October 25, 2009

salt and pepper meet rubik

How awesome are these?! They are Rubik's Cruet Salt & Pepper Mill. I swear some people are so clever. First Mr Rubik then the people responsible for this piece of GENIUS. When I have my own place I want these! Actually I've seen plenty of really cool salt and pepper shaker sets. I should start a collection and set up a shelf to display them in the dinning room.

Anyway I found these at fredflare.com. I think I have shared some other things from this place before, I love a lot the stuff they have there. It's all so cool! Anyway here is what it has to say about these. Excerpt found here.
You’ll look like a genius with these two mock Rubik’s cube, salt & pepper mills on your kitchen table! The white top is for salt & the red top is for pepper, so you will never get ‘em mixed up. Both mills have adjustable ceramic grinders so you can choose fine or coarse. Easy to clean, plastic outer.
It's a shame that they don't ship internationally. I would buy a set of these, and a whole lot of other stuff too. I would buy them for my bother actually.


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