!

Anyway I shall stop there. [*edit: Side comment] My left leg feels funny.


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