February 25, 2010

i love...

unexpected run ins.

It's like "OMG! I KNOW YOU! What are you doing here?!"

It's fun running into people especially when you least expect it. I love surprises and when I see people I get just a little excited. Especially in those cases where you would have missed each other if not for something happening. 
Today for example, I ran into Gabs at Central on my way home from uni and naturally I was absolutely delighted! But if it wasn't for Shuang misplacing her train ticket we probably wouldn't have seen each other, which wouldn't have been so exciting although we wouldn't have missed our train. SO worth it in my opinion.

p.s. It really has been a while since I last made an "i love..." post. Really need to do that more often or just post more often in general.

1 comment:

  1. HAHA I know the feeling. Usyd O-week and all the run-ins totally made my day!