February 2, 2010

mistaken identity

A funny story reblogged from my tumblr because I haven't blogged in a while..
I just realised I spent a WHOLE one hour and ten minute MSN conversation with someone thinking it was someone else. From the beginning till they went off to bed I did not know. Not until I saw the person I thought I was talking to back online did I realise.. I full checked my chat logs to figure out who I was speaking to in the first place. Good thing neither of them know. :)

HAHA. I’m such a noob!



  1. oh dear. I hate wrong convos and the awkward moment when you both realise you're not talking to the right person.
    At least they dont know!

  2. everyone check your logs and see if julie talked to you for 10 mins and then you went to bed... then ud know LOLL