October 21, 2009

i love...

post-it notes.

Seriously, they are so fun. For notes, reminders and little drawings. All you do is peel one off and stick! I like having them around when I study (like what I should be doing NOW). I write the important stuff I need to do and reminders when my next break is. Sometimes I just draw on them and stick them all over the table and on the tissue box in front of me (because I'm STILL sick), yay for procrastination! Anyway here are some of the ones I have up at the moment. The ones in black are kind of old and for english. The one in blue highlighter I did yesterday.
Oh and I started my HSC exams today! English paper 1 is done and dusted! One down, five to go which includes THREE more this week!

Farewell my lovelies. ♥


  1. holy fuck 3 more this week ==
    that sounds shithouse.
    now that i have ur student number, all i need is ur 4digit pin, which only has 10^4 possibilities, so i have a decent chance. but id rather study for paper 2 instead. have fun :D

  2. Time to study Luther (who's not black) and Sayyid Qutb (who doesn't like anything).

  3. Post-it notes are great in yellow. The other colours are so crappy. That is all.

  4. speaking of postitnotes was in teh social science staffroom to go with rachel to reutrn her gay business books

    and left a couple of post it notes on grahame crackers desk

    it goes like this

    "dear sir, thanks for not coming to our grad .. we can really feel the love, seriously. also i hope your house gets robbed while your in europe. Lover Rachel and Geraldine"

    see the appreciation i have for him giving me year advisers award :D:D