August 22, 2009

a pool of rainbow spheres...

Need to find a ball pit! In the city, somewhere some how we shall have a pit of colourful plastic balls!! Hahaha...

Well there has been lots planned for Laura's Birthday Music Weekend. On that list is to play in a ball pit. BUT we don't know where. Lyn and I have been browsing the net but NOTHING!! Came across this site. It calculates the amount of balls you need to fill your appartment, room or any other space for that matter. I find it quite amusing. Gave me the idea of turing the common room into one giant ball pit on muck up day. That would be so much fun! But it would also be expensive. There is a site which sells a box of 500 for $107 but i dont know how much shipping/delivery is. Oh well.

Anyway exam update:

English Advanced paper 2: FAIL
That was so crap!! I hate specific questions. For module A, none of my notes or prepared point had ANYTHING to do with that question. And the other modules sucked too.

Music 1 Aural:
I love music. I really do. I love our class and how as the year draws to a close we get closer and closer. So in the three hours we had to spare between exams what did our music class do? Study? Nope. We played outside on the green grass under a clear blue sky. It was so much fun! And oh so very stress relieving. There was baseball with a stick, till we lost the ball (quite sad) and then we were just chucking my juggling balls around, I swear those juggling balls were such a good investment. They are the bonding tool of our music class. RAINBOW BALLS. hahahahaha

Chemistry: FAIL
It was an easy exam. I just didn't study. Why?
1. Because I procrastinate WAY too much.
2. I only started studying the day before.
3. There is WAY too much content to get through.
4. Because I was tired after playing around before music.
5. I wanted to sleep.
So here is what happened. After music aural, caught the train and got home around 4.45. I ate as I always do then went on the computer, as usual. Went on MSN (big mistake). By the time I got up to start studying it was already 5.45. So I studied for a bit, I need a better way of studying, I'm not very good at it. Didn't get much done. Had a break. Back to study. Got my brother to explain some AAS stuff to me (it wasn't in the exam..!). Had another break and by the time that was over it was about 10.30. I go back to my room to study but feel really sleepy. My bed isn't the best place to study, but my desk is covered in mess and sitting at the computer table is too distracting. Plus it's warmer sitting in my bed. Anyway, so I thought 'maybe I should sleep for an hour and wake up and study again'. It's not a completely bad idea, thats what I do with english all the time and I get stuff done. So I set my alarm for 12 and go to sleep. So my alarm goes off at 12, I wake up turn the alarm off and go back to bed. I wasn't bothered. Too little too late was my reasoning for it. And being tired. Oh well.

Design & Technology:
My DT exam was, well... a DT exam. Nothing epic and all just BS-ed. Haha. It was funny though. After my chem exam, I met up with Shuang in the library and she was doing some online multiple choice questions on BOS. Well there were a few questions of the exams which we answered several times. So yeah, I knew those answers. And like always there were a few questions which were just plain stupid.

Now I just have religion left on Monday arvo and I am exam free till actual HSC! Then spending the rest of the exam period in DT working my ass off to finish my major. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS to go! I'm screwed. Then movies Thursday arvo. Walk-a-thon Friday. And UTS and USYD open days and Shuang's Shindig on Saturday. And those are my plans for the coming week. Anyone interested in stalking, feel free. Just pop up and say 'HI'.

Well I should sleep. I've spent WAY too long writing this.

Goodnight or goodmorning rather.



  1. damn you...i have four exams....LOL

    chem was aight i guess...
    english was poo lol

    you should sleep now...maybe i mite sleep

  2. julie. AAS was in the exam.. trace elements LOL

  3. Oh, about the UTS day coinciding with Shuang's shindig. Um, APPARENTLY the Vis Comm lecture at UTS is like... at 1:30, right in the middle of Shuang's lunch thing... so that poses a problem. :/

    ...also now I'm craving a ball pit.

  4. oh yeah. i forgot about the trace elements bit... hahaha. and that VisComm lecture... i want to go to that. I also might want to head over to usyd as well but i dont know if i have the time.

    oh and BALL PIT! must find one!!!!!

  5. haha. i googled and toys r us sell balls for ball pits?

    - I got home at 12.30pm
    - I went on my computer.
    - I browsed and shit for around 1.5hrs
    - went to sleep until 5.30 (didnt sleep the day before fkn english)
    - started chem
    - ended at 1am
    - got the first 3 wrong.

  7. lol eddy. i dont even remember what the firt three questions were. let alone know if i got them wrong. haha. the exam ended and i forgot everything to do with chem. :D