September 21, 2009

magic bean buyer

Magic Bean Buyer is the etsy store owned by Jamie. I found it through, formally known as Jars of Cute. Jamie is an artist, jewelry maker, seamstress and typesetter/printer and sells her handmade figurines and accessories in her etsy store.

I have to say the stuff she makes are SO CUTE! It makes me want to get into sculpting, although that involves money. I can barely satisfy my fabric cravings, despite the fact i don't quite have the time to be crafting with my HSC only a month away. So once I have an income I may try playing around with sculpting, probably using SCULPEY, an oven-bake polymer clay which comes in LOTS of colours.

Well I can't wait till after HSC. I WANT A CRAFTING SPREE and a three month summer holidya seems like the PERFECT time. Although I think I will be spending alot of this making Christmas presents coz im too cheap to buy individual presents, I might go for an assembly like thing (so not so personal hand made gifts but hand made none the less).

So much for the weekly blog entry, its barely been a few hours and I have already updated.

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