August 25, 2009

Cuts, splinters, sawdust & apple pie

For some reason I don't feel like typing much today, how queer (as in strange). Anyway yesterday I borrowed Gail and Dave's religion notes so I could study in the library while everyone was doing their 2unit/ext.2/general exam to make up for the study I DIDN'T do on the weekend. And now I am a "free bird" according to Ahan. In other words I have no more trial exams after religion yesterday afternoon.

I had my hair up in a bun today (it's still in a bun). It's the most convenient that way when working on my major. Leaving it out is a safety hazard and just having it tied back isn't that much better because my hair is so long (can't wait to cut it short). So a but works, it means that I get less sawdust in my hair, it got in my fringe today but it's relatively east to get sawdust out of my fringe. And when I take it out my hair will be all wavy.

So I spent today at school from maybe 9.30 - 4, despite my last exam being yesterday. I worked on my major which is due next Friday and covered myself with sawdust as per usual. I got through a few sheets of my plywood, about 5 or 6, maybe even 7 if I'm being optimistic. Routering all day is tiring. Practically been standing the whole time I've been at school. Excluding the 5 - 10 minutes i spent eating my lunch after wishing everyone luck for their ext. math exam and the times I went to the bathroom.

As indicated by the title of this post I got lots of cuts and splinters today. Five cuts in total. Nothing serious, they're just like paper cuts. Though I do have one on mt left hand, which is a tad deep. Gail gave me a band aid for it. THANKS GAIL! But it started coming off towards the end of the day because of all the sawdust everywhere. I also had a few splinters, which I had to take out with my nails becuase i had no tweezers. One of them bled a little bit but it's okay. I swear DT is bad for my health. I keep hurting myself, it's even partially responsible for my record 40 hours no sleep last year.

Well I'll be back in the workshops again tomorrow slaving away. I'm going to be so tired. Oh and I got my first Frankie magazine from the subscription my parents got me for my birthday. Supposedly it came on Friday but NO ONE told me! Anyway I'll take a look at that before I go to bed, which should be soon, I'm SO tired...

And LOL. How amusing. At the beginning of this post I said that I didn't "feel like typing much today". It still ended up being a long post. I'm good at rambling. I was going to stick some pictures in too but I can't be bothered. I'll edit them in later.


Note: I decided to bold some random words. Don't ask why, I just did. There is no real significance behind it.

Edit: Forgot all about the apple pie bit. Pretty much when I went home i.e. left school (at 4!), I found a gold coin in my bad and bought an apple pie from Mc Donald's across the road from school.


  1. i read it all
    to purposely not study ftech :D

  2. Woo!
    Double mention in the post!
    Apple pie! Thank goodness they're $1.

  3. ahaha lol @ geraldine...
    ahahaha. apple pies >< maccas apple pies (:

  4. rof was a pretty cool story :P

    lol the ending was the best tbh

  5. i imagined you with a new haircut. i think it looks awesome, can't wait! it's gonna be really... refreshing but i miss playing with your long hair 8C