August 11, 2009

always time for procrastinating!

Well i haven't blogged in a while. With trials coming up i don't have the time. But i feel like procrastinating a bit, or a lot rather.
Anyway i dont know what to write about. I know i'll show you what i had for recess today and yesterday coz i can. And coz i'm weird and take pictures of my lunch.

I had strawberries, blueberries and cherries and vanilla yogurt! im so healthy sometimes. And YAY for matching tupperware!

Ooh I have also been cutting up the plywood which i brought home. It's such a pain!! So slow and there is so much to cut AND its very tiring. Although the upside is that i have a good, relatively guilt-free reason for not studying (just not right now i don't). These pictures were taken on Sunday.
Yay for my first cut sheet!
Close up. MACRO, kinda..
My work bench (old dining table in the garage) & the encyclopedias i was using to weigh the sheets of ply down coz i forgot to bring some clamps home...
Comparing the difference between cutting along the grain (top) and against the grain (above) of the wood.
There is now a massive pile of sawdust on the floor of my garage. Sawdust gets everywhere, i swear i have some on my pjs.
PI! Because i can. Sadly no jellyfish. Did that as school yesterday with my helpers Remon and Brent. They were doing a jellyfish dance too.
Yes there are many pictures. I won't type much more now. I have more plywood to cut! I've done 7 sheets which i took to school today. Have 5 more to go at home and a new set of 12 at school!!! OMG, it's going to take FOREVER!
Well i'm off to get sawdust all over my clothes yet again and to add to the ever growing pile under my work table.

Bye bye,
* j

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  1. Wow. It looks like you've done a lot of progress!

    Your blueberries were yummy :D