September 26, 2009

End of an Era

Well it would seem that my last friday at school has come to a close. Last religion lesson, last cold rock run, last four period day. I am so very sad about leaving school. It's too soon. I'm not ready. I don't want to leave. Leave everything that's familiar, fun and what I have been trying to get accustomed to the past 5 and a half years. And now that everyone has finally come together it seems we are fast running out of time.

But why have we decided only now to bond? We do it because we can. We do it because it's our last chance. We do it because we may never see these people again and if we don't we may regret it. But still I wonder, why? It only makes it so much harder to leave. So much harder to let go.

I'm going to miss that place. Where so much time has been spent. Where so many of our memories have taken place and where we have grown to become who we are and probably defined who we will be in the future.

I am going to miss these people SO much. I'm going to miss the laughs we've had and the troubles we have faced together. Not just my friends. But the people I see everyday and just say hi to in the playground. The people who I don't see all that often but know are around. The people who I have known since the first day of school. The people who have come in along the way but we still feel like we have known them forever. The people I have only just made friends with. The people who I hear stories about from other people whom I wish I knew better. The people who have shaped who I am today.

And yet we are forced to say goodbye. Forced to leave it all behind. Forced to start over. I wish these days would never end. But nothing this good lasts forever. All we can do now is make the most of what's left.

And that's why we do it. So that when we grow older we can look back and say that "these were some of the best times of my life".


September 21, 2009

magic bean buyer

Magic Bean Buyer is the etsy store owned by Jamie. I found it through, formally known as Jars of Cute. Jamie is an artist, jewelry maker, seamstress and typesetter/printer and sells her handmade figurines and accessories in her etsy store.

I have to say the stuff she makes are SO CUTE! It makes me want to get into sculpting, although that involves money. I can barely satisfy my fabric cravings, despite the fact i don't quite have the time to be crafting with my HSC only a month away. So once I have an income I may try playing around with sculpting, probably using SCULPEY, an oven-bake polymer clay which comes in LOTS of colours.

Well I can't wait till after HSC. I WANT A CRAFTING SPREE and a three month summer holidya seems like the PERFECT time. Although I think I will be spending alot of this making Christmas presents coz im too cheap to buy individual presents, I might go for an assembly like thing (so not so personal hand made gifts but hand made none the less).

So much for the weekly blog entry, its barely been a few hours and I have already updated.


That's how many days of school left. EVER. How sad yet exciting. A time I am both waiting for and dreading. Waiting to FINALLY be free of the constitution known as SCHOOL. But dreading the fact that it marks the HSC around the corner.
That also means GRADUATION is soon! Preperations for the two ceremonies are on the way. Speaches have been, or still need to be written. Slideshow completed and MUSIC PERFORMANCES to organise. What is being performed by our lovely music class is still someone in discussion. We need more songs to add to our medley. So far we have two, we need at least one more. Preferably a slower song with SWAMING harmonies! So if anyone has a suggestion please leave a comment. THANK YOU.
I'm going to CRY, I know it. Because I'm just the type to cry. So whoever is sitting next to me BEWARE! Anyway, post grad things are also being organised. A party, a suprise, a trip to the city, a musical. I really should try and fit STUDY in there somewhere... haha
Well I shall be off to finish sewing the last bits of my school skirt turned shorts so that I can wear them tomorrow along with my blue junior shirt. Special initiative by us AWESOME year 12 students for the fun of it. Wow it has almost been a week since my last blog (random observation). I think my posts are beginning to become a weekly thing.
Anyway, till next time.


September 16, 2009


It's over, it's over now. Move over... now i need to study.

Well as of yesterday I finished my HSC music performances and today the marking of my DT major was done up in the senior study area of the library. It's a good feeling knowing that I have already completed part of my HSC, although the exam period is fast approaching and I HAVE TO START STUDYING! Not looking forward to that. But first i must clear my room. It's going to take a while. I started today, but the internet is distractions and i keep stopping to get a snack (need to stop snacking!).

Anyway today i had music and DT, working on grad song now in music and doing nothing in particular in DT. It's fun! Haha. And for a cleaning update, i can see bigger patches of my carpet now, which really needs to be vacuumed!

I have also been surfing the net, as you do to procrastinate cleaning. Found some really cool things. I want this. It's so totally awesome! I love that site, Jars of Cute. Check it out! ALSO want this!
Isn't it CUTE!? Its from

Short post today, I'm so lazy to type stuff up these days.


September 12, 2009

its been a while

Haven't blogged in a week. One WHOLE week. I think it is quite amazing. Ive been busy with my DT major. Marking is on Wednesday. It's VERY stressful. I still need to wrap some fake presents for it. Oh and my MUSIC HSC PERFORMANCE is on Tuesday! I'm quite excited for it. I LOVE music. And our class. and jsut hanging around and playing outside on the grass. Doing cartwheels and hand stands and playing with juggling balls and limbo and singing in harmony etc. Yeah...

I'm keeping this short Because I'm WAY too lazy. Oh and Lyn has a new art blog (I like hyperlinks!). Go check it out and follow. It's new so there isn't much yet. Makes me want to start my craft blog already but im too lazy to maintain two blogs and I don't have time to do enough craft stuff. I KNOW! After HSC, when i will be on a three month crafting spree!! Hahahahaha.

Anyhows that's all I'm bothered to write. I should add a random picture... just a sec, shall go find one.
There you go, that's random enough. This is what it's like waiting for my bus late in the morning. That's all.

See you later alligator,

September 6, 2009


Here is my finished Major for Design and Technology. This is posted for Shuang to see. I still need to finish my folio.

Leave a COMMENT! it will go in my folio!! hahahaha :)

edit: here is a close up of the effect of the layered plywood.