September 12, 2009

its been a while

Haven't blogged in a week. One WHOLE week. I think it is quite amazing. Ive been busy with my DT major. Marking is on Wednesday. It's VERY stressful. I still need to wrap some fake presents for it. Oh and my MUSIC HSC PERFORMANCE is on Tuesday! I'm quite excited for it. I LOVE music. And our class. and jsut hanging around and playing outside on the grass. Doing cartwheels and hand stands and playing with juggling balls and limbo and singing in harmony etc. Yeah...

I'm keeping this short Because I'm WAY too lazy. Oh and Lyn has a new art blog (I like hyperlinks!). Go check it out and follow. It's new so there isn't much yet. Makes me want to start my craft blog already but im too lazy to maintain two blogs and I don't have time to do enough craft stuff. I KNOW! After HSC, when i will be on a three month crafting spree!! Hahahahaha.

Anyhows that's all I'm bothered to write. I should add a random picture... just a sec, shall go find one.
There you go, that's random enough. This is what it's like waiting for my bus late in the morning. That's all.

See you later alligator,


  1. I did what you told me!
    I followed lynno's blog :D

  2. just put a link to ur devart lol

  3. yeah but having a deviant account is different to a craft blog. i'll put a link up here though

  4. haha lynno has a blog? :O i might g ocheck it outt..