August 17, 2009

I forgot about this...

I completely forgot that i could type out blog posts via email. haha.

well anyway, had my first trial exam today. IT SUCKED! coz it was english, how not suprising. i hate english with a passion! i really should do work for english instead of relying on the day before to prepare which is normal. so after two hours of pain it was off to music! practiced a little bit with lyn. then off to dt to cut more plywood! i finished cutting with the jigsaw in just over an hour!! now i have to go and router it all. will take FOREVER!! and im running out of time. i should work on my folio! like NOW which i shall do when i can get on the other computer and see if i can get to my files. the computer died on the weekend! i went into a bit of a panic. NOT GOOD. but i think its kind of working now. thanks to my suprisingly techy dad.

well im listening to david's sail away right now. coz i need to get the harmonies right for his performance TOMORROW. and my performance is also TOMORROW! DAMN. im not ready! i think. i havent practiced with lily AT ALL. nor have i practiced with keitan since ages ago when we played 'the show' for oc kids. i might get everyone to come in early tomorrow morning. i dont know how willing everyone will be to do that though. AND i hate singing in the morning, especially when it's cold. but it might have to be done. actually that might be a good idea, i could get lilly to come as well to run through her part. and then after music i will come home and study CHEMISTRY. and maybe look at my english. Stupid modules. im going to fail them more than area of study. THREE bloody essays!!

anyway off to print stuff and then work on my harmonies for david and my FOLIO.

Bye bye

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  1. you can type blogs from email???!?!?! how so. do tell