February 11, 2010


Well it has been a while since my last post. I don't even remember what or when my last post was. BUT it's because my net has been capped for the past week, so very sad... I have been limiting my blog and tumbr access because of it.


I'm in a good mood. WHY?! Because I just got my learners license. Yep! I just did the Driver Knowledge Test this morning for my L's and passed with rainbows! (flying colours - yeah I'm lame, live with it. I do) 100% baby! Yeah and now that I do have my L's it's time for me to still let everyone drive me around everywhere. I basically just got them for ID or proof of age not because I actually want to drive..


Remember my post about jazz/funk band Brown Sugar?! Well apparently that name has already been taken and have now been renamed to Munky Biznits. Personally I still really like Brown Sugar, shame it's taken but and Munky Biznitz doesn't quite do it for me (Luke if you're reading this sorry but that's just my opinion). Been chatting to one of the band members (Viet - guitarist) about the name change recently. Other alternatives mentioned have been things like Pear Suite, Custard Phunk and a combination of the two in Pear Phunk and Custard Suite. I like the pear and the suite because I like pears and suite is a cool word. Maybe these alternative can be filtered to the band... If I had a band I would like to name it Sans Serif or something.. Anyone want to start a band with me??

And yeah... I think that's all.


Just a few other random things: (other news and my calendar for the rest of the month...)
  • I finished the Landmark Advanced Course! And am starting the Self-Expression and Leadership Program on the 27th!
  • Namrata's surprise 18th birthday and farewell celebration yesterday went well! I had a lot of fun and she really was surprised! And it was kind of a SFHVB reunion minus Ama.
  • Friday (tomorrow) night is Liv's 18th birthday and farewell party and and I'm excited to go! I just need lifts...
  • Sunday is Valentines! ♥
  • Wednesday - off to the city with Shuang to check out her artwork in Art Express! AND there is a landmark special evening if anyone wants to come!!
  • Next Friday is UTS orientation registration thing!
  • 22 - 26th is O-Week!! For unis (Maqcuarie starts classes). My enrollment is right in the middle of that week.
Yeah.. more than half of that didn't really need to be said but OH WELL. If you are a stalker lucky you! (okay just a tad creepy).

Bye bye lovelies,

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