October 7, 2009

I begin again...

I felt compelled to write a blog entry earlier but had nothing to say. So I gave up. And here I am once again trying to get something posted, still with not much in mind to write about. I must say though I have an urge to draw now. Just when I should start studying I found something which I can do NOT on the computer.

It all started two days ago in that epic storm. The sky was overcast, lightening lit up the sky and the following thunder shook my soul (haha! I'm so lame and corny it makes me laugh). Well as the thunder and lightening raged, I was forced off the computer by my father. Good thing too, a few minutes later the power went so the gloominess of outside was reflected indoors as well. As a response to my current dilemma I opted to take advantage of the lack of electricity as an excuse not to study!

Instead I sat in bed, leant against the window and just watched nature do it's thing. I love watching storms. All warm and cosy in my bed, the window slightly open to let in the cool refreshing air. I love the smell of rain. Once all the lightening had subsided, the sound of the raindrops was very soothing. I found all my old sketchbooks and started having a flick through.

At first I was just looking for things that I drew often and might try to make a stuffed toy out of to add to my "things to make" list for post-HSC-crafting. Maybe find some other things that i can reproduce and sell, it would be fun to set up a shop on etsy or something or sell stuff straight from my blog. I should start a craft blog and I'm getting sidetracked.

Well continuing on, I realised that it has indeed been quite a while since I last drew anything. The last dated page in my new sketchbook was 12th of August. So I thought that I would try and draw some stuff. Random things, some of my little characters which I draw everywhere, like my jellyfish and some other things.

Since then whenever I'm about to hit the books I want to go find my sketchbook instead. Only thing is that when I actually get my sketchbook I have blank as to what to draw. Convenience.

Well taking inspiration from a blog post in The Design Files, I decided to draw what I wore today, since I ACTUALLY changed out of my pajamas. So here it is. I scanned and quickly and crappily coloured in photoshop. Hope you (whoever is reading, IF anyone is reading) like it!
That's all folks! *loony tunes style*



  1. you guys lost power? no power outage here...

    and like the drawing +1

  2. Yay for procrastinating.
    And same1 I have no idea what to blog anymore. I said I'd try to post something every two days - never happened.

  3. thats probably the biggest contributor to the RIP of my blog too.. although i just post elsewhere now. haha