February 3, 2010


I am going to IKEA today and I must say that I am quite excited!! Yep, I haven't been to Ikea in a while and just browsing through the catalogue just ain't good enough (though still fun to flick through). 

But I love going Ikea, its so cool. It's a home re-decorator's dream! Not quite but it is fun to find things to deck out my imaginary home. You just see all these display rooms set up and all this furniture and the kids section is just SO awesome and colourful complete with a SLIDE! They even have the AWESOME $1 hotdogs as well as a whole buch of other foodstuffs, both for dining in or take home to make for yourself (they have pack of frozen meatballs which are SO yummy, normally have some in my pasta). I swear they should make an Ikea theme park! I would so  pay to go there and everything you see you can buy and bring home as a souvenir! 

There is only one problem I have with the place.. I have been wanting a new table for my room for a while now and I know what table I want. It's part of the Vika range so the tabletop, legs and drawers/shelves stuff all come individually and you just put together the combination that you want. Although the last few times last year when I or even jsut me parent went to Ikea not all he components were ever available. We would always miss out on the drawer set. And the worst part is that we miss out on the last one by a matter of a few hours or a day or two! Yeah... So it's almost been a year since I've wanted that table and still nothing. Maybe this time??

Well anyway, just keeping this place updated!


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  1. I know people who go there just for the $1 hot dogs...pretty sad =(