August 24, 2009

what i was going to blog about yesterday...

So here is the failed blog from yesterday.
Giving in to temptation...
I couldn't take it anymore. I finally did it. I started writing a blog entry. Oh the shame. I told myself I wouldn't. I should learn to keep my word on things like this. Learn to say 'NO' to procrastination. Haha

Well anyway, today I was SUPPOSED to study religion. Did that happen? Course not! Not with my epic procrastination skills. What did I do? STARVE! I swear there was NOTHING to eat at home today. It was so sad. After church my parents and my sister went... somewhere and my brother and I were left at home. Pretty much all there was to eat was rice and we are both way to lazy to cook anything for ourselves (oh yeah, we'll be fine when we move out.. ha).

Whilst procrastinating...
And that's how it finished, or didn't finish rather. Also to gail's comment about my posts being so long that you cant remember what you were going to comment about when you get to the end.I shall try to cut down. Starting next post. Yeah i understand your pain. i think its because i get bored halfway in writing and stop and when i come back i have more to write. And there i go again with the off topic rambling!

Okay I need to read my last post again because i dont remember the order of which i was going to retell my tale... back in a sec! Okay there is a lot less in there than the size of the post might suggest, i might need to stop rambling.

So now presenting my new desktop! Haha. This is SO cute! The EIGHT planets of our solar system, because Pluto got dumped. Got it off deviant as i said. It is by a British illustrator Anneka Tran and this is her blog. My favourite is between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus (LOL, I'm immature).

And now for my icon sets by Raindropmemory, a graphic designer from Thailand. I spent yesterday changing my icons and pick and choosing. That's what i get for downloading 2. I'm only showing the In Spirited we Love set (based upon the film Spirited Away) below because the other image is really long and doesn't come out well. But that one is called Summer, Love & Cicadas.

Oh and there was also my new fascination for brogues, a vintage style of shoe. This is all thanks to this post (i like hyperlinks!) on Anneka Tran's blog (go follow her blog!). I went on ebay and everything looking for some. Haha. I will have a pair before new years! I hope.

Anyway I don't want this to drag on. I might have another post for the rest of it.

Till the next post,


  1. Yaaayy. go julie.. firstly goodwork on controlling your essay length :P
    and nice looking desktop you got there... =)
    but mines better :P hehe.
    ohh and "free bird" goodluck for lathing :P

  2. and surely you should know by now that when i say lathing i really mean getting yourself covred in saw dust from when you sand down ur dt major:P

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. i like.

    essay shortened down (Y)
    desktop (Y)
    immaturity (Y)
    icons (Y)

    GG julie haha

  5. dont need to be a genius to tell who that was "GG" preety much gives it away

  6. I love your desktop!!!
    I definitely agree - saturn, uranus and jupiter are the cutest! I love the rings around them.
    And the icons are adorable!

  7. id laugh if u got theplanets the wrong order.
    so where are the moons?

  8. how would I get it in the wrong order?
    and the moon is there. I think what you are referring to eddy are SATELLITES. and there would be way to many to draw in.