August 24, 2009

at school...

Well I Am currently on my study break from religion. Sending a post via email from my school det address. Time is currently 11.05. Sitting at one of the towers computers in the library. I am listening to 'Photobooth' by Death Cab for Cutie on my phone. Well I hope that I sent this to the right address. If so then that's good I can just go edit this post when I get home. If not, oh well. I'll send it to myself to send to the right email later (also when I get home).

Anyway, I was typing up a post yesterday because i finally gave in to my urge to post something. Stupidly i kind of gave up on the post coz it was getting late but Geraldine sent me a nigahiga link on youtube (the one about the word 'PWNED') and i got distracted and started watching all these other vids. YOUTUBE SPREE for several hours, went to bed past 3. Haha. [song change: "Death Cloud" by Cloud Control - do as i say... ooh ah ah ah ah ahh] My break should be over in THREE minutes... not likely. I swear I spend WAY too long composing new posts. Hence why they always turn out like essays.

ANYWAY on with the story about yesterday's failed post. The whole day yesterday I had so much stuff i wanted to share (ha! - no idea why i find that amusing, also im getting lazy on capitalising my 'i"s). So come 11 or whatever time i finally clicked on the "new post" button on my blogger dashboard. Now it was my time to go and share and write an essay about my day, but what happens?! MIND BLANK, that's what happens. I did start writing stuff but I (ooh capital!) wasn't liking how it was coming out, felt forced. Not like now how im just blabbing on whilst going over my 15 minute study break time.

So anyway, I wanted to talk about my new desktop picture, my new icon sets - all of which i got off deviantart. I even went into all the trouble of making a screen shot of my desktop. Also pictures of my WIP (Work In Progress for those unfamiliar to the term, not that that many people read this) for Shuang's 18th! I wanted to get opinions on a set of colours i was going to use, "should i have the colours run light to dark, or dark to light?". These i wanted to post since Saturday but was having trouble with BOTH card readers (one on my printer and one on my brother's laptop). Funny though i took like 40 pictures of practically the same thing, lots of macros because i like macros! I will be posting them later along with the beginning of my failed blog post and all of the other stuff i have just mentioned, or will mention (if i can remember what else i wanted to rant on about...) Might also take pictures of the dodgey book i made myself (just thought of this right now. I haven't even got pictures of it yet, which reminds me i have things i can upload to my deviant. Some things I've made over the past few months, some of which i also need to re photograph upon the discovery of my grandmothers digital camera - ours is still broken and is yet to be replaced).

I think that's all i can remember wanting to share. Will add on a new post or whatever later when i get home or if i remember. I should have post it notes but i forgot them today! OH yeah i remember now i found brogues (or however you spell it) I want a pair!! found some on ebay!

Yeah my break has gone on LONG enough, an extra 15 minutes. "Bad Julie, go study!". will be editing and adding stuff and a new post when i get home!

Toodles! (I've been saying that now, no idea why. i like change?)

Edit: I guess i didn't have the right address. oh well. posting now that i'm home.


  1. Firstly Yay for julie back into blogging :)
    and ahaha at ur super long break. LoL
    imma check out ur deviantart now :)

  2. Yeah you do tend to blog an essay. Most of the time, I want to comment about something but by the time I finish reading your post I've already forgot about it.

    NIHAHIGA! He's so funny. I love youtube sprees.

  3. yeah i think i need to cut down on the word count. probably coz i think about what im going to write then i go off on a tangent... LOL