February 21, 2010

It's BACK!

YAY! My computer is FINALLY up and working again!!! Felt like FOREVER since it screwed up. I don't even think it's been a week, just more evidence to how much I rely on technology (i.e. my computer). So this is the first post in a while from here... and now yeah... I don't know what else to write about. Been updating my tumblr quite a bit though... I don't know why but I just feel most comfortable writing out long blog posts on my own computer. It's familiar and my train of thought doesn't seem to get lost as easily. I'm really just talking crap now.

Also to show how old my computer is, when it restarts it goes back to default time and date settings, i.e. 10am, 3 January, 2006. So four years, that a long time? Because it seemed longer in my head..

Anyway my wireless is being crap and my internet connection cuts out every 2 or 3 minutes, like really. Good thing this page doesn't refresh every time otherwise I don't know how i would get through this post.

Also on my other post where I didn't "know what to write about" (or something along the lines of that), that isn't quite true. I've been so busy going out and making the most of the very little holiday time I have left. So really I have a LOT I could post about. I guess I just haven't had time and there is so much to report on I just don't know where to start. And I suppose this blog has always been a vital procrastination tool during my HSC now that it's over I have no reason to procrastinate really. (And there goes my net again)

Well I guess I have been posting a bit lately but mostly just short sharings of things, none of my good old essay long posts, which I do kind of miss because there are quite fun to write up not to mention a great way to pass the time. Good to know that my ability to ramble on about nothing has not been affected. If anything I've gotten better.. haha.

Well O-week at UTS starts tomorrow and I shall be off to uni for something rather, I don't quite remember.  The poor Macquarie kids start tomorrow. Good luck to you guys! Also I am FINALLY enrolling in my subjects on Wednesday. Yeah I could probably go on more about uni and stuff for much longer but by the looks of it this post is long enough, and there are a lack of photographs to amuse people...

So I shall just post again later (in an hour or two?) on uni and what I have been  up to the past few weeks and what's coming up in my life (oh how exciting! NOT). Well thanks for reading.

Till next time,

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