August 18, 2009

Design & Technology Diary

I was thinking...

If I had got into blogging ages ago, I could have made a blog for my DT diary instead of having to write it all out in a book. Would be much more fun filling out. Though I don't know how I would get the markers to look at it. Maybe bring a laptop upstairs where the marking is meant to be done, or I could just print off all my entries individually and bind them into a book! Haha. (YAY for my new book binding skills. Even though I'm not that great at it yet.)

Oh well, it's a tad too late now. I will just end up using my work books as my diaries because ALL of my work is in there and the one I WAS using seems to have gone missing.

ANYWAY, I had my trial HSC music performances today. It went okay but not great. Regardless today was a lot of fun! I love being around music. Had another music class bonding session. Included was lots of encouragement for people performing, practice, playing outside, an ALDI RUN, pigging out in the middle of our class, lots of singing and randomly breaking into harmony (though breaking into harmony is SO much better with choir nerds, no offence to non-choir-nerd-music-kids, you guys are still awesome!) as well as making a COMPLETE mess of our 'green' room. I'm going to miss hanging out with the music kids.

Well I should get back to looking at english stuff or looking for english stuff rather.



  1. yay julz! i like the way u say 'non-choir-nerd-music-kids'
    ohh and also we'll ass miss hanging out with each other :(
    anyways.. holla backk...

  2. haha yes. there is only a select few in my music class that are both choir nerd and music kid. and then there are some who are just choir nerds and not in our exclusive music class family. :D

  3. yes really. and for some reason i didn't pick up on your "ass" typo. HAHAHA