August 30, 2009

A bird named Pie...

Shuangs present was an OWL and these are the results of my last minute cramming to complete it. I didn't sleep much, fell asleep a few times while sewing on my bed but didn't finish till past 6am!! but its okay. I love how it turned out! Not how i planned or originally imagined but things never go according to plan. Here's a picture of the finished product.See look DARK TO LIGHT. This was taken on my window sill in NATURAL DAYLIGHT. Just to further emphasise that i finished making this just moments before i started getting ready to leave the house to go to the city. And here are two more pictures just coz...
Glad to say Shuang liked it and named it Pie! hahaha. Now have more things to add to my deviant!

Well shall keep this short and let the pictures do the talking. Please let me know what you think! Oh and Geraldine if you still wanted me to make you one i wont be able to do so till this weekend, my major is stressing me out (yet i insist on blogging...), just let me know.


BIG day out in the city

Well yesterday went to the city for uni open days, lunch at the park, glebe markets, capitol, galaxy world and dinner at Encasa.

Day started off at home, trying to finish Shuang's present. The owl which i owe her from LAST YEAR. Yes i had next to NO sleep friday night trying to finish that. I'll post some pictures in another post. Well anyway had to catch the train at 8.06 on a SATURDAY! I should not be out of bed at this time, let alone catching a train to the city. It felt like i was going to school... Anyway, Ben missed the train so we had to wait for him at central. In the mean time i bought pancakes from hungry jacks because i didnt have a proper breakfast. The bin in there said something weird about calling or something. don't quite remember and i didnt take a picture of it. should do that next time, if i remember. Anyway Ben arrived then we waited for a few other people and bumped into Gail and Dave.

When we left the station it was raining outside. not pouring, not a light shower but just enough to be annoying. we crossed the road and got to a UTS stand where they had programs for today. Also had pencils and LOLLYPOPS! Took a few of each. You got to love FREEBIES. Shuang, Ben and I detatched ourselves from the group to go to the DAB building, Building 6. There was a cool guy in the VisComm place talking to us and converted Shuang to a VisComm student wannabe like Ben and I. Also some VERY badly organised orange chairs. A photography lab stinking with chemicals (the guy there was cool too, gave us a private tour). And a lift with cardboard, OUR lift.
OUR cardboard covered lift and the inconveniently MASSIVE architecture books.

We moved on from building 6 to building 1 (otherwise known and the Big, ugly, gray building). This is where all the action was happening. Outside was a big free coffee line, a Nova (i think it was nova cant remember) van with free entertainment (wii and giant connect 4) and a stall giving out UTS shirts!! WE WANTED UTS SHIRTS! So we asked around and apparently you had to fill in a survey after sitting an info lecture thing. So after grabbing a free bag, free ice cream, free postcards, more free pens, pencils and lollipops and a short look around level 4 we headed back to building 6 for an architecture lecture thing.
View of the big ugly gray building, taken on the bridge from the DAB building.

Well we sat through the lecture.. people would NOT stop asking questions! We just wanted shirts! It finished and NO SURVEYS! So we went back to building 1 to ask where the surveys were. after finding a girl with a clip board on level 5 we FINALLY filled out the survey, got our tickets and exchanged them for FREE UTS apparel. After that we were happy campers and decided it was time to walk to Broadway to buy food for our picnic.
Sitting in lecture hall 6.3.28 i.e. building 6, level 3, room 28.

After the food was bought we crossed the road to Victoria park to eat lunch and meet up with everyone else. But didn't stay long, Lynneal, Ben and I went back to UTS for a VisComm lecture. There we bumped into Laura and she walked with us to UTS. After the lecture given by the assistant dean for DAB, we headed back to the park (so much walking!). We ate a little bit more, packed up and headed for GLEBE MARKETS!

I love Glebe, first stall and got myself a new vest for $10!! Walked around with Ama. We suck. It goes something like this. *walking around* "$10 rack!" *frantically looking around* "WHERE?" *gravitate*. Haha. I also bought a new jacket for $15. Money well spent i say. I found a cool rainbow (okay it was red, yellow and blue) belt for $20 but i didn't have enough cash on me to buy it. I also kept finding nice skirts, mostly brown ones. No idea why. I think I'm destined to buy a skirt from Glebe. I will, next time I go... We then bussed it to Haymarket to go CAPITOL! Yay for asianising, well the non-asians. Haha. Then to galaxy world where we had two rounds of daytona, none of which i won. And that kiddy gave where you hit the crocodile's head when it pops out. It was fun. Went a little something like this. *beeping* Wow whats happening?? Did we break it?? Is it finished?? OH we got the HIGH SCORE!!!! Hahahaha. GO US! Oh and we also got tickets which was distributed between us. Then it was dinner time!
Sitting outside the markets awaiting the bus.

Our capitol photos, we ran out of time... and only decorated half of them.

Walked to Pitt Street to a Spanish restaurant called Encasa. We were a tad early and had to wait outside till our table was ready. We all sat drinking water while waiting for our orders to be taken. And after they were, we sat drinking more water while waiting for the food to come. All the while we were busy with conversation, laughter and picture taking - mainly luvos down the other end of the table. Haha. Then the food came. It was GOOD. I was so full after eating and scabbing off everyone else. After eating and our plates were gone, Shuang opened the rest of her presents. we sang happy birthday and made her make a speech which consisted of lots of tears and laughter. Tears mostly Shuang, Ama welled up too. The laughter was mostly the rest of us.

We then thought that we wouldn't get dessert and headed to the station at lightning pace, regardless of our tired sore selves.We made the express train with 5 minutes to spare. Shana thought it would be a lovely idea to buy a last minute sunday at hungry jacks but she still made it too. Train ride was a good wind down to an awesome day.

That's it really. I excluded some details or else this would have been triple the length it is now.


Note: All pictures (excluding the capitol photos) were scabbed from Ben's facebook. Thanks Ben!

August 26, 2009

light to dark or dark to light?

Light to dark...
or dark to light?
Which do you think looks better?

Please help! It's for my current craft project, Shuang's birthday present. I need to decide NOW or very soon so I can finish it for Saturday.

Please leave your preference in the form of a comment. THANK YOU.


August 25, 2009

Cuts, splinters, sawdust & apple pie

For some reason I don't feel like typing much today, how queer (as in strange). Anyway yesterday I borrowed Gail and Dave's religion notes so I could study in the library while everyone was doing their 2unit/ext.2/general exam to make up for the study I DIDN'T do on the weekend. And now I am a "free bird" according to Ahan. In other words I have no more trial exams after religion yesterday afternoon.

I had my hair up in a bun today (it's still in a bun). It's the most convenient that way when working on my major. Leaving it out is a safety hazard and just having it tied back isn't that much better because my hair is so long (can't wait to cut it short). So a but works, it means that I get less sawdust in my hair, it got in my fringe today but it's relatively east to get sawdust out of my fringe. And when I take it out my hair will be all wavy.

So I spent today at school from maybe 9.30 - 4, despite my last exam being yesterday. I worked on my major which is due next Friday and covered myself with sawdust as per usual. I got through a few sheets of my plywood, about 5 or 6, maybe even 7 if I'm being optimistic. Routering all day is tiring. Practically been standing the whole time I've been at school. Excluding the 5 - 10 minutes i spent eating my lunch after wishing everyone luck for their ext. math exam and the times I went to the bathroom.

As indicated by the title of this post I got lots of cuts and splinters today. Five cuts in total. Nothing serious, they're just like paper cuts. Though I do have one on mt left hand, which is a tad deep. Gail gave me a band aid for it. THANKS GAIL! But it started coming off towards the end of the day because of all the sawdust everywhere. I also had a few splinters, which I had to take out with my nails becuase i had no tweezers. One of them bled a little bit but it's okay. I swear DT is bad for my health. I keep hurting myself, it's even partially responsible for my record 40 hours no sleep last year.

Well I'll be back in the workshops again tomorrow slaving away. I'm going to be so tired. Oh and I got my first Frankie magazine from the subscription my parents got me for my birthday. Supposedly it came on Friday but NO ONE told me! Anyway I'll take a look at that before I go to bed, which should be soon, I'm SO tired...

And LOL. How amusing. At the beginning of this post I said that I didn't "feel like typing much today". It still ended up being a long post. I'm good at rambling. I was going to stick some pictures in too but I can't be bothered. I'll edit them in later.


Note: I decided to bold some random words. Don't ask why, I just did. There is no real significance behind it.

Edit: Forgot all about the apple pie bit. Pretty much when I went home i.e. left school (at 4!), I found a gold coin in my bad and bought an apple pie from Mc Donald's across the road from school.

August 24, 2009

what i was going to blog about yesterday...

So here is the failed blog from yesterday.
Giving in to temptation...
I couldn't take it anymore. I finally did it. I started writing a blog entry. Oh the shame. I told myself I wouldn't. I should learn to keep my word on things like this. Learn to say 'NO' to procrastination. Haha

Well anyway, today I was SUPPOSED to study religion. Did that happen? Course not! Not with my epic procrastination skills. What did I do? STARVE! I swear there was NOTHING to eat at home today. It was so sad. After church my parents and my sister went... somewhere and my brother and I were left at home. Pretty much all there was to eat was rice and we are both way to lazy to cook anything for ourselves (oh yeah, we'll be fine when we move out.. ha).

Whilst procrastinating...
And that's how it finished, or didn't finish rather. Also to gail's comment about my posts being so long that you cant remember what you were going to comment about when you get to the end.I shall try to cut down. Starting next post. Yeah i understand your pain. i think its because i get bored halfway in writing and stop and when i come back i have more to write. And there i go again with the off topic rambling!

Okay I need to read my last post again because i dont remember the order of which i was going to retell my tale... back in a sec! Okay there is a lot less in there than the size of the post might suggest, i might need to stop rambling.

So now presenting my new desktop! Haha. This is SO cute! The EIGHT planets of our solar system, because Pluto got dumped. Got it off deviant as i said. It is by a British illustrator Anneka Tran and this is her blog. My favourite is between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus (LOL, I'm immature).

And now for my icon sets by Raindropmemory, a graphic designer from Thailand. I spent yesterday changing my icons and pick and choosing. That's what i get for downloading 2. I'm only showing the In Spirited we Love set (based upon the film Spirited Away) below because the other image is really long and doesn't come out well. But that one is called Summer, Love & Cicadas.

Oh and there was also my new fascination for brogues, a vintage style of shoe. This is all thanks to this post (i like hyperlinks!) on Anneka Tran's blog (go follow her blog!). I went on ebay and everything looking for some. Haha. I will have a pair before new years! I hope.

Anyway I don't want this to drag on. I might have another post for the rest of it.

Till the next post,

at school...

Well I Am currently on my study break from religion. Sending a post via email from my school det address. Time is currently 11.05. Sitting at one of the towers computers in the library. I am listening to 'Photobooth' by Death Cab for Cutie on my phone. Well I hope that I sent this to the right address. If so then that's good I can just go edit this post when I get home. If not, oh well. I'll send it to myself to send to the right email later (also when I get home).

Anyway, I was typing up a post yesterday because i finally gave in to my urge to post something. Stupidly i kind of gave up on the post coz it was getting late but Geraldine sent me a nigahiga link on youtube (the one about the word 'PWNED') and i got distracted and started watching all these other vids. YOUTUBE SPREE for several hours, went to bed past 3. Haha. [song change: "Death Cloud" by Cloud Control - do as i say... ooh ah ah ah ah ahh] My break should be over in THREE minutes... not likely. I swear I spend WAY too long composing new posts. Hence why they always turn out like essays.

ANYWAY on with the story about yesterday's failed post. The whole day yesterday I had so much stuff i wanted to share (ha! - no idea why i find that amusing, also im getting lazy on capitalising my 'i"s). So come 11 or whatever time i finally clicked on the "new post" button on my blogger dashboard. Now it was my time to go and share and write an essay about my day, but what happens?! MIND BLANK, that's what happens. I did start writing stuff but I (ooh capital!) wasn't liking how it was coming out, felt forced. Not like now how im just blabbing on whilst going over my 15 minute study break time.

So anyway, I wanted to talk about my new desktop picture, my new icon sets - all of which i got off deviantart. I even went into all the trouble of making a screen shot of my desktop. Also pictures of my WIP (Work In Progress for those unfamiliar to the term, not that that many people read this) for Shuang's 18th! I wanted to get opinions on a set of colours i was going to use, "should i have the colours run light to dark, or dark to light?". These i wanted to post since Saturday but was having trouble with BOTH card readers (one on my printer and one on my brother's laptop). Funny though i took like 40 pictures of practically the same thing, lots of macros because i like macros! I will be posting them later along with the beginning of my failed blog post and all of the other stuff i have just mentioned, or will mention (if i can remember what else i wanted to rant on about...) Might also take pictures of the dodgey book i made myself (just thought of this right now. I haven't even got pictures of it yet, which reminds me i have things i can upload to my deviant. Some things I've made over the past few months, some of which i also need to re photograph upon the discovery of my grandmothers digital camera - ours is still broken and is yet to be replaced).

I think that's all i can remember wanting to share. Will add on a new post or whatever later when i get home or if i remember. I should have post it notes but i forgot them today! OH yeah i remember now i found brogues (or however you spell it) I want a pair!! found some on ebay!

Yeah my break has gone on LONG enough, an extra 15 minutes. "Bad Julie, go study!". will be editing and adding stuff and a new post when i get home!

Toodles! (I've been saying that now, no idea why. i like change?)

Edit: I guess i didn't have the right address. oh well. posting now that i'm home.

August 22, 2009

a pool of rainbow spheres...

Need to find a ball pit! In the city, somewhere some how we shall have a pit of colourful plastic balls!! Hahaha...

Well there has been lots planned for Laura's Birthday Music Weekend. On that list is to play in a ball pit. BUT we don't know where. Lyn and I have been browsing the net but NOTHING!! Came across this site. It calculates the amount of balls you need to fill your appartment, room or any other space for that matter. I find it quite amusing. Gave me the idea of turing the common room into one giant ball pit on muck up day. That would be so much fun! But it would also be expensive. There is a site which sells a box of 500 for $107 but i dont know how much shipping/delivery is. Oh well.

Anyway exam update:

English Advanced paper 2: FAIL
That was so crap!! I hate specific questions. For module A, none of my notes or prepared point had ANYTHING to do with that question. And the other modules sucked too.

Music 1 Aural:
I love music. I really do. I love our class and how as the year draws to a close we get closer and closer. So in the three hours we had to spare between exams what did our music class do? Study? Nope. We played outside on the green grass under a clear blue sky. It was so much fun! And oh so very stress relieving. There was baseball with a stick, till we lost the ball (quite sad) and then we were just chucking my juggling balls around, I swear those juggling balls were such a good investment. They are the bonding tool of our music class. RAINBOW BALLS. hahahahaha

Chemistry: FAIL
It was an easy exam. I just didn't study. Why?
1. Because I procrastinate WAY too much.
2. I only started studying the day before.
3. There is WAY too much content to get through.
4. Because I was tired after playing around before music.
5. I wanted to sleep.
So here is what happened. After music aural, caught the train and got home around 4.45. I ate as I always do then went on the computer, as usual. Went on MSN (big mistake). By the time I got up to start studying it was already 5.45. So I studied for a bit, I need a better way of studying, I'm not very good at it. Didn't get much done. Had a break. Back to study. Got my brother to explain some AAS stuff to me (it wasn't in the exam..!). Had another break and by the time that was over it was about 10.30. I go back to my room to study but feel really sleepy. My bed isn't the best place to study, but my desk is covered in mess and sitting at the computer table is too distracting. Plus it's warmer sitting in my bed. Anyway, so I thought 'maybe I should sleep for an hour and wake up and study again'. It's not a completely bad idea, thats what I do with english all the time and I get stuff done. So I set my alarm for 12 and go to sleep. So my alarm goes off at 12, I wake up turn the alarm off and go back to bed. I wasn't bothered. Too little too late was my reasoning for it. And being tired. Oh well.

Design & Technology:
My DT exam was, well... a DT exam. Nothing epic and all just BS-ed. Haha. It was funny though. After my chem exam, I met up with Shuang in the library and she was doing some online multiple choice questions on BOS. Well there were a few questions of the exams which we answered several times. So yeah, I knew those answers. And like always there were a few questions which were just plain stupid.

Now I just have religion left on Monday arvo and I am exam free till actual HSC! Then spending the rest of the exam period in DT working my ass off to finish my major. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS to go! I'm screwed. Then movies Thursday arvo. Walk-a-thon Friday. And UTS and USYD open days and Shuang's Shindig on Saturday. And those are my plans for the coming week. Anyone interested in stalking, feel free. Just pop up and say 'HI'.

Well I should sleep. I've spent WAY too long writing this.

Goodnight or goodmorning rather.


August 18, 2009

Design & Technology Diary

I was thinking...

If I had got into blogging ages ago, I could have made a blog for my DT diary instead of having to write it all out in a book. Would be much more fun filling out. Though I don't know how I would get the markers to look at it. Maybe bring a laptop upstairs where the marking is meant to be done, or I could just print off all my entries individually and bind them into a book! Haha. (YAY for my new book binding skills. Even though I'm not that great at it yet.)

Oh well, it's a tad too late now. I will just end up using my work books as my diaries because ALL of my work is in there and the one I WAS using seems to have gone missing.

ANYWAY, I had my trial HSC music performances today. It went okay but not great. Regardless today was a lot of fun! I love being around music. Had another music class bonding session. Included was lots of encouragement for people performing, practice, playing outside, an ALDI RUN, pigging out in the middle of our class, lots of singing and randomly breaking into harmony (though breaking into harmony is SO much better with choir nerds, no offence to non-choir-nerd-music-kids, you guys are still awesome!) as well as making a COMPLETE mess of our 'green' room. I'm going to miss hanging out with the music kids.

Well I should get back to looking at english stuff or looking for english stuff rather.


August 17, 2009

I forgot about this...

I completely forgot that i could type out blog posts via email. haha.

well anyway, had my first trial exam today. IT SUCKED! coz it was english, how not suprising. i hate english with a passion! i really should do work for english instead of relying on the day before to prepare which is normal. so after two hours of pain it was off to music! practiced a little bit with lyn. then off to dt to cut more plywood! i finished cutting with the jigsaw in just over an hour!! now i have to go and router it all. will take FOREVER!! and im running out of time. i should work on my folio! like NOW which i shall do when i can get on the other computer and see if i can get to my files. the computer died on the weekend! i went into a bit of a panic. NOT GOOD. but i think its kind of working now. thanks to my suprisingly techy dad.

well im listening to david's sail away right now. coz i need to get the harmonies right for his performance TOMORROW. and my performance is also TOMORROW! DAMN. im not ready! i think. i havent practiced with lily AT ALL. nor have i practiced with keitan since ages ago when we played 'the show' for oc kids. i might get everyone to come in early tomorrow morning. i dont know how willing everyone will be to do that though. AND i hate singing in the morning, especially when it's cold. but it might have to be done. actually that might be a good idea, i could get lilly to come as well to run through her part. and then after music i will come home and study CHEMISTRY. and maybe look at my english. Stupid modules. im going to fail them more than area of study. THREE bloody essays!!

anyway off to print stuff and then work on my harmonies for david and my FOLIO.

Bye bye

August 11, 2009

always time for procrastinating!

Well i haven't blogged in a while. With trials coming up i don't have the time. But i feel like procrastinating a bit, or a lot rather.
Anyway i dont know what to write about. I know i'll show you what i had for recess today and yesterday coz i can. And coz i'm weird and take pictures of my lunch.

I had strawberries, blueberries and cherries and vanilla yogurt! im so healthy sometimes. And YAY for matching tupperware!

Ooh I have also been cutting up the plywood which i brought home. It's such a pain!! So slow and there is so much to cut AND its very tiring. Although the upside is that i have a good, relatively guilt-free reason for not studying (just not right now i don't). These pictures were taken on Sunday.
Yay for my first cut sheet!
Close up. MACRO, kinda..
My work bench (old dining table in the garage) & the encyclopedias i was using to weigh the sheets of ply down coz i forgot to bring some clamps home...
Comparing the difference between cutting along the grain (top) and against the grain (above) of the wood.
There is now a massive pile of sawdust on the floor of my garage. Sawdust gets everywhere, i swear i have some on my pjs.
PI! Because i can. Sadly no jellyfish. Did that as school yesterday with my helpers Remon and Brent. They were doing a jellyfish dance too.
Yes there are many pictures. I won't type much more now. I have more plywood to cut! I've done 7 sheets which i took to school today. Have 5 more to go at home and a new set of 12 at school!!! OMG, it's going to take FOREVER!
Well i'm off to get sawdust all over my clothes yet again and to add to the ever growing pile under my work table.

Bye bye,
* j