October 23, 2009


I'm posting too much today. It's because I'm bored. I'm not procrastinating for once! I gave myself the night of from study because I finished my week of HSC exam HELL. FOUR exams. THREE days. But it's ALL OVER! And... NO MORE ENGLISH EVER!!

Anyway on about Diana. Remember my post about my photography project? I mentioned my lack of a cool film camera. Well I have found the camera I want! Ta da!

Presenting the LOMO Diana Mini. Isn't it so awesome?! And the pictures it takes are heaps cool but the only way I can describe it is through pictures (then I wouldn't really be explaining it would I, using the photo as a substitute for my crappy explanation)

These photos give an old and weathered look without altering the image at all. That's just how the camera takes photos. It reminds me of the image quality found in old polaroids, which I also love. Like Ben said, they give of vibes of nostalgia. These photos have character.

The only thing with these cameras is that they are kind of expensive. Thankfully nothing compared to the price of an SLR camera. But to put it in perspective, I can buy a perfectly good digital camera for the same amount of money, and then I have to go buy film and pay for development. I should have a photography fund. A separate lot of savings just to spend on my camera, film and developing pictures. Sounds good, just need money now.

Anyway, I find this project really exciting. I can't wait to get started.



  1. I love that camera too! Have you seen their project?
    Lomos are given to interesting people who take photos and share it somewhere.
    I think daydream lily got one for when she went to india.

  2. OOOooh?! do you think i can contact them about my photography project?! because it would be AWESOME if they gave me one.. hahahaha
    Actually i was looking for a different camera i ran into on the net but i FORGOT what it was called, and i was flicking through her blog and found this :)

  3. LOMO!
    me and ama had a lomo phase, but gahhh, went on the website and was so expensive just for a starter kit, its really cheap in china! its just a few thousand kilometres away..

  4. oh yehh, that's right xD I was commenting to say:
    have you seen the awesome add-ons they have??


  5. ooh yeah... I need to buy it over seas. its so expensive here ><

  6. dora; what phase!? maybe for you, i still want one!

    i'll just keep finding stuff from the creek near my house till i've found one. screw buying haha. old cameras, for FREE! with film inside! .. it'll be there. one day.

    GOOD LUCK with all that julie :D

  7. OOoh i found some relatively cheap on ebay. Round $70 with postage! But I shall wait till after HSC...