September 16, 2009


It's over, it's over now. Move over... now i need to study.

Well as of yesterday I finished my HSC music performances and today the marking of my DT major was done up in the senior study area of the library. It's a good feeling knowing that I have already completed part of my HSC, although the exam period is fast approaching and I HAVE TO START STUDYING! Not looking forward to that. But first i must clear my room. It's going to take a while. I started today, but the internet is distractions and i keep stopping to get a snack (need to stop snacking!).

Anyway today i had music and DT, working on grad song now in music and doing nothing in particular in DT. It's fun! Haha. And for a cleaning update, i can see bigger patches of my carpet now, which really needs to be vacuumed!

I have also been surfing the net, as you do to procrastinate cleaning. Found some really cool things. I want this. It's so totally awesome! I love that site, Jars of Cute. Check it out! ALSO want this!
Isn't it CUTE!? Its from

Short post today, I'm so lazy to type stuff up these days.



  1. ahh luckky one. >< how much was the weighting for ur major/preformance?

  2. DT major = 60% of hsc external examination mark (exam is worth 40%)
    Music... i have NO IDEA, really should find out.

  3. COngrats!!!

    Heres something to procrastinate over:
    looking for a song for minna?

    I've been looking but not sure.