March 28, 2011

I'm selling golden tickets for $5!

Based on the golden tickets in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', both the text on the front and back are customisable; 'company' name (fake or otherwise), the prize (if you don't want to see Willy Wonka's factory) and the terms and conditions on the back.

If want my to make you some of these babies just head to
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March 6, 2011


Slight pause from my usual (but by no means frequent) designy posts..

But yeah. back at uni, one week has gone by. And there is one way I know I'm REALLY back at uni, I'm cutting up cardboard on the floor again! HOORAH! Not really. I have having limited supplies of stuff. I need to go by more cardboard. I always feel bad for 'wasting' resources when im testing when I know I dont have much of the material. Especially when I can see the amount of it reducing as I go. I'm one of those stingy, eco people. I dont like to spend money and I dont like seeing material going to 'waste'.

In my mind good prototypes are perfect in terms of that design. I hate seeing things not work. i hate making mistakes. Everything needs to work. Every bit thought out thoroughly.

I hate being a perfectionist sometimes. Need to stop thinking and just do. In the words of Nike.

Oh and I still havent found something to write with... but for once i know where my stanley knife is.