August 30, 2009

BIG day out in the city

Well yesterday went to the city for uni open days, lunch at the park, glebe markets, capitol, galaxy world and dinner at Encasa.

Day started off at home, trying to finish Shuang's present. The owl which i owe her from LAST YEAR. Yes i had next to NO sleep friday night trying to finish that. I'll post some pictures in another post. Well anyway had to catch the train at 8.06 on a SATURDAY! I should not be out of bed at this time, let alone catching a train to the city. It felt like i was going to school... Anyway, Ben missed the train so we had to wait for him at central. In the mean time i bought pancakes from hungry jacks because i didnt have a proper breakfast. The bin in there said something weird about calling or something. don't quite remember and i didnt take a picture of it. should do that next time, if i remember. Anyway Ben arrived then we waited for a few other people and bumped into Gail and Dave.

When we left the station it was raining outside. not pouring, not a light shower but just enough to be annoying. we crossed the road and got to a UTS stand where they had programs for today. Also had pencils and LOLLYPOPS! Took a few of each. You got to love FREEBIES. Shuang, Ben and I detatched ourselves from the group to go to the DAB building, Building 6. There was a cool guy in the VisComm place talking to us and converted Shuang to a VisComm student wannabe like Ben and I. Also some VERY badly organised orange chairs. A photography lab stinking with chemicals (the guy there was cool too, gave us a private tour). And a lift with cardboard, OUR lift.
OUR cardboard covered lift and the inconveniently MASSIVE architecture books.

We moved on from building 6 to building 1 (otherwise known and the Big, ugly, gray building). This is where all the action was happening. Outside was a big free coffee line, a Nova (i think it was nova cant remember) van with free entertainment (wii and giant connect 4) and a stall giving out UTS shirts!! WE WANTED UTS SHIRTS! So we asked around and apparently you had to fill in a survey after sitting an info lecture thing. So after grabbing a free bag, free ice cream, free postcards, more free pens, pencils and lollipops and a short look around level 4 we headed back to building 6 for an architecture lecture thing.
View of the big ugly gray building, taken on the bridge from the DAB building.

Well we sat through the lecture.. people would NOT stop asking questions! We just wanted shirts! It finished and NO SURVEYS! So we went back to building 1 to ask where the surveys were. after finding a girl with a clip board on level 5 we FINALLY filled out the survey, got our tickets and exchanged them for FREE UTS apparel. After that we were happy campers and decided it was time to walk to Broadway to buy food for our picnic.
Sitting in lecture hall 6.3.28 i.e. building 6, level 3, room 28.

After the food was bought we crossed the road to Victoria park to eat lunch and meet up with everyone else. But didn't stay long, Lynneal, Ben and I went back to UTS for a VisComm lecture. There we bumped into Laura and she walked with us to UTS. After the lecture given by the assistant dean for DAB, we headed back to the park (so much walking!). We ate a little bit more, packed up and headed for GLEBE MARKETS!

I love Glebe, first stall and got myself a new vest for $10!! Walked around with Ama. We suck. It goes something like this. *walking around* "$10 rack!" *frantically looking around* "WHERE?" *gravitate*. Haha. I also bought a new jacket for $15. Money well spent i say. I found a cool rainbow (okay it was red, yellow and blue) belt for $20 but i didn't have enough cash on me to buy it. I also kept finding nice skirts, mostly brown ones. No idea why. I think I'm destined to buy a skirt from Glebe. I will, next time I go... We then bussed it to Haymarket to go CAPITOL! Yay for asianising, well the non-asians. Haha. Then to galaxy world where we had two rounds of daytona, none of which i won. And that kiddy gave where you hit the crocodile's head when it pops out. It was fun. Went a little something like this. *beeping* Wow whats happening?? Did we break it?? Is it finished?? OH we got the HIGH SCORE!!!! Hahahaha. GO US! Oh and we also got tickets which was distributed between us. Then it was dinner time!
Sitting outside the markets awaiting the bus.

Our capitol photos, we ran out of time... and only decorated half of them.

Walked to Pitt Street to a Spanish restaurant called Encasa. We were a tad early and had to wait outside till our table was ready. We all sat drinking water while waiting for our orders to be taken. And after they were, we sat drinking more water while waiting for the food to come. All the while we were busy with conversation, laughter and picture taking - mainly luvos down the other end of the table. Haha. Then the food came. It was GOOD. I was so full after eating and scabbing off everyone else. After eating and our plates were gone, Shuang opened the rest of her presents. we sang happy birthday and made her make a speech which consisted of lots of tears and laughter. Tears mostly Shuang, Ama welled up too. The laughter was mostly the rest of us.

We then thought that we wouldn't get dessert and headed to the station at lightning pace, regardless of our tired sore selves.We made the express train with 5 minutes to spare. Shana thought it would be a lovely idea to buy a last minute sunday at hungry jacks but she still made it too. Train ride was a good wind down to an awesome day.

That's it really. I excluded some details or else this would have been triple the length it is now.


Note: All pictures (excluding the capitol photos) were scabbed from Ben's facebook. Thanks Ben!


  1. Hahaha I'm in every single damn photo in this post. How awesome. :P

    You must upload the capitol shots to facebook though! Much hilarity shall be had throughout the land.

  2. you, shuang and i are in all of those photos.

  3. YAY I only looked at the pictures but still, YAY!