October 12, 2009

What goes on in my subconcious

Well I was reading Ben's "Things to do before I die" list on his blog and I commented on how some of those things listed I had already achieved upon his request I went back through the list and told him which ones I have in fact accomplished. When I got to #17. "Have a lucid dream" I had a think.

I'm fairly sure that I have had a lucid dream before on several occasions. Unluckily for me I normally forget what my dreams are about shortly after waking up. The knowledge that I did have a dream is normally all that is left of it. The dreams I do remember are normally the ones that I found quite strange at the time of dreaming and upon waking up must recount my subconscious tale to myself to try and comprehend what happened.

Although I do seem to come to a strange phenomenon where I am able to remember past forgotten dreams while in another dream. I think this occurs when, while still in my dream I am woken up for some reason for only a short while where I recognise that I have been dreaming but am not so awake as to forget the previous events (this isn't making sense... I know what I mean though and that's good enough for me). When trying to fall back asleep I go back to my dream, though only half asleep I am completely aware of what is happening in my dream some things that continue to happen remind me of things I have dreamed of before. This had happened today when I was having a nap after I came home from church. I woke up because my dad was doing some work in the backyard just outside my window. When I went back to my dream one of the places looked familiar to a place I was in a different dream. Then I realised that I could remember it and started trying to remember my other dreams while this dream still continued. I think the half awake side of me remembers this and the dreams that I remembered at this time I still kind of remember now.

I find dreams and the whole subconscious experience to be quite interesting and mysterious. What does what we dream about say about us? Is our subconscious mind our true selves free from thought and all that... I wish I knew and I wish I could remember more of my dreams. I think I have a few where I’m being chased through some neighbourhood and I go hiding in random people's houses. Or for some reason I remember a few dreams about being in a toilet, normally hiding and not ACTUALLY needing to urinate, its quite odd. And I'm sure only half the people in my dreams I actually know. Unless of course my dream is set at school or something... but even then school looks different. I remember one time there was a toilet in the language block and the labs were in the woodwork rooms... hahaha

I should be studying. ENGLISH CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE!

That is all.


  1. Very interesting stuff. I have a similar thing where like... I'll remember an actual place, like your example of the school, but then things'll be all skewed. Like, I'll start off in a room of my house, but the walkway will connect to a different part of the house than it normally does. It's so disorienting.

  2. yeah my dream from yesterday started off at school. started walking to the station and high street didn't look like high street. it didn't even look like Penrith. haha. i suggested to myself that it was Glebe pt road. then we walked into a church and the windows up the back looked onto a massive cemetery which lead onto a beach...? haha. at least the ocean was on the right side.

  3. I remember a few dreams about being in a toilet, normally hiding and not ACTUALLY needing to urinate

    Ooh, close call. The Grand Repository of All Human Knowledge says that if you dream that you wake up and go to the toilet, you may end up wetting yourself.

    The sucky thing about intentionally inducing lucidity is that it requires either time or effort, neither of which I'm particularly willing to spend. I like normal sleep too much.

    On the other hand, that could be a good thing. If you've seen Paprika, you'd know just how trippy lucid dreams can get...

  4. wthell is a lucid dream.
    and that was one large wall of text. lol