February 28, 2010

Paper Heart

"A story about love that's taking on a life of its own."

Charlyn is a girl who doesn't believe in love. So what does she do? Take a road trip around America to film a documentary about it.

An ever so cute film following a girl as she seeks the meaning of love while in the process finding herself in it.

I want to watch this. It looks so cute! I don't think it is being released in cinemas here in Australia though.. Coming out on blu-ray apparently. Anyway here is the trailer!


February 25, 2010

i love...

unexpected run ins.

It's like "OMG! I KNOW YOU! What are you doing here?!"

It's fun running into people especially when you least expect it. I love surprises and when I see people I get just a little excited. Especially in those cases where you would have missed each other if not for something happening. 
Today for example, I ran into Gabs at Central on my way home from uni and naturally I was absolutely delighted! But if it wasn't for Shuang misplacing her train ticket we probably wouldn't have seen each other, which wouldn't have been so exciting although we wouldn't have missed our train. SO worth it in my opinion.

p.s. It really has been a while since I last made an "i love..." post. Really need to do that more often or just post more often in general.

February 21, 2010

It's BACK!

YAY! My computer is FINALLY up and working again!!! Felt like FOREVER since it screwed up. I don't even think it's been a week, just more evidence to how much I rely on technology (i.e. my computer). So this is the first post in a while from here... and now yeah... I don't know what else to write about. Been updating my tumblr quite a bit though... I don't know why but I just feel most comfortable writing out long blog posts on my own computer. It's familiar and my train of thought doesn't seem to get lost as easily. I'm really just talking crap now.

Also to show how old my computer is, when it restarts it goes back to default time and date settings, i.e. 10am, 3 January, 2006. So four years, that a long time? Because it seemed longer in my head..

Anyway my wireless is being crap and my internet connection cuts out every 2 or 3 minutes, like really. Good thing this page doesn't refresh every time otherwise I don't know how i would get through this post.

Also on my other post where I didn't "know what to write about" (or something along the lines of that), that isn't quite true. I've been so busy going out and making the most of the very little holiday time I have left. So really I have a LOT I could post about. I guess I just haven't had time and there is so much to report on I just don't know where to start. And I suppose this blog has always been a vital procrastination tool during my HSC now that it's over I have no reason to procrastinate really. (And there goes my net again)

Well I guess I have been posting a bit lately but mostly just short sharings of things, none of my good old essay long posts, which I do kind of miss because there are quite fun to write up not to mention a great way to pass the time. Good to know that my ability to ramble on about nothing has not been affected. If anything I've gotten better.. haha.

Well O-week at UTS starts tomorrow and I shall be off to uni for something rather, I don't quite remember.  The poor Macquarie kids start tomorrow. Good luck to you guys! Also I am FINALLY enrolling in my subjects on Wednesday. Yeah I could probably go on more about uni and stuff for much longer but by the looks of it this post is long enough, and there are a lack of photographs to amuse people...

So I shall just post again later (in an hour or two?) on uni and what I have been  up to the past few weeks and what's coming up in my life (oh how exciting! NOT). Well thanks for reading.

Till next time,

February 20, 2010

too good...

to keep to myself.

Just sharing a link to a site I found via A Cup of Jo. ENJOY!

Who is the cutest?


February 19, 2010

Battle Studies

Who is going to see John Mayer in concert?!

OH MY GOSH!!!! I am SOOO excited!!! Can't wait till May 8!!

Tickets went on sale this morning and luckily my lovely friend and music buddy, Mitch was standing by to get us tickets. Good thing too, the concert sold out in 6 MINUTES! I feel so lucky to have a ticket! Also watching with me is Mitch of course, Lynneal and Geraldine! It will be AWESOME!!!!

I am so HAPPY! YAY!... okay I'll stop now.



Check out this crazy cool mix by POGO of music and sounds from the Disney Pixar film Up.

If you have not hear it yet also check out the Alice mix where the sounds were taken from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

I swear Pogo is a GENIUS!!!


February 18, 2010

too long

It's been so long since i've blogged (or at least it feels like its been AGES). I haven't checked on my blog in a while and i feel like its been neglected (sorry blog!). But now I actually dont know what to write about... WONDERFUL.

Yeah that's all. I feel lazy.


February 14, 2010

i love...

Gabriel Thomas Esber. 

Happy two months to my Mr. Valentine.

Wishing you all a lovely St Valentine's Day!


Just a belated Valentine's day post actually composed after the 14th but I thought it should be properly dated.

February 11, 2010


Well it has been a while since my last post. I don't even remember what or when my last post was. BUT it's because my net has been capped for the past week, so very sad... I have been limiting my blog and tumbr access because of it.


I'm in a good mood. WHY?! Because I just got my learners license. Yep! I just did the Driver Knowledge Test this morning for my L's and passed with rainbows! (flying colours - yeah I'm lame, live with it. I do) 100% baby! Yeah and now that I do have my L's it's time for me to still let everyone drive me around everywhere. I basically just got them for ID or proof of age not because I actually want to drive..


Remember my post about jazz/funk band Brown Sugar?! Well apparently that name has already been taken and have now been renamed to Munky Biznits. Personally I still really like Brown Sugar, shame it's taken but and Munky Biznitz doesn't quite do it for me (Luke if you're reading this sorry but that's just my opinion). Been chatting to one of the band members (Viet - guitarist) about the name change recently. Other alternatives mentioned have been things like Pear Suite, Custard Phunk and a combination of the two in Pear Phunk and Custard Suite. I like the pear and the suite because I like pears and suite is a cool word. Maybe these alternative can be filtered to the band... If I had a band I would like to name it Sans Serif or something.. Anyone want to start a band with me??

And yeah... I think that's all.


Just a few other random things: (other news and my calendar for the rest of the month...)
  • I finished the Landmark Advanced Course! And am starting the Self-Expression and Leadership Program on the 27th!
  • Namrata's surprise 18th birthday and farewell celebration yesterday went well! I had a lot of fun and she really was surprised! And it was kind of a SFHVB reunion minus Ama.
  • Friday (tomorrow) night is Liv's 18th birthday and farewell party and and I'm excited to go! I just need lifts...
  • Sunday is Valentines! ♥
  • Wednesday - off to the city with Shuang to check out her artwork in Art Express! AND there is a landmark special evening if anyone wants to come!!
  • Next Friday is UTS orientation registration thing!
  • 22 - 26th is O-Week!! For unis (Maqcuarie starts classes). My enrollment is right in the middle of that week.
Yeah.. more than half of that didn't really need to be said but OH WELL. If you are a stalker lucky you! (okay just a tad creepy).

Bye bye lovelies,

February 4, 2010

101th Blog Post

YES! I've gotten to a century with my last post and I didn't even know. Thanks Lee for letting me know. I got so excited when I read your comment..

So yeah, post #101. What's in the future of my blog now? I don't know but who cares! I will get there when I get there. Its a lovely adventure (of a jellyfish).

Well I shall get back to watching So you think you can dance! Just wanted to share my hundredth post and stuff... yeah.


P.S.Excited to be out with the girls tomorrow too!!


Edit: I don't know how to make this fit! ><

February 3, 2010


I am going to IKEA today and I must say that I am quite excited!! Yep, I haven't been to Ikea in a while and just browsing through the catalogue just ain't good enough (though still fun to flick through). 

But I love going Ikea, its so cool. It's a home re-decorator's dream! Not quite but it is fun to find things to deck out my imaginary home. You just see all these display rooms set up and all this furniture and the kids section is just SO awesome and colourful complete with a SLIDE! They even have the AWESOME $1 hotdogs as well as a whole buch of other foodstuffs, both for dining in or take home to make for yourself (they have pack of frozen meatballs which are SO yummy, normally have some in my pasta). I swear they should make an Ikea theme park! I would so  pay to go there and everything you see you can buy and bring home as a souvenir! 

There is only one problem I have with the place.. I have been wanting a new table for my room for a while now and I know what table I want. It's part of the Vika range so the tabletop, legs and drawers/shelves stuff all come individually and you just put together the combination that you want. Although the last few times last year when I or even jsut me parent went to Ikea not all he components were ever available. We would always miss out on the drawer set. And the worst part is that we miss out on the last one by a matter of a few hours or a day or two! Yeah... So it's almost been a year since I've wanted that table and still nothing. Maybe this time??

Well anyway, just keeping this place updated!


February 2, 2010

mistaken identity

A funny story reblogged from my tumblr because I haven't blogged in a while..
I just realised I spent a WHOLE one hour and ten minute MSN conversation with someone thinking it was someone else. From the beginning till they went off to bed I did not know. Not until I saw the person I thought I was talking to back online did I realise.. I full checked my chat logs to figure out who I was speaking to in the first place. Good thing neither of them know. :)

HAHA. I’m such a noob!



Just sharing and transferring stuff from my tumblr seeing as my blog has a wider audience...

What: Landmark Advanced Course evening session:

When: Tuesday 2nd February 2010 (tonight)

Time: 7.00pm - 10.15pm

Where: Landmark Education
Level 2, 235 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Why: Landmark Education is an organisation which offers courses to give you a different way of seeing your life so that you can see all the possibilities without your past or anything getting in the way so you can live life to the fullest. Tonight is the final session of the Landmark Advanced course which gives the participants the opportunity to bring guests and share with them the wonderful possibilities created for their own lives thanks to this program and allow for the guests to experience the life-changing atmosphere of the Landmark Advanced course.

So COME along! I’m sure you will get something valuable for your life and what do you have to lose? (other than your Tuesday night?!)